24-june-46 While he was as innovative as Jimmy Page, as tasteful as Eric Clapton and nearly as visionary as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck never achieved the same commercial success as any of his contemporaries, primarily because of the haphazard way he approached his career. The story goes d\that Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright anted him to ask Pink Floyd, as replacement for Syd Barrett. But they didn't dare to ask, so David Gilmour became a lucky person. But in '92 he finally played with Roger on his Amused to Death- album.

After Rod Stewart left the Jeff Beck Group in 1971, Beck never worked with a charismatic lead singer who could have helped sell his music to a wide audience. Furthermore, he was simply too idiosyncratic, moving from heavy metal to jazz-fusion within a blink of an eye. As his career progressed, he became more fascinated by automobiles than guitars, releasing only one album during the course of the '90s. All the while, Beck retained the respect of fellow guitarists, who found his reclusiveness all the more alluring.

A Short Review;

The Yardbirds, a group where Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and latet Jimmy Page held the lead-guitar. When the group fall apart; Led Zepplin and Renaisance were born:

'66 with;

Jeff Beck,

Keith Relf,

Chris Dreja,

P.S.Smith &

Jim Carty.

The Jeff Beck Group;

Rod Stewart,

Max Middleton (he played and play with for example Joe Cocker and Chris Rea),

Tony Hymas and more guys from the past.

Aftfer a car accident he reunited the Jeff Beck Group, with:

Cozy Powell on the drum-kit.

In '75 he played with jazz-rythms (B>Bow By Blow);

Max Middleton,

Richard Bailey- drums &

Philip Chen- bas.

Followed by Wired ('76).

He started an collaboration with Jan Hammer and Simon Phillips - a well known session drummer, played a few albums with Jeff..

In '89 there is The Guitar Shop with;

Terry Bozzio - known from Frank Zappa &

Tony Hymas.

10 years later;

Pino Palladino- bass,

Manu Katche - drums (Peter Gabriel),

Jan Hammer - keyboards.

Live he plays with the nice lady Jennifer Batten (she played also with Michael Jackson).

You had it comming ('01); is a new refreshing album, with Jennifer Batten.


Session for / with;

Donovan (’68),

GTO (Permanent Damage ’69),

Lord Sutch (Screaming Friends ’70),

Stevie Wonder (Talking Book ’72, he co-wrote Superstion on drums!),

Eddie Harris (’72),

Badger (White Lady ’74),

Stanley Clarke (Journey to love ’75,

School Days ’76, I wanna play for you ’79,

Time Exposure ‘84),

Upp (Upp ’75),

Narada Walden (‘75),

Donna Summer (’80),

Murray Head (Jokes & Voices ’80),

Cozy Powell (Tilt ’81),

Amnesty International (Secret Policeman’s Ball ’81),

Tina Turner (Private Dancer ’82),

Rod Stewart (for example; ’84 Camouflage, ’86 & ‘90),

Arms-concert (’83),

Phillip Bailey (Inside Out ’84),

Diana Ross (Swept Away ’84),

Box of Froggs (‘BOF ’84),

Mick Jagger (She’s the Boss ’84, Primitive Cool ‘87),

Buddy Guy