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Heart Ful Of Sky - Mostly Autumn.

Circeling Hour - Iona.

Songs from Pennsylvania - Ezra; 10 points!

Home - Magenta, got it just, sounds already great.

Fortune Telling - Strangefish.

Photoplay - Jadis

Storm over London Town - Mostly Autumn

On An Island - David Gilmour.



Let's keep it simple:

My 3 best of albums 2005 in random order:

Pendragon - Believe.
RPWL - Live Start the Fire.
Mostly Autumn - Storms Over Still Water.

Best Instrumental Songs:

Steve Thorne - Every Second Counts
(with the amazing Tony Levin)
Man Made Circles & Escape - Iain Jennings / Helstrip.

Best Live Track:

RPWL - World Through My Eyes.

Most Promising Artists:

Steve Thorne with his fantastic album "Emotional Creatures Part 1".
NoSound an Italian band, please check them out.

Best Perfomances:

Mostly Autumn - X-mas gig 17 December De Boerderij!

Porcupine Tree - 013 Tilburg April
IQ - Spirit of 66 November
RPWL - Spirit of 66 February

Best DVD:

Magenta - The Gathering

Best debut album:

Iain Jennings - Breathing Space.

Best Songs:

Mostly Autumn - Carpe Diem
Pendragon - The Wishing Well
RPWL - New Stars Are Born.

Best vocals:

Heather Findlay

Best Instrumentalist:

Troy Donockley

Most Beautyful cd cover:

Emotional Creatures Part 1 - Steve Thorne, done by Danny Flynn.

Best dressed artist:

Angela Gordon of Mostly Autumn,
Sharon Den Adel of Within Temptation &
John Jowitt of IQ etc. (if he can leave his pants on).

Best album what is to "heavy" for me:

Riverside - Second Life Syndrome.

Forgotten Pearl:

Guy Mannings new album One Small Step (Guys best album to date!)

Album I've to buy:

Jennifer Cutting - Ocean (?)

Not mentioned highlights:

Credo with Rhetoric is a must have too!

And another excellent album is Coldplay with "Y&X" and the Simple Minds are back on front with "Black & White".

"6 p.m." of Phil Manzenrea was one of my favourites of 2004.
"50 minutes later" are really lovely 60 minutes of the continuation of his great song writing. Must admit that Bryan Eno did some wonderful Enofications... buy it!

Addition: February 2006:
Do you know which album I really missed?
"Mini Magic Moment" from Salem Hill! Sorry guys, what an great album, must see that I take a better look at your cataloge... I'm really impressed.


The tittle of this page doesn't include My Favourite Single. Why should a Prog and Symfo fan care about singles? Mmm sometimes there are some beauties, but Proggers normally don't buy singles. RPWL wil try it with "Roses" (good catchy song with Ray Wilson), Porcupine Tree has launched "Lazarus", think Mostly Autum will try to get some airplay too. But this one is going to break records:
All Around The World from

A wonderful single, catchy but proggy to the bones, 5 different versions and a lot a lot of people are involved. Members of Magenta, Mostly Autumn, Jadis, IQ, Arena, Iona, Karnataka, Landmarq, Arjen Lucassen, Neal Morse, Pallas, the Flower Kings, Ezra, Eclat, Strangefish, Glasshammer, Fula, Pendragon, Kino, Marillion, Gallahad and more have joined forces and have recorded a single to help the victims of the Tsunami that hit Asia.
Great voices and solo's. Have you ever heard, a solo of Nick Barrett, Bruce Soord, Bryan Josh, Arjen Lucassen, Roine Stolt, Gary Chandler and John Mitchell in one song? (And i probably missed a few chords!). And there are some real creepy keyboards solo's , Ulliann Pipes, Flute, Violin, Harp, Percussions, some ingenious bass lines. That's is Prog how we like it, excellent performances, best of the best of what people can achieve and that all for one goal. My heart is stolen and i got only one question:
How did Rob Reed get those 125 tracks to such a wonderful complete mix?

