Canadian producer, keyboards, piano percussion and vocals.

Together with Scottie Page (sax for a.i. The Momentary Lapse of Reason- album and tour) he joins him in a computer firm called 7th Level; games for kids. Gilmour did some guitar-work for background noises.

Session for:


Berlin of Lou Reed (71), Arranger, Drums, Producer, Mellotron, (again in '92 and again '08),

Alice Cooper ( School's out, Killer '71-'73 -'75, '78, '83, '93 and again in 2000),

Poco Crazy Eyes (1973) Piano, Arranger,

Kiss,('76, '78, '82, '92, '98)

The Babys,

Doctor John Hollywood Be Thy Name (1975) Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Engineer

Peter Gabriel ('77 & '02),

Steve Hunter ('77),

Trevor Rabin Trevor Rabin (1978) Vocals, Producer, and again in '89),


Pink Floyd (a.i. The Wall '78),

Nils Lofgren Nils (1979) Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals,

David Gilmour, ('84)

Berlin (hobby-band of Ezrin, with a really nice solo from Gilmour on Pink&Velvet),

Rod Stewart ('86),

Lee Aaron Call of the Wild (1986) Percussion, Keyboards

Liona Boyd, Persona (1988) Guitar Arrangements,

Bonham Disregard of Timekeeping (1989) Engineer, Orchestration, Mixing

Trevor Rabin ('89).


Catherine Wheel Adam & Eve (1997) Producer

Kula Shaker ('99),

Jayhawks (00)

Go Away White Bauhaus Producer (08)

Ikons Kiss Producer (08)

New Hallelujah Michael W. Smith Executive Producer (08)

Phlorescent Leech & Eddie/Flo & Eddie Flo & Eddie (08)

Hymns for Guitar Steve Hunter (08)

Karla DaVito Wake Em in Tokyo (08)

and he did some soundtracks... and more...




david gilmour




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