Sax, but also very enthusiastic, oboe, bass, sticks, percussion and vocals:

Diana Ross,

Chuck Berry,

Geronimo Black Geronimo Black (1972) Oboe,

Steve Miller,


James Brown,

Brian Wilson,

Roger Hodgens (Eye of the Storm '84, ex-member of Supertramp),

Supertramp ('85 with David Gilmour and Free as a Bird '87),

The Yellowjackets (Mirage a Trois 1985) Vocals,

Toto (live in '85? en '92),

Pink Floyd ('87 and live at The momentary lapse of reason-tour; his intro of the show is sealed in mine memory, during the tour he is the cause of much fun, so he became thrown out of his hotel room; not dressed, so he had to go the hall to pick up another key..),

Steve Lukather (live),

David Cassidy, Didn't You Used to Be ... (1992) Sax (Baritone),

Together with Bob Ezrin he founded 7th level, a computer software company for kids. On one of the cd-roms David Gilmours guitar solo's are used as sounds... .


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