1) Single Mix
2) Definitive Mix
3) Air Mix
4) Cue Mix
5) Instrumental Mix
6) The Making Of... Documentary.

Buy it here!

Read more on this page.


RPWL : World Through My Eyes: what an awesome album to start with in 2005!
And try this one too: Live - Start the Fire. a live double album with some rare tracks and Pink Floyd covers; excellent.

Mostly Autumn's Storms Over Still Water: "will be mind blowing", according to Bryan Josh. Pre-Release date 9 may 2005.
In the stores 4 July!
And yes it is a beauty, we were at their launch party in London: Great!

Pendragon has made an excellent brand new album, called Believe, which sounds a bit different, more excellent guitar playing of Nick Barrett ;-) and less keyboards of Clive ;-(
A grower of an album, it will end high in my personal top of 2005.
A interview and review you can find at the Pendragon page.


Steve Thorne excellent album titled Emotional Cratures Part One. Splendid. Tony Levin, Geoff Downes, Nick D'Virgilio, the boys of Jadis and IQ are on this album too!
And what a great cover!

Porcupine Tree: Deadwing marvelous, some very hard Edge with Floydian and best PT spheres!

Iain Jennings with Breathing Space, read here an interview and review with this man from York.


Some harder edges:
Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
Stream of Passion - Embrace the Storm
Pallas - The Dreams of Men
Evening Games of Satelite is not bad at all! Excellent Prog from Poland.
Octane of Spock's Beard is a nice one.

And in November: Magenta's new dvd will reached the charts!

2005 will be the Progyear of my life I believe.
('73 was my all time favourite...)



Blackfield a project of Aviv Geffen and Procupine Tree. I think this will be the best of the upcomming decade...real smooth prog, a "best of Steve Wilson" production.

Another Time... Another Place... a live album of Magenta just jumped to my top two... really great. The Studio-album Seven was awesome. But this live album is more surprising, more adventureous. Christina's voice sounds really astonishing!!! A wink to Yes, Mostly Autumn, Genesis, Landmarq and other great Prog!
Must i rename this site in instead of What the heck; magenta or pink it are just colors (and they're both looking good at my lips ;-)

IQ has an new prog album with Darkmatter, lot of keyboardlayers, great guitar work and untrackable bass loops! Higly Recommended!

Veil of Gossamer of Dave Bainbridge, he is a member of Iona. Great labum! See my review.

Strange Behaviour of Karnataka; excellent, why did this band stopped... wonderful live double album.

Phil Manzanera made a his 6th album called 6 pm; not really a prog. album, but i like this very much. A bit of Blackfield, a ot of nice guitar work (with David Gilmour!) and a bit of Enofication by Mr.Brian Eno.


To stay with Roine Stolt; The Tangent has a new album too; The World That We Drive Through, and that one is recomended too, althrough their debut album was more impressive, think this one is a "grower".
Guy Manning plays in the Tangent too and het got a new album out now; very accessible symfo.

The year has started nice with; Shadowlands of Glass Hammer.
Or even better:
Knight Area with The Sun Also Rises! Real 70-ies prog.
Marbles of Marillion another highlight.
Riverside a Polish band, a bit of Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Opeth and Pink Floyd. Strong but heavy!

And of cours Adam& Eve of The Flower Kings is a must have too.

And of course there's Within Temptation with a anice gothic album The Silent Force.



The Passengers of Mostly Autumn; AWESOME! (that's why this site is called ;-)
The Music That Died Alone, Tangent, bandmembers of The Flower Kings Po90, Guy Manning & Van Der Graaf Generator, gathered in one great fantastic album!
This one makes my flesh creep; Pompeii the producers cut DVD,
And when the Pinks have finished their show in Pompeii, Mostly Autumn did a great show at The Grand Opera House in York (DVD). A classic case already.
In Absentia of Porcupine Tree; go and see them live!
The Ragged Curtain, Manning, excellent job Guy and another nice album; The View From My Window!
Delicate Flame Of Desire, Karnataka.
Stock of the German band RPWL,
Fanatic: Jadis; recommended!
Of course Peter Gabriel new DVD UP is a must have! What a great show it was!
A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset of Satellite.
Hail the Thief; Radiohead... with a few very brilliant songs!
Pineaple Thief with Variations On A Dream,
From Sweden is the Galleon with the album From Land To Ocean,
Conspiracy by Chris Squire & Billy Sherwood.

