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At Guy Manning's site you can
download a free mini-ceedee + cover.

This band from England has made a lot of albums for so far. Tall Stories For Small Children, The Cure, Cascade, a pure progressive albums are called The Ragged Curtain and The View From My Window, a concept album about the last day of Abel Mann is called A Matter Of Life & Death; prog on the edge, good story and the booklet is amazing... .
The style is diverse from singer-songwriter to pure progr./ symfo: Roger Waters and the old Genesis is what comes to my mind, but i must confess he, (they) has developed his, (their) own style.
Guy Manning is first band was Freddie & the Frogs, later when he left the primary school it became bands like Through the Looking Glass and King Glass. King Glass did some recording sessions in a studio which was owned by Andy Tillison (of New Opera and Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive). Later when the band folded Guy asked Andy Tillison to help him with his first solo-project, Andy had an idea too and the "No More Travelling Chess.." project was born. They were the only band members.
Andy and Guy worked together frequently in Parallel Or 90 Degrees. (a more heavy progr. band), performed The Darkside of the Moon in a back-yard, Andy worked sometimes on Guys solo's-albums and in 2003 there was an excellent collaboration in Tangent. And they've worked on "The Spagehetti Western".


Tall Stories For Small Children ('99):

Guy Manning - vocals, keyboards, soundscapes, guitars, mandolin, drums & percussion,
Andy Tillison-Diskdrive - some keyboards, drum program,
Jonathan Barrett - bass,
Simon Baskind - percussion,
Pav Chana - tablas,
Jon Burr - harmonica,
Joshua, Nathaniel & Rosie - nice original art work,
Judy Garland - vocals (samples of The Wizard of Oz).

Listen to just to the first track 'The last Psalm', 13 minutes of great music, singer song-writer-songs with a very proggy underlayment.


The Cure ('00, his second album):

Guy Manning - vocals, keyboards, soundscapes, guitars, bass, mandolin, drums & percussion, cover-design,
Andy Tillison-Diskdrive - additional keyboards, drums,
Laura Fowles - saxophones, vocals, (NICE!)
Simon Baskind - drums, percussion,
Jonathan Barrett - The Bass,
Dan & Julie Lyons - soundscapes,
Ian Tothill &
Iain Fairbairn - violin,

A concept album, with references to David Bowie's Major Tom, Roger Waters, a good touch of David Gilmours guitar combined with violins, sound samples and nice changes.


Cascade ('01, his third album):

cascade Guy Manning - vocals, keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, mandolin, drums, percussion, cover-design,
Laura Fowles - saxophones, vocals, (NICE!)
Gareth Hartwood -guitars, bass, mandolin,
John Hobson - drums, percussion,
Neil Harris - additional keyboards,
Simon Baskind - drums, percussion,
Jonathan Barrett - bass,
Angela Goldthorpe - flute, recorders, see Mostly Autumn.

A nice album, not really a progressive album overall, good moody, catchy, (pop-) songs, with sub till keyboards referring to Rod Argent, Steve Winwood or Keith Emmerson. Also some touch of the singer songwriter, folky Roy Harper and Ian Anderson.


The Ragged Curtain, the cover reminds me of the old Genesis's covers from Whitebread. Go to Cyclops, buy, listen and be amazed!

A review.


Guy Manning : Vocals, Keyboards, 6 & 12 String Acoustic and Electric guitars, Mandolin, E-Bow, Peace Harp, Chimes & Bass Guitar, Drums & Percussion,
Laura Fowles: Vocals, Saxophones,
Gareth Harwood: Electric Guitar,
Jonathan MacDonald Binns: Drums & Percussion,
laura Neil Harris: Keyboards,
Rick Ashton: Bass Guitar,
Angela Goldthorpe provides Flutes & Recorders (Courtesy Of 'Mostly Autumn'),
Andy Tillison-Diskdrive for Organ on "Sea" and Analogue Synths on "Tides" (Courtesy of PO90!),
Laura & Dan, Simon & Gareth: voices.

Produced/Engineered By:
Guy Manning / John Spence @ Fairview Studios, Hull & Burnside Studios, Leeds By April 2002

A really great album, more proggy then his first 3 albums, it starts really impressive with Tightrope, listen to it and you'll be sold. If you like Camel, The Alan Parsons Projects live, some parts of the old-Genesis, some Roger Waters song-writing, screaming saxes, fluid guitars, impressive keyboards and just good music; this is your new ceedee.


