Interview Guy Manning october 2003,
by Nick.
Guy Manning
Did you had a "hero" as teenager?
Ian Anderson & Peter Gabriel
Roundhay Grammar & Manchester Polytechnic studying Psychology and Sociology.
Had you any music lessons?
Piano when i was a kid.
Occupation / profession(-s)
IS Computer Analyst
Other musical projects
The Tangent
Favourite Music
All sorts, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Classical
Best album(s) you bought or heard in 2002/2003
Flower Kings - Unfold The Future
Best album ever:
too many
Best live act
Peter Gabriel, Tull (1973), Pink Floyd (The Wall), Genesis (The Lamb) the list goes on
Best Movie:
Casablanca, Close Encounters
Favorite food:
Favourite Quote:
I like chips in brown gravey
quote by Spike Milligan of the Goons
Your life besides music:
(Girl-) friend, kids, pets:
WIfe, 3 kids, 2 cat, 6 finches, I budgie, tank full of goldfish
Why do you love your partner so much, what's so special about her /him:
She puts up with me...
What would you wish for the future:
More time!
You must go to a concert/ gig what would you choose:

Prince or Michael Jackson,[Guy Manning] Either
Bjork or Enimem,[Guy Manning] Bjork
Roger Waters or David Gilmour,[Guy Manning] Roger Waters
Genesis with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett or Peter Gabriel solo[Guy Manning] Genesis
Woodstock ('69) or Live Aid ('84),[Guy Manning] Woodstock
Frank Zappa or The Beach Boys,[Guy Manning] Both!
Yes or Transatlantic,[Guy Manning] Yes
Night of the Proms or Bob Dylan,[Guy Manning] Dylan
Mostly Autumn or Porcupine Tree,[Guy Manning] MA I suppose
Paul Mccartney or the Who,[Guy Manning] Both
The Beatles or the Stones (in the 60-ies),[Guy Manning] Beatles
Manning in a sold out Verviers (350 visitors) in Belgium or Manning as the very first gig of Roskilde 2004 (70.000 screaming fans).[Guy Manning] Me sold out anywhere!


The Tangent Questions:

How did you get in contact with Andy?
1992 when I saw him and his band "Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive" which included Guy Manning Guy has worked with me often in the past, including guest appearances on Po90 albums, and full collaboration on the "No More Travelling Chess" project. See for the whole story at www.guymanning.com or check this site ;-)

How was the idea born that members of the Flower Kings should be involved?
Andy played a few gigs with them in the past.

note: Ian Oakley (one of the Flower Kings UK staff)
passed a demo to Roine, maybe Roine wanted to do
some guest-appereance. Roine sent an email to Andy:
>Hi Andy ,
Listened to your demo again yesterday , good stuff...
moody ....Any progress ? just let me know when ......
Whenever you record , make sure you get a really good
rhythm section with a dynamic touch , as the groove
seems an important part of it , to me at least . Some
real sax and/or trumpet would be cool too ..... think I
heard it in one or two songs .
Trouble is that (without him wanting to offend anyone)
Andy isn't a great wind instruments fan. But of course,
there is a major exception to that rule.....

Did you actually played together?
Yes we did some of the parts in my studio.

Andy had the whole concept ready arround X-mas 2002, when did everybody got involved?[Guy Manning] See the story again..gradually!

Was there enough interaction to the scandinavian boys? Was there room to change things by them?
They changed things alot once they heard the demos and Roine made a very active contribution to all aspects of the album.

note: In fact almost a war was set up about the concept
of the cover, but happily proggers are most friendly people; read
more at www.tangent.com.

Did it need a different approach to record then useally?
Yes we had to send it away and put our parts on remotely ..not all together and we had to discuss the results alot!.

note: Roine sent up his harddisk because he wouldn't
like to burn more then 30 ceedees full of music they har
recorded for the Tangent project...
The Tangent Album filled over 40 gigabytes of hard disk
space just before it was mixed. It is now, like most CDs
of this length, around 1/2 a gigabyte.... The first Po90
album "The Corner of my Room" never occupied more than
1 gigabyte at any time....
Andy Tillison told Guy Manning that there was not going
to be any mandolin on this album. The next day Roine sent
Andy an e-mail suggesting some mandolin on one of the
tracks. Andy then had to think of a way of making it sound
like his idea. Eventually he gave up...

Is there a change will see you all do the Tangent project live?
It would be nice BUT very difficult ot get all of the players together to rehearse and perform it.

It is clearly that The Music That Died Alone is music that has it roots to the past and this music has influencend you all. Where bands like Genesis, Yes and Van de Graaf Generator the bands that had formed you?
Andy & love this type of music and wanted nothing more than to be a part of the whole history of it and now we are ...

Are there any other projects planned?
Andy & I are writing a 25min piece for the Colossus "Spaghetti project" at the moment. Andy is considering what a Tangent #2 would be like!

Hope this is OK Guy


Guy Manning
The Tangent


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