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New April 2010:

  • SUPERTRAMP: reveal 40th Anniversary tour dates kicking off in September ... but no Roger Hodgson ...

  • Rick Davies (22-7-44)- vocals /piano,

    John Helliwell- sax/clarinet/vocals,

    Roger Hodgson- guitar/vocals/synthesizers,

    Doug Thompson- bass,

    Bob Siebenberg- drums.

    Great brittish band with excellent albums;

    Crime of the Century ('74)

    Crises ! what Crises ('75)

    Even in the quit Moments ('77)

    Breakfast in America ('79),

    Paris (11-03-79, and that is also the date Rogers wife did get a daughter!),

    .. The famous last Words... ('84): Roger left the band after this album,

    Brother where you bound ('85) is not a highlight, althrough

    David Gilmour plays a wonderfull solo on the title track.

    Scottie Page is playing saxes.


    The group still excist but had his best time in the 70-ies. Slow Motion is the latest studio effort of the band ('01).



    Roger went solo and made a few nice albums:

    Eye of the Storm ('83, Scottie Page is playing saxes (Pink Floyd live '86)),

    Hai Hai ('87)

    Lenny Castro - percussion,
    Nathan East - bass (Bryan Ferry, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and and and),
    Omar Hakim - drums (Bryan Ferry and a lot of others),
    Jeff Porcaro - drums,
    Lelalns Sklar - bass (Phil Collins and a lot of others),
    David Paich - guitar,
    Anni McCann - vocals,
    Dan Huff - guitar,
    Robbie Buchanan - synthesizers & others.

    Rites of Passage ('97, with John Helliwell and Andrew Hpdgson and others),

    Open Door ('00 with Trevor Rabin, Alan Thompson - bass, Pascal Martin - Ullian Pipes and others).

    The former Supertramp frontman will also release his first live DVD entitled Take The Long Way Home - Live In Montreal on August 22nd.
    Take The Long Way Home is filmed in HD format and features the entire one-man show in Montreal on June 6th of this year as well as 90 minutes worth of bonus footage.
    The tracklist is the main show:
    1. Take The Long Way Home
    2. Give A Little Bit
    3. Lovers In The Wind
    4. Hide In Your Shell
    5. Oh Brother
    6. The Logical Song
    7. Easy Does It
    8. Sister Moonshine
    9. Love Is A Thousand Times
    10. Breakfast In America
    11. Don't Leave Me Now
    12. Dreamer
    13. It's Raining Again
    14. School
    15. Two Of Us
    16. Give A Little Bit
      Bonus Footage:
    17. Even In The Quietest Moments
    18. Dreamer (w/ orchestra)
    19. Logical Song (w/ orchestra)
    20. Fool's Overture (w/ orchestra)
    Roger Hodgson - Take The Long Way Home
    After taking the long way home, Roger is reuniting in concert with his fans and his music, playing the songs that have become the soundtrack of our lives. Roger touches the heart as he gives us the purest sound of the original classics, as well as some of his new previously unreleased songs.

    We hired a top director and one of the best production companies in Canada to create a stunning visual and pristine audio for a magical experience of Roger’s performance.

    This DVD is like two discs in one with a 75-minute solo concert plus over 90 minutes of bonus features including:
    • Two exclusive interviews with Roger — share in an intimate conversation with Roger, hear how he writes his songs, stories from his life and career
    • Sound Check — the making of — take a look behind the scenes before the concert and join Roger for sound check
    • Backstage pass — you are invited backstage to the post-show meet ’n greet!
    • Bonus footage including never-before-seen performances of Even in the Quietest Moments, Dreamer, and Fool’s Overture with orchestra
    • Roger's Repertoire — sample the songs Roger has written over the past 40 years and recorded both with Supertramp and solo
    • Fan’s impressions — hear what the fans have to say about Roger and what his music means to them
    • Photo Gallery — view a collection of special photos capturing magical moments from the show for more info and pre-orders, visit the Roger Hodgson website.

    roger roger

    Festival of Theux, Saturday 090906.
    In the late afternoon, we sat on the lovely marketplace and Roger was giving away his soundcheck... And I was directly impressed by his voice, his piano play and his kindness to the audience, enjoying a beer in the sun.

    The first act was Magenta, my friends from Wales. An absolute Top Prog band, fronted by a female singer with a golden voice called Christina, two guitarist, and excellent guy on keyboard and of course drums and bass. I love them, so they were great as always. Good setlist and a good smooth show.

    Live Roger was really amazing. I saw David Gilmour twice this year, and he he was really awesome, but I must admit that Roger came really close and he was just playing solo only accompanied by Mr. McDonnald on woodwinds, backing vocals, harmonica and one one song keyboards.
    A fantastic guy, wonderful entertainer and a truly good fellow.
    If you can, go and see him and have a hell of a show.

    The slot act was Machiavel, a true Prog band, defintely a good act and good musicians.

    So a great day at that lovely cozy village Theux with my friends from York.



    News 2010:
    ROGER HODGSON: releases "Classics Live"...
    Roger's Classics Live CD is a spectacular collection of his live performances from acoustic, band and orchestra shows around the world recorded on his 2010 tour. Check out this version of the Classics from the composer of Supertramp's Greatest Hits

    Roger Hodgson helped define a generation of progressive rock and is recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time. His trademark way of setting introspective lyrics to upbeat melodies has found its way into the hearts of over three generations around the world. His songs are deeply personal pieces of his heart and soul that continue to touch people around the world. While everyone knows his songs, many don't know his name, but in this exciting new collection of these classics, it's clear that Roger Hodgson is not only the signature voice but also the spiritual force behind the songs that have become the soundtrack to our lives.

    01 Long Way Home - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    02 Give A Little Bit - Norwegian Wood, Norway
    03 Breakfast In America - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    04 Hide In Your Shell - Valencia, Venezuela
    05 Only Because Of You / Lord Is It Mine - Paris, France/Bibberach, Germany
    06 School (Orchestra) - Babelsberg, Germany
    07 The Logical Song - Belo Horizonte, Brazi
    08 Dreamer - Valencia, Venezuela
    09 Two Of Us - Bremen, Germany
    10 It’s Raining Again - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    The CD is available in a number of formats. Please visit Roger's website for all the options...

    John Helliwell did saxes for the Alan Brown set in the sixties and Simon Apple (River to the Sea '06). And in 2010 he'll join The Excalibur tour!.



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