In the meantime Neil Harris and Jonathan MacDonald Binns quit the band.
For the LIVE dates, Andy Tillison (from Parallel Or 90 Degrees) has kindly stepped up to the plate to take over main Keys duties and for the FOCUS date, John Southerton will be behind the drum kit... (April 2003).


I asked him if he knew Gabriel and Karnataka (summer 2002):
Guy:I know of GABRIEL and KARNATAKA through their association with MOSTLY AUTUMN only.
KARNATAKA Are OK but sound a lot like like MA and they do alot of gigs together as well which adds to the comparisons.

Is Cascade selling well?
Guy:CASCADE is selling OK (but in small numbers as no one really knows it exists!).

Send an order through to Malcolm at www.gft-cyclops.co.uk and get it at source!

What can you tell about the style of the first two albums?
Guy:Tall Stories and The Cure are very different. The Cure is a concept album that tells one story (like The Lamb lies down.,.) and is brooding and melancholy. Tall Stories is more Song based.

Any new plans?
Guy: The band and I are preparing to go into the studio at the end of MARCH to record the new album THE RAGGED CURTAIN which I think is the best one yet!

An interview with Guy + review of Cascade.
A review of Ragged Curtain.

Tall Stories
"Tall Stories For Small Children "

"The Cure"


The Ragged Curtain
"The Ragged Curtain"


Wich music did you buy lately (November 2002)?
Unfold the Future - The Flower Kings (brilliant)
Ladies Of the Road - King Crimson (very good)
Ripe Tomatoes - Little Feat (good rarities)
FZ-OZ - The impeccable Frank Zappa!

Have you seen the Gilmour DVD and are there any gigs planned?
Not seen the Gilmour DVD yet, too busy writing new MANNING Album "The View From My Window" for 2003.
No gigs - no keyboard player (Neil left to join a BLONDIE tribute band!)
And a few weeks later: "Jonathan MacDonald Binns quits MANNING" After much soul searching it became obvious that Jon had not enough time to devote to the band, his job and his family and so regretfully has had to go.


The View From My Window released end October:
Multi-instrumentalist, Tim Moon has added Flutes, Fiddles, Whistles and Cello to put some more 'WOOD' into the new tracks.
This new album is centred on the 20 minute epic Suite : Dreams about the different ways that we all look at and perceive the world.
Again a strong rocking album with nice proggy layers, good guitar solo's, keyboards, mellotrons all over the place and Laura with her sax is always good to hear. I think together with the Tangent an album you must have.

Guy Manning: Vocals, Keyboards/Samples, 6 / 12 String Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Drums & Percussion,
Rick Ashton: Bass Guitar,
go-to-guymanning Laura Fowles: Saxophones & Vocals,
Gareth Harwood: Electric Guitar,
Andy Tillison played: Organ, Piano, Synthesizer Solo & Drums (Courtesy of 'Parallel Or 90 Degrees' & 'The Tangent')
Pav Chana played: Percussion,
Hugh Whitaker played: Drums & Percussion (the ex-HOUSEMARTIN),
Tim Moon played: Whistle, Cello, Flute, Fiddle.


The View From My Window

1. Phase (The Open & The Widening Sky)
2. The View From My Window
3. The Rut
4. After The (Tears In The) Rain
5. Blue GIrl
6. Suite: Dreams
a) Dreamian Rhapsody
b) On The Carousel
c) In Slumbers
d) A Visit To The Sandman
e) REM
f) From Slumbers


Guy has been invited to put a suite onto the COLOSSUS music new Project "The Spagehetti Western". Andy'll give him a hand. Other bands what have a track on that album are; HAIKARA (Finland), RANDONE, TILION (Italy), LA VOCE DEL VENTO (UK, featuring our famous Guy Manning/Andy Tillison duo), TAPROBAN (Italy), and TRION (The Netherlands).


New Album "A Matter Of Life & Death - The Journal Of Abel Mann" a concept album based around the character Guy created in TALL STORIES.

