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A live review on this site (oct '08).

Steve Wilson.


Brittish band with spacy Pink Floyd atmospheres and great guitar work, later their sound became more heavier. stupid dream First an one man project from Steve Wilson.

Steve Wilson (who plays also: synthesizers, bass, drum-programming and percussion), and
Richard Barbieri - keyboards (ex-Japan, shortly in Indigo Falls and from '95 a crew member),
Colin Edward - bass and
Chris Maitland - drums.

On the Sunday live ('92) is his debut, recorded at No Man's Land, a home studio. Wilson played all instruments by himself, with a small contribution of, The expanding Flan - drums, Solomon St Jemain, vocals and guitar and Timonhy Masters Oboe.
Up the Downstairs is from '93 (with vocals from Suzanne Barbieri, wife of Richard 'up the downstairs'), Richard - electronic on that song too and Colin Edwin bass on 'always never'.
The Sky moves Sideways ('95), is their third strong album with three long excellent floydian songs.
Staircase of Infinties ('95). An additional 30 minutes of material from the "Up the Downstair" sessions. 10" version was limited to 2000 copies. A wonderful album.
Signify is from '96 with guest vocals of Terumi (remastered in 2003).
The Moonloop EP does have an very nice version of "The Sky Moves Sidewalks". With
Steve Wilson,
Richard Barbieri,
Colin Edwin,
Chris Maintland,
Suzanne Barbeiri and
Theo Travis - flute and
Rick Eduards on percussion.

Followed up by Coma Divine (remastered in 2003).
An other small project was Metanoia ('96), with Chris, Colin and Steve. Music from the Signify Sessions.

In '99 they heading for a the best album of '99 with Stupid Dream; light bulb
Richard Barbieri- Hammond, keyboards, Mellotron,
Colin Edwin- bass,
Chris Maintland- drums & percussion,
Steve Wilson- guitar, flute and vocals and
Theo Travis- saxes.

An album with 4 tracks with a length each of more then 12 minutes...is called Voyage 34 ('00). The album begins with an astonishing likeness with the rolling guitars of Another Brick... The subtitle is "The Complete Trip" and i don't have to tell more about this album, just The complete Trip...The booklet ends with the phrase "is this trip really necessary?"

Light Bulb Sun with the same line-up as before and Dave Greogory (XTC), is a must for Pink Floyd fans.
They've made a few singles, not for the hitparade i guess but for the fans. Some remixes etc. One of them is called 4 Chords that made a million; i hope it will come true for these guys. stationery

Recordings (2001) is an album with collected stuff, new recordings of Light Bulb, single tracks and extended versions.

A live double-ceedee saw the daylight after the summer of 2001! Go and see them, i missed them unfortunately...

Karnataka was their support act in 2001.

Improvised Music ('01) is another album with old stuff and spacey sounds.


Stars Die/ The Delirium Years 1991 - 1997 ('02) is a great box (two ceedee's, for a nice price) with new (old) songs, singles - first appearance on an album, new mixes and collected songs. With a nice booklet.
If you're not familiar with the band and you like Pink Floyd & stunning exploring soundscapes of an Apollo mission: buy it!


The new album is called: In Absentia. Released Januari 2003 and i suspect that it will end high in the top prog albums of 2003. The album is be a bit more heavier then we''re used to ;-(
See the DPRP-rock page for a long review.

Aviv Geffen - vocals on "Sound of Muzik"& "Progidy" (see Blackfield).
John Wesley vocals on "Progidy" and vocals & guitar on "Blackest Eyes".
Dave Gregory arrenged the strings.

John Wesley will join them on the new tour!
Chris has left the band and is replaced by Gavin Harrison.


XM is a live album only released in the V.S.; 1500 copies.

Steven Wilson: vocals, guitars,
Richard Barbieri: keyboards,
Colin Edwin: Bass,
Gavin Harrison: Drums,
Guest musician:
John Wesley: Guitar, Backing vocals.


CONCERT REVIEW OF 6 November 2003.

They had a wonderful gig in Verviers to start the European tour with.
Although on the second night the lights went down, it was absolutely madness.
Go and see them, really splendid.