On Sunday-mornings i like Everything Must Go of Steely Dan.



What's the best album of this year?
David Gilmours DVD in Concert, awesome,
Roger Waters DVD, impressive,
A Nod and a Wink from Camel, very camelesque...
Try to kiss the Sun, RPWL, GREAT,
Peter Gabriel, Up, (a bit dark),
Snow of Spock's Beard,
The Best of Mostly Autumn, songs in a different version as the originals,
In Absentia, Porcupine Tree (a bit heavier then we're used to),
Unfold the Future, The Flower Kings, (mmm nice but not that...)
Non-progressive but goooood;
A rush of blood to the head, Coldplay,
A naked Ride Home, Jackson Browne,


The last bright Light from Mostly Autumn is one of my favourites.
more interesting albums; Yes: Magnification
Radiohead: Amnesiac
Transatlantic: Bridge Across Forever
Travis: The Invisble Band
I didn't mention Within Temptation: Mother Earth (to heavy, but great voice by Sharon), Pendragon Not of this World, Michelle Young: Marked For Madness (if you like Kate Bush, you'll like her too) and Ambeon Fate of a Dreamer and one of my favourite bands Porcupine Tree: Recordings.



The early Years

Sgt.Peppper The Beatles ('67)
and more work of them; Abbey Road ('69) for example.
and what an interesting album is:
The Day that the Future passed: The Moody Blues ('67)

The 70-ies

undoubtfull number one:
The Darkside of the Moon Pink Floyd ('73)
I didn't liked the album when it came out, i was only 10 years young, but my sister did like it.
Selling England by the Pound Genesis ('73)
In that same year Fragile of Yes came out
Wish You Were Here Pink again ('75)
A Trick of the Trail Genesis ('75)
Tales of Mistery and Imagination The Alan Parsons Project ('75)
I liked that album from the first time i heard it, i was reading Edgar Alan Poe stories with that album on the background in my sisters appartment, it hit me, and by the way Edgar Alan Poe was a great writer
I Robot is another of them which i really liked, because a) we danced on the titletrack and The Voice and b) because side two was really floydian

The Eighties

The best debut-album from that era:
Script for a Jester Tear Marillion ('83)

and of course there was U2's The unfortable Fire ('84)
New Gold Dream The Simple Minds ('83)
Yes with 90124 ('83)
AMLOR Pink Floyd ('85)
Roger and David solo albums and much more

The 90-ies

The best debut-album from that era:
Mostly Autumn For all we shared ('98)

The Division Bell absolute number one.
Coldplay with Parachutes is my best of the year 2000.

The New Century

The last bright Light from Mostly Autumn
If you like Pink Floyd and if you like to party go and see them!

Oeps i forgot to mention:

Trubular Bells: Mike Oldfield (and a great movie too, i nearly got a wet pance...)('again '73)
Crime of the Century; Supertramp ('74) and Paris ('80)
Seconds Out: Genesis('77)
The Nightfly: Donald Fagan ('82)
Nude: Camel ('81)
Boys & Girls: Brian Ferry
So Peter Gabriel ('86)
Freudiana ('90)
Amused to Death: Roger Waters ('92)
Talk: Yes
Pulse: Pink Floyd ('95)
The Spirit of Autumn Past: Mostly Autumn ('99)


What's your top 5 of all time favourites? Or what are the best 3 albums of last year?

click on reply for feedback-form pleasereply
Just a few simple questions and space for comments.




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