So there're some flashbacks to Small Stories and that's nicely done.The album contains no great epics and that's a pitty because Guy did some great ones on his previous albums. The story-line is very important on this one. It al became very accesible. The production is from a very high standard and the art-work done by
Ed Unitsky is sublime (he did also the Tangent and Flower Kings albums). If there're people who are buying this ceedee because of the artwork alone, i could understand.
I like Laura with her sax, she's giving a few nice solo's on this one too and Garet on lead guitar is rockin'a few times. Also they used some fidles and a cello.
The songs flow into one another, there is light, shade, dark moody, jazzy, folky, rocky everything is in there. And that is also in line with the lyrics and the feelings and thoughts of our Abel Mann. But maybe that is also the bobytrap of this album; it swings, it rocks it has a great theme, but you can't place it in a box and people like to do that. Think Guy can make a few albums so good as Ragged Curtain and Views from my Windows easily. But no he made another brave step with this concept album. So open your mind and have a closer look:
The ceedee opens with The Dream, a very good way to kick off the concept album. A typical Manning sound. A strong song which will set down the lyrical themes that will be sound throughout the whole theme arround of Abel Mann thoughts when he starts to makes his final journey and re-birth. A nice guitar in the middle section, cello, whistle and the moog played by Andy makes that this song works out well.
Nobody's Fool is a ballad with Guy and his Spanish guitar.
The third song “Omens” kicks in with the typical Guy Manning style, then the guitar is getting loose; great. The lyrics are not the most happy ones. Nice melodic tune carried by the guitar.
Finally Laura get's more attention, but not her sax but her voice, singing, muttering. It fits perfectly with the mood the song is breathing. Very nice piano bridge in the middle section.
Finally a bit more cheerfull music in Silent Man. The cello is the main instrument in this song. The cello was used like it was the solo- guitar. One of my favourite tracks.
The most proggy (and jazzy) song is Falling Down? Rising up! Again great lines, Mannings voice is here impressive, certainly the first two verses. Sometimes I'm in doubt with his voice, he has a good range, he plays with his voice; it's never boring, he plays with the intonation, but sometimes his voice isn't so of high quality as his songs are. The song has some nice tempo changes, keyboard solo's, sax solo, piano parts all what a good song needs.
Another ballad with Life Disguise, followed by the proggy Out of my Life. Very strong intro, you know this song will work out well. Flasbacks to Tall Stories; "The tide is turning and we cling to the shore, starfish on the ocean floor. In my life... was there nothing more?"
Midnight Sail is a song that will become on stage a succes i think, nice chorus, nice rockin' rythm.
If you like Guy Manning for what he has acieved in the past, you certainly must buy this one and you'll enjoy it! If you'ven't got an album of Guy, this one will make you buy his older, more proggy, ones, because this album let you (again) hear that he's a good composer, he knows how songs must go, he knows how to fascinate you, makes turning points and keeps it accesible. And his song writings skills are from a heigh level.

Guy - vocals, guitars, keyboard, bass, drums, percussion & mandolin,
Laura - saxes,
Gareth Harwood - electric guitars, vocals,
Rick Aston - bass,
John Tippping - drums,
Ian Fairnbain - fiddle,
Neil Harris - piano, percussion, vocals,
Tim Moon - cello,
Andy Tillison - moog solo, keyboards.

A long review you'll find at www.dprp.net/.


New Guy Manning track on collectors item.
The existence of the annual Labor Day progressive rock festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is threatened due to lack of funding. In order to prevent this unique event from closing up shop, Lew Fisher of The Progressive Music Society has single-handedly enlisted a number of bands for their help in keeping ProgDay alive. Nine prestigious progressive bands have donated tracks, six which are previously unreleased, for a compilation disc to raise money for the festival.

The tracklisting is:

1. Strawbs - Riviera Dei Fiori/Under A Cloudless Sky (6:57)
2. Djam Karet - Pentimento (6:50)(Previously Unreleased)
3. Nathan Mahl - The Place We Call Home (6:27) (Previously Unreleased)
4. Trettioariga Kriget - Lang Historia (7:45)
5. Wobbler - Leprechaun Behind The Door (13:21) (Demo)
6. Sonus Umbra - Self Erosion (6:03)
7. Gert Emmens - The Warlock Returns (9:25) (Previously Unreleased)
8. The Muffins - They Come On Unknown Nights (4:22) (Previously Unreleased)
9. Guy Manning - Top Of The Mountain (17:58) (Previously Unreleased Demo)

The original artwork was donated by Ed Unitsky of The Tangent and The Flower Kings fame.

For details on how to order this unique album (limited to 1000 copies) go to Lew Fisher's web site. The CD is $12.00 with all profits going to support the continuation of ProgDay.

More on ProgDay at http://www.progday.com


"ONE SMALL STEP..." ('05).