The Spirit of 66 in Verviers was (over-)crowded about 400 people in this wonderful venue. Four languages gathered by the perfect host Francis.
I got 11 ceedees of this band, and i like them so much because of their long floydian echoes with trance music. And al through the last ceedees are a tiny bit too heavy for me, i still love this band, those guitars stunning away, marvelous keyboards with synthesizers sound escapes, bass and drums perfect and Steve's voice is so dreaming away, but sometimes it shakes you away with his (played) angry ness.

The Americano guy; John Wesley started an acoustic set with the help of some tapes, nice. John plays very well on his guitar and his a very sympathetic guy. He ended impressive with Vera and Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd). And my stomach started to bubble; this would became a long surprising night.

A video screen was set up behind the band, and the most songs got some extras by the neo-psychedelic projections which added a tremendously to the music.
The started the show with a song of their recent album and what could go wrong after hearing that? Nothing really nothing, a fuse could blown down, who cares?
Richard Barbieri is a real wizard, and responsible for all the great tunes, loops and sound- effects. Gavin did a wonderful act as "new" drummer and with his rhythm college Edwin on bass they formed a perfect couple. John Wesley on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, was a good choice.
Steve... what to say about him, almost a windmill on his guitar, i love his voice, dreaming sometimes very aggressive, plucking and pulling on his guitar.
They played a lot of In Absentia; Black Eyes, The Sound of Muzak, Gravity Eyelids, Wedding Nails and 3 i believe. And of course some older tracks such as Even less, Russia on Ice (?) and Train. Two hours of perfect progressive psychedelica with a metal edge.
Don’t hesitate for a minute, if you got the change to see this band; they are a very impressive live act and a very tight live band!


A small quantity of special promotional CD singles of Blackfield (Steven Wilson and Israeli singer songwriter Aviv Geffen) are being made available during Porcupine Tree´s current European tour. The single contains both the audio and Lasse Hoile directed video for the track Hello, which is taken from the forthcoming full length Blackfield album. The single is available at shows in Germany where Aviv Geffen has been opening for PT by playing a short set of songs from the album (sometimes with SW as guest).


The new Porcupine Tree album Deadwing is scheduled for release on March 29st. A very special edition will be available to preorder a few weeks prior to this date.
In the meantime a microsite dedicated to the album http://www.deadwing.com will develop as the release date approaches, with audio, video and other media relating to the album added to the site on a regular basis.
PT European and US tour dates will be announced shortly.

The track listing of the album is:

1. Deadwing (9.46)
2. Shallow (4.17)
3. Lazarus (4.18)
4. Halo (4.38)
5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (12.02)
6. Mellotron Scratch (6.57)
7. Open Car (3.46)
8. The Start of Something Beautiful (7.39)
9. Glass Arm Shattering (6.12)

There are guest appearances by

Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth, and

Adrian Belew of King Crimson.

An album with heavy alternative rock songs, from Pearl Jam to old 70-ies rock till the quite Porcupine Tree songs we are used too (and I love very much).
Deadwing continues the harder edge of Absentia, with songs that have nothing to do with prog, but is that a problem? Even for me, a soft progger, no it isn't! It's the balance between the floydian / PT spheres and this harder edge that makes this album just a fine rocking damn good album.
The album is not refreshing, they did make songs like those on Deadwing before, and I must admitt that from a Top band of Porcupine Tree I expected again a step forwards. Deadwing isn't, but that doesn't make this a bad album, absolutely not!
If anyone says that this is no Prog, I'll disagree, but Steve will not have a problem with that.

Deadwing is based on a film script that Wilson wrote with friend Mike Bennion that Wilson describes as being "a surreal supernatural ghost story."

At www.dprp.net you'll find great reviews of this album.
PORCUPINE TREE: A strictly limited edition, deluxe version of Deadwing was available for preorder. This version contains two discs: a DVD-V featuring a 5.1 mix by Elliot Scheiner and SW; and a CD containing the stereo mix. The discs are housed in a hardbound 72 page book, including the complete lyrics for the album, photography by Lasse Hoile, drawings/collage by Mike Bennion, and layout by Carl Glover, a truly beautiful package. This edition can be ordered only from the PT website, priced $30 (plus p&p), and will be shipped in the week of April 26.
NOTE: The DVD-V in this special edition contains a 5.1 surround version of the music only. It comes without any of the bonus material or features included on the separately released DTS DVD-A edition, which is slated for release May 2005.

