A Brittish band ('64- '66), with Dave Gilmour. They attracted the attention of Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein but Epstein's interest might have had more to do with David's good looks than his musical talents.
Jokers Wild signed to Decca Records and recorded a cover of Sam And Dave's 'You Don't Know What I Know'. It's release was halted due to the release of the original by Sam And Dave.
They also recorded a 5-Track EP which featured the tracks: Don't ask me/ Manfred Mann, Beautiful Delilah/ Chuck Berry, Big Girls don't cry & Walk like a Man/ The Four Seasons, Why Do Fools Fall In Love and Don't Ask Me (What I Say). It's a expensive collectors-item.

David Atham,

David Gilmour,

John Gordon,

Clive Welham,

Toni Saintly,

Peter Gilmour,

Ricky Wills &

Willi Wilson.

David Gilmour found the original stereo mastertape from Joker’s Wild in his cellar. With this band he recorded 5 songs in 1965. There were 50 5 track albums and 50 2 track singles released. David won’t be giving them to put them on a new CD version but they are thinking about putting one or more tracks on an “Introspective” which will appear somewhere in the futur.



First they were called Junior's Eyes and after a few changes Quiver. The first group who played in the Rainbow Theatre.

Tim Renwick &

Carl Bachelor- guitar,

Pete Wood- keyboards,

Bruce Thomas- bass,

John Willi Wilson- drums.

Later they became the back-up band of the The Sutherland Brothers. On the first record played;

Dick Parry sax

and Fred Gilmour gets a word of thanks (?).

Hypnosis designed the cover of their second album ('72).




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