Tracks are as follows:

1. In Swingtime
2. Night Voices
3. No Hiding Place
4. The Mexico Line
5. One Small Step... (Parts I-VIII)


Guy Manning - Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic 6 / 12 String and Classical Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Drums and Percussion
Laura Fowles - Sax, Vocals
Gareth Harwood - Lead Electric Guitar
Ian Fairbairn - Fiddle
Rick Ashton - Additional Bass

(...although other contributions may appear before the final release)
Artwork - Ed Unitsky
Release date : Autumn 2005 on ProgRock Records

Track Info:
1. In Swingtime
Original version was recorded as part of the "Tall Stories.." sessions with Andy Tillison The new version* is a re-working and is more like the way that the live band has been performing it. A song about getting older and not being able to do the things we used to do..even though we still think we can..these things are now just out of reach.
2. Night Voices
A song which documents a dream in which a man encounters his recently deceased wife and is able to ask her all the questions he needs to know in order to move on. Set on a bridge in the middle of a magical glade at midnight...
3. No Hiding Place
This was partly inspired by the events in which the Beslan children were held hostage in a school gym in Sept. 2004. We watched on our TVs, helpless as these kids went through it, in fear of their lives..it was a horrible spectacle. “I began to wonder whether this was the end of innocence for these children? Had that time/'state of being' now been stolen, never to return or were they able to hang on to it somehow, burying it away inside them until it was over? I also realised that this was the same for all children that have suffered some type of abuse...physical, sexual etc. So this is a song for all the children going through torment..hold on to your innocence (if you can) and hide it deep inside”
4. The Mexico Line
The main character writes a 'Goodbye' letter to his partner from inside a Mexican Hotel room 'across the border'.
5. One Small Step... (Parts I-VIII)
Easily the most ambitious piece Guy has ever done....
It's length is over 30 minutes and it is mainly an extended Acoustic guitar piece; a suite of songs which follows on from the writings of Roy Harper, Al Stewart and Peter Hammill. Its' main theme is about the ambition of Man to go off in to space to explore and visit new worlds .. ..even to go on holiday into the galaxy (..people are paying out money now to visit the Moon!) We do all this without a thought for who we are and what makes us what we are. Are we fit to go off and encounter other races? Had we not better get our own act together before we set off?

Guys' take on this...
"If we are to go off on holiday into space, then as well as packing our swimming trunks....we'd better leave the rest of our baggage behind!"
The artwork is again being provided by Ed Unitsky (Ed has previously provided artwork for The Flower Kings, The Tangent and the last Guy Manning album "A Matter Of Life and Death"). The set of images are wonderful and the conceptual imagination in the accompanying booklet artwork is superb. Ed has again pulled out all the stops!

More information will follow...
So make a date in your diary and be prepared to take that one small step...

Highly Recommended!
His best album to date! Absolutely great.


Anser's Tree ('06) is the eighth album from Guy Manning and represents yet another musical departure from the more acoustic based 2005 `One Small Step…" album. The album traces the history of one family told though the eyes of their last descendent, searching on the `last remaining hill' to discover the secrets of his own past and uncover the Universal patterns that surround us all.


Guy Manning - Acoustic 6, 12 & Classical Guitars, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards, Samples, Basses, Drums, Percussion & Vocals,
Laura Fowles - Saxes & Vocals,
Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn - Fiddles,
David Million - Electric Guitars,
Stephen Dundon - Flutes,
Andy Tillison - Hammond, Moog, Rhodes (2),
Neil Harris - Piano (2), Arp (5).

MANNING: the new Manning album - Songs From The Bilston House ...is now completed! Both the Audio Master and the Artwork will be going off to the record company this week. The album is scheduled to be released October 2007

1. Songs From The Bilston House
2. The Calm Absurd
3. Lost In Play
4. Understudy
5. Skimming Stones
6. Antares
7. Icarus & Me
8. Pillars Of Salt
9. Inner Moment

Players on the album are: Guy (Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic 6 & 12, Classical guitars, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolins, Bass, Percussion), Laura Fowles (Saxes & Vocals), David Million (Electric Guitars), Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn (Fiddle), Julie King (Vocals), Andy Tillison (Drums, Keyboards & Vocals (Courtesy of 'The Tangent')) and Steve Dundon (Flute [Courtesy of 'Molly Bloom']). Original album artwork by Rosie Manning (Lilac Productions). All songs written and assembled by Guy Manning . Produced by Andy Tillison and Guy Manning (Burnside May-Aug 2007).

In other news about the album:
We are extremely pleased to announce that Manning, the band put together by Guy Manning (solo artist, multi instrumentalist and member of The Tangent), have signed to Festival Music. Guy Manning has already released a number of solo CD's, the last being the critically acclaimed Ansers Tree.

Festival Music will release Manning's latest CD 'Songs From The Bilston House' on 08/10/2007. With this new release, the quality has really surpassed itself. Nine tracks of great melodic prog, tinged with folk / Tull like elements. The keyboards really shine on this CD, as they interplay with guitar, flute and violin, and the vocals are stronger than ever. Songs From The Bilston House is a powerful recording with excellent production and artwork. An absolute must for fans of intelligent, powerful, melodic progressive rock!

