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Interview with
John Jowitt (2011).

Paul Menel the ex-singer of IQ, hits the road with John Jowitt.

Bass player John Jowitt has left IQ. read more here.


First in "arK" (married the girl of the leadsinger; Tony Short)(see more of "arK"
below, and later on playing with guys who joined Killing Joke, played in the backing band for Angie (ex- David Bowies wife) and then it became proggy with Jadis and IQ ('93).
He was member of Arena from '96 till '98.


Ark - The Dreams Of Mr. Jones (1988) (with Steve Harris form Iron Maiden)
Jadis - More Than Meets The Eye (1992)
IQ - Ever (1993)
Jadis - Once Upon A Time (ep) (1993)
Jadis - Across The Water (1994)
Arena - Pride (1996)
IQ - Forever Live (DVD box set) (1996)
IQ - Forever Live (1996)
IQ - Subterranea (1997)
Arena - Welcome To The Stage (1997)
Arena - The Cry (1997)
IQ - Seven Stories Into 98 (1998)
Arena - The Visitor (1998)
IQ - The Lost Attic - A Collection Of Rarities (1983-1999) (1999)
Dirtbox - Uneasy Listening (1999) (solo album, see below)
Martin Darvill & Friends Greatest Show on Earth (2000)
Jadis - Understand (2000)
IQ - Seventh House (2000)
IQ - Subterranea: The Concert (2000)
Jadis - Medium Rare (2001)
Jadis - Live Outside (2001)
Hound of Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman ('01).
John Young's live band (+ live cd '03)
IQ - Subterranea - The Concert DVD (2002)
Jadis - View From Above (DVD) (2003)
IQ - The Archive Collection - IQ20 (2003)
Jadis - Fanatic (2003)
John Young Band - Live At The Classic Rock Society 2003 (2003)
IQ - IQ20 - The Twentieth Anniversary Show (2004)
ProgAID ('05 you'll find a interview with Martin and John at that spot)
IQ - Live From London (2005)
IQ - Stage (2006)

IQ - Dark Matter (2004)
Jadis - Photoplay (2006)
Frost* - Milliontown (2006)
Blind Ego - Mirror (2007)(from Kalle Wallner of RWPL
Caamora - Walk On Water (ep) (2007)

neo Super Group Part called Neo:
Andy Edwards (IQ/Robert Plant),
John Jowitt (IQ/ Arena/ Jadis/ John Wetton Band),
Clive Nolan (Arena/ Pendragon/ Shadowland/ Nolan-Wakeman) and
Mark Westwood (Martin Orford Band and Johns roadie).

The band made its debut American appearance at the Rites of Spring Festival in Phoenixville PA on April 2006. As well as music by IQ, Arena and Clive Nolan’s solo career, the band was be joined by special guest Nick Barrett to perform material by Pendragon, Alan Reed of Pallas and Peter Banks to perform songs by Yes.

BPII ('10)



Made a solo-album called Dirtbox (1999).
Mark Westwood (best known as roadie for IQ and Arena)
Tracy Hitchings
Martin Orford (ex-IQ plays on one song keys.
The album is a mixture of prog, heavy metal, ska, techno, pop ballads, jazz, piano music and much more.


John was awarded as best bass player for the year 2005 by The Classic Rock Society, congratulations John!

He joined Kalle Wallner (guitarist of RPWL) in Blind Ego with John Mitchel ('08). He toured with Kalle too. He joined again on the second album called "Numb" ('09).


Jem Godfrey - Keys/Vox,
John Mitchell - Gtr/Vox,
John Jowitt - Bass/Vox,
Andy Edwards - Drum/Trumpet.

Frost* is a project form Jem Godfrey, the recording of an album called Milliontown.

Together with Mark and Andy Edwards they'll playing on Clive Nolan's new album later i n the year.

Experiments In Mass Appeal ('08).
The new album of Frost. Again a bit harder and more experimental.

Declan Burke - guitar, vocals (ex-Darwin Radio)
Andy Edwards - drums
Jem Godfrey - keys, vocals
John Jowitt - bass
John Mitchell - guitar

Dec Burke is added as lead guitarist and the band joins Dream Theater for a few dates in the States.
Dec Burk goes solo with "Destroy all Monsters". Dec was member of Darwins Radio, Mark Westwood (also in IQ) was there member too.
His solo album is more pop then Prog.

More news of FROST*:
Jem Godfrey posts - we're working on contribution to the ELP tribute CD...
I’m currently working on “Fanfare For The Common Man” as part of the ELP tribute CD that’ll be for sale shortly courtesy of “Classic Rock Presents… Prog” magazine. It sounds like everyone’s at it. Magenta have done a track as has Johnny Mitchell and many others by the sounds of it. A few people rolled their eyes at the thought of us doing “Fanfare” saying that it was a bit of a dull choice. On one hand I sort of agree, but then this is Frost*. It was never on the cards that I’d just ape the ELP version. So to that end, I’ve taken the liberty of chartering a boat and have set sail to the land of “Whaaaaaa!” with it. It’s should clock in at about 8 minutes and will hopefully take you on a taxi ride round the neighbourhood of the unhinged...

More news of FROST*:
For the upcoming live dates:
On the eve of the release of their double live CD featuring Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard) behind the drum kit, Frost*, the British neo progressive rock band led by Jem Godfrey, have announced Craig Blundell (David Cross, Congo Natty, King King, Dr oKtopUs) will be joining them as permanent occupant of the Frost* drum stool.

The new Frost* album is called The Philadelphia Experiment ('10).


Jem is also present @ Big Big Train ('09)(with Nick D'Virgilio and It Bites gitarist Francis Dunnery)

Blind Ego ('07) a project from the great guitarist of RPWL Kalle Wallner.
John is present at Kalle Wallners new solo album.
They, Jadis & RPWL, met at the Rosfest-festival 2 years ago. Last year there was another meting at the Eclipsed festival with Arena and RPWL. So indeed a small world.

ark arK:
Evolving from incarnations as Damascus and Kite, arK's first line-up proper formed around Tony Short, Pete Wheatley and Steve Harris in 1986. With Steve's brother Andy on bass, and Dave Robbins on drums, the band released a single, 'Communications' before Andy left and was replaced by John Jowitt.
John left the band in '90.
Paul Rodgers joined the band, but the band splitt up in '95.

arK in 2010:
As well as Jowitt, the band in 2010 features are original members Tony Short on vocals and flute, Pete Wheatley - lead guitar , Steve Harris - guitar synth , and new member Tim Churchman (formerly of Darwin’s Radio) on drums.


Mystery, Once among the Living ('10) (with David Benoit, who sings nowadays in Yes...


NEWS Jan 2010:
Former iQ vocalist Paul Menel has been working on a new solo album with amongst others John Jowitt (ex-Arena, ex-iQ) and John Mitchell (Arena, Frost* and pretty much every other band in the universe).
The full band line-up is as follows:
Paul Menel (songwriter/ vocals / 6 & 12 string guitars)
Ian Diment (co writer / keyboards)
John Mitchell (guitar)
John Jowitt (bass guitar)
Bill Devey (drums)
Mat Taylor (sax, flute)
Emma Skipp (backing vocals)
The band will embark on a short tour at the end of January. You can expect to hear songs from Paul’s new album, as well as material from his stint with iQ and a few more surprises.

Tour dates.
John Mitchell will not join the band on their tour, John Jowitt and guitarist Steve Haris (Ark) will hit the road with Paul.

Arena, John joined Arena again and wil be touring with them in November 2011.



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