They're on a wonderful tour now, check out; tourdates.

Porcupine Tree Live in Tilburg 2005.

Anthama was their support act in 013 Tilburg.
Youngsters with heavy rifs and some potention. But why do they always cover Comfortably Numb? They could have added more metal in it to make it more original.

Then 5 people appeared on stage; Colin, Richard, Gavin, John and Steve. A lot of new songs, Deadwing, Lazarus, Halo, Ariving Somewhere and oldies, Evenless, Fadeway, Blackest Eyes, Trains, Hates song, Shemovesdown, Strip the Soul (and many more) were played excellent and on routine. Good set, heavy and Floydish.
But first I've to thank Heather Findlay again for the recommendation of the Mexican Restaurant, the food was splendid and we had a small chat with John Wesley...

Go and
see them

Setlist 013 Tilburg
11 April 05.

1* Deadwing
2* Sound Of Musac
3* Lazarus
4* Halo
5* Smart Kid
6* Hatesong
7* Arriving Somwhere But Not Here
8* Fadeaway
9* Burning Sky
10* Mellotron Scratch
11* Blackest Eyes
12* Even Less

Thanks Eggie!

After a long break they came back at the Arrows Rock Festival in the Netherlands (June 2006).
They did an excellent set of one hour (yes too short) with a lot songs of their latest album Deadwing. Steve promised that they would return later this year. She below.

ARRIVING SOMEWHERE... alive dvd + bonus material:
an absolute great must have dvd of Porcupine Tree is out now.
Pictures and more info here.

The track listing of the new Porcupine Tree album Fear of a Blank Planet has been revealed:

1. Fear of a Blank Planet (7.28)
2. My Ashes (5.07)
3. Anesthetize (17.42)
4. Sentimental (5.26)
5. Way Out of Here (7.37)
6. Sleep Together (7.28)

The album is set for April release through Roadrunner in Europe, Atlantic in the US, and WHD Entertainment in Japan. It's likely that both the stereo CD and 5.1 surround sound DVDA will be packaged together as standard.

A splendid new concept album of Steve Wilson and his friends about our children and their way of growing up...

Steven Wilson: vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards,
Richard Barbieri: keyboards and synthesizers,
Colin Edwin: Bass,
Gavin Harrison: Drums,

Guest musician:
John Wesley - vocals,
Alex Lifson - guitar solo on "Amnesthetize",
Robert Fripp - soundscape on "Way out of Here".


Nil Recurring ('08).
Is an left over EP of 29 minutes.
Buy or download it from their official webstore with confindence, the tracks are really no leftovers

The title track features Robert Fripp on lead guitar, and the album moves through the full Porcupine Tree spectrum of atmospheric ambience, melodic hooks, and crushing riffs.

Visit the mini website.


We lost the Skyline ('08).
An semi acoustic album with Steve and John. The set was recorded live in store in Park Avenue, Orlando, USA on October 4th 2007 and seemingly it's been meant for publication all along, judging from certain remarks that the talkative Steve Wilson makes in between the songs.

Tracklist: The Sky Moves Sideways (4.02), Even Less (3.27), Stars Die (4.33), Waiting (3.52), Normal (4.52), Drown With Me (4.09), Lazarus (4.29), Trains (4.04)

Packaged in the traditional Digipack for the band's own Transmission label, that comes highly recommended for all Porcupine Tree fans and lovers of unplugged sets alike. A welcome diversion from the more guitar-heavy approach the band has submerged itself in since In Absentia.

The Incident (Sept ’09).

CD1 : The Incident
1. Occam's Razor (1.56)
2. The Blind House (5.47)
3. Great Expectations (1.26)
4. Kneel and Disconnect (2.03)
5. Drawing the Line (4.43)
6. The Incident (5.20)
7. Your Unpleasant Family (1.48)
8. The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train (2.00)
9. Time Flies (11.40)
10. Degree Zero of Liberty (1.45)
11. Octane Twisted (5.03)
12. The Seance (2.39)
13. Circle of Manias (2.19)
14. I Drive the Hearse (7.21)
1. Flicker (3.41)
2. Bonnie the Cat (5.45)
3. The Black Dahlia (3.40)
4. Remember Me Lover (7.31)
Also issued as a limited special edition with 116 page hardback book, 48 page softback book, and 5.1 mix on a DVD.

The cd is very well recieved by the general public and media, i'm not convinced that this is their best. It doesn't sound new or fresh to me, flasbacks from the last 2 albums and some quite pieces from the early years. So not bad at all, but except some great guitar solo's from Steve it doesn't grab me. So my points go to Guilt Machine of Arjen Lucassen.
Porcupine Tree will have success with this one and their tour, but hopelfully they take more time the next time and get some inspiration to be more original.
7+ out of 10.

Anesthetize DVD 2010.
The DVD continues to defy exceptions. Recently, Amazon reported that they were unable to keep up with the demand for the Blu-ray edition! Meanwhile Anesthetize continues to conquer the charts, popping up the following countries: Finland No.1 / Germany No.2 / UK No.6/ Sweden No.6 / Holland No.8 / Italy No.13 / Australia No.18. All the special editions have sold out but the regular edition is still available from the PT store today!

Mick Karn Benefit
"Atlanta", a complete 2 hour live performance from the Fear of a Blank Planet tour, is now available as a download from the PT store. The show was recorded and mixed to the usual PT standards in order to provide material for a planned live album, but when the decision was taken to film much of the same repertoire in Holland for a major DVD release instead, the Atlanta recording ended up back in the vault. Now PT have now decided to make it available in complete form as a download only release to raise funds for Mick Karn's treatment for cancer. Although the repertoire is similar to that on the Anesthetize DVD, the performance has its own atmosphere, and also includes the first ever officially released live recording of "A Smart Kid". The mp3s are high quality 320kbps files, and there is a break between tracks 8 and 9 in case you want to burn your own 2 CD set, for which Carl Glover has also provided CD artwork. Please note that profits from the sale of the Atlanta download will go to Mick Karn and his family.



Steve Wilson he did a lot, so please check out his own page.


Richard Barbieri is known from his excellent work in Japan (with David Sylvian, Mark Karn and Steve Jansen). Before that in Rain Three Cow. He worked with Steve en Mark on different projects (Such as; Mustard Gas & Roses '96, with Karn and Jakko and Kingdom of Dust also with them) and solo with his wife in Indigo Fall ('97)(Steven Wilson contributed acoustic guitar to one of the tracks. Also contributions by PT contributor Theo Travis) and surprising with the solo-project of Steve Hogart (Ice Cream Genius)(See Marillion).
Things Buried ('04) is his first solo-cd. An album with a lot of keyboards a la Tangerine Dream, Ashra Temple.Tthe album also features the distinctive performances of Percy Jones on fretless bass and Andy Gangadeen on drums. Total running time - 51 minutes. Richard will be playing tracks from the album when he supports Blackfield on their Eurpean tour. More live solo shows expected early next year (2005).
More session he did with:
- Alice (Il Sole Nella Pioggia '89). Features Contributions from Peter Hammill, Steve Jansen, Dave Gregory, Jon Hassell and Ian Maidman.
- Cipher ('00-'02), Drop Six Wolf & The Moon (2001 also with Steve), - Anja Garbarek (Smiling & Waving 2001 also with Steve), Sheila Nicholls (on her album Wake '02, together with Gavin) on of course in different
- No-Man settings.
- Holi Under the Monkey Puzzle Tree.
Richard Barbieri plays synthesizer, and contributors include Steven Jansen and Mick Karn.
- Gota Gota Yashiki's acid jazz project and the album is called "It's So Different Here". Richard Barbieri contributes keyboards.
- Tim Bowness/Richard Barbieri Richard Barbieri's collaboration with Tim, the singer of Steven's other project, no-man. Just one album called "Flame". Steven Wilson plays guitar on 2 tracks, and Chris Maitland contributes percussion.
- Fjieri (Album Endless '09). With Gavin Harisson and Tim Bowness others. Great album

Steven Jansen/Richard Barbieri
- Other Worlds in a Small Room;
This is an ambient release consisting of 4 remastered tracks released in 1984 and 3 new tracks.
- Stone to Flesh;
Steven Wilson plays guitar on 4 tracks, and Colid Edwin adds bass.
- Stories Across Borders;
Richard plays keyboards, pianos and synthesizers. He also participated in the production and mixing of the album.

Richard Barbieri and Steven Jansen's ambient/trip-hop collaboration with Japanese DJ Takemura; Changing Hands.

Jansen/ Barbieri/ Karn
- Playing in a Room with People. An album of live material from the 1997 tour, with Steven Wilson and Theo Travis.
- Ism; Includes contributions from Theo Travis, David Torn and Clive Bell.
- Seed; A 4-track mini CD build around the jbk track Beginning to Melt.


Gavin Harrison replaced Chris Maitland in Porcupine Tree. Born in '63, what a beautiful year...

- Gavin recorded one solo album Sanity and Gravity in the mid 90's, but has also published a drum tuition DVD and two books,
- Iggy Pop ('86 & '95),
- Sam Brown; Stop (1988),
- Gail Ann Dorsey Corporate World (1989), (she's that beautiful and great bass player known from David Bowie),
- Dave Stewart & Barbara... Big Idea (1988) & ('91),
- B.J. Cole Transparent Music (1989) & Heart of the Moment (1995),
- Camouflage Meanwhile (1990),
- Lene Lovich March (1990),
- Kevin Ayers ('92),
- Mike Karn, ('95),
- Jakko/Barbieri/Karn Mustard Gas & Roses (1996),
- Manfred Mann's Earth Band Soft Vengeance (1996),
- Renaissance Songs from Renaissance Days (1997),
- Claudio Baglioni ('98 and more),
- Sheila Nicholls Wake (2002),
- Tony Hadley,
- Porcupine Tree ('02 till ...),
- Stefano Panunzi,
- Steve Thorne ('09),
- Fjieri (Album Endless '09). With Gavin Harisson and Tim Bowness others. Great album
- Paul Cusick (2011)
- KING CRIMSON: Ending weeks of speculation in various online communities, Robert Fripp has revealed in his latest online diary that drummer Gavin Harrison will be joining King Crimson.
- Rob Reed (Kompendium '12 (Rob is from Magenta)).

solo gavin Circles is the second album from Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison and the multi-instrumentalist, singer and extended range bass player 05Ric. The album is to be extended to a 2CD Kscope edition includes the original album plus a 5.1 surround mix of the album.

Chris Maintland:
John Beck (ex-It Bites), drummer Chris Maitland (ex-Porcupine Tree), singer and guitarist John Mitchell (Arena), and bassist Pete Trewavas (Marillion) with their new band KINO. On December 8th the quartet makes its first ever live appearance for WDR‘s “Rockpalast“ in Cologne. The debut album will be out in February. Please find a MP3 sample of their music on our homepage.

PORTNOY/WILSON/ÅKERFELDT: A rumour of three prog(metal) heavyweights Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) doing something together...(September 2005).

Colin Edwin
Ex-Wise Heads': Holding Up The Sky finds the original duo of Colin Edwin and Geoff Leigh. Featuring percussionist Rick Edwards (Hossam Ramsay, No-Man, Porcupine Tree) and trumpet player Ian Dixon (Ape, Ute, Irmin Schmidt). With this band he made 4 records from 1998 till now...
Random Noise Generator ('06) with oz H - Drums, Samples, Programming, RJ - Guitar, Shouting, Singing & Colin Edwin - Bass, Boxes.
"Liquid Assets”, the fourth CD from Ex-Wise Heads:
Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin and multi-instrumentalist Geoff Leigh (soprano saxophone, flutes, etc) are joined by guest musicians Ian Dixon on trumpet, Rick Edwards on percussion (both of whom also played on 2006’s “Holding Up the Sky”) and guitarist Rajan Spolia, who adds unique and rich Indian-inspired acoustic guitar performances to three of the eleven tracks.

Memories Of Machines (2011).


An interview from Progressive World.Net.

An live review of the DPRP.


Please take a look at this page, I think it is "must have"for Porcupine Tree fans: NoSound.


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