You can PRE-ORDER this CD now for just GBP 9.99 at www.progrock.co.uk, and receive an exclusive limited edition signed poster for FREE! The poster is 36cm x 24cm, folded down to the size of a CD booklet and signed by Guy Manning. Order now to make sure you get this limited item!

To receive a full FREE download of one of the tracks from the new Manning CD, please click HERE, add the free track to your basket, go to the checkout, fill your name, address and email address and you will receive the link required to download the track.


Number 10 ('08).
All tracks composed & assembled by Guy Manning Produced By Andy Tillison & Guy Manning Artwork by Guy Manning & Phil Wilkes.


Guy Manning - Acoustic 6, 12 & Classical Guitars, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Samples, Basses, Percussion & Vocals
Laura Fowles - Alto Sax & Vocals
Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn - Fiddle
David Million - Electric Guitars
Julie King - Vocals (including duet on "Valentine's night")
Kris Hudson-Lee - Bass
Phil Wilkes - Keyboards
Kev Currie - Backing Vocals
Danny Rhodes - Additional Drums

Stephen Dundon - Flutes & Tenor Sax [Courtesy of 'Molly Bloom']
Andy Tillison - Keyboards & Drums [Courtesy of 'The Tangent' & 'PO90' ]
Pav Chana - Percussion
Ed Niedhardt - Soprano Sax & Bass Clarinet
Hannah Hudson-Lee - Backing Vocals


Guy Manning updated his website on March 8th keeping us up to date with progress on the new album Charlestown. The track listing for the new Manning album Charlestown (in no particular running order for now) is as follows:
1. T.I.C.
2. Caliban & Ariel
3. The Man in the Mirror
4. Clocks
5. Charlestown
6. Finale
CHARLESTOWN - Autumn 2010.

With a good headwind and weather, we are on course for our Autumn release schedule. (OK, that's enough of the sailing imagery I think).
'Charlestown' is made up of six new recordings including the epic mulit-sectioned title track. The album features the new band line-up (except Conor, who arrived afterwards) and includes Dave Albone's last work with the band before his retirement.
Once again, some extra guests have been drafted in to help add to that unique sound which is MANNING music! (See our BIOGRAPHY section)
The front cover has been especially created by Rosie Manning (who also did the 'Bilston House' artwork). * Guy Manning: Acoustic 6,12 and Classical Guitars, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Bouzouki, Mandolin, FX, Percussion and Lead / Backing Vocals
* Dave Albone: Drums and Percussion
* Chris Catling: Electric Guitars and Backing Vocals
* Kev Currie: Electric Guitars and Backing Vocals
* Steve Dundon: Flute
* Kris Hudson-Lee: Basses
* Julie King: Backing Vocals
Guest Musician Contributors
* Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn: Fiddle
* Kathy Hampson: Cello
* Alison Diamond: Soprano and Tenor Sax

Margaret's Children ('11):
* Guy Manning: Acoustic 6,12 and Classical Guitars, Drums, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Samples, Bass, Bouzouki, Mandolins, FX, Percussion, Lead and Backing Vocals
margareth * Chris Catling: Electric Guitars and Backing Vocals
* Kev Currie: Electric Guitars, Guitar Synth and Backing Vocals
* Steve Dundon: Flutes
* Kris Hudson-Lee: Basses
* Julie King: Backing Vocals (Lead Vocal on "A Night At The Savoy, 1933")
* Tim Leadbeater: Grand Piano (4,7) / Electric Piano solo (1)

Guest Musician Contributors
* Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn: Fiddle
* Kathy Hampson: Cello
* John Kennard: Backing Vocals, Darbuka and Drum Program Consultancy
* Mark Woodward: Additonal Violin

Special Guest Musician Contributions
* Marek Arnold: Clarinet, Alto, Soprano and Tenor Saxes (Courtesy of "'Toxic Smile")
* Leon Camfield: Various Percussion Items (Courtesy of "Tinyfish")
* Phideaux ( as "The MC at the Savoy") (Courtesy of himself!)



Parallel Or 90 Degrees,

The Tangent + interview about The Tangent ('03 & '04)

Guy did some session for Pav Chana ('03).

He joined Mark Trueack at his "Hope" project ('10). Mark is one of the leading forces in Unitopia.


Guy is involved with a review of On an Island, see this page.
With members from Mostly Autumn, Magenta, Pendragon, The Reasoning and others....


At Guy Manning's site you can download a free mini-ceedee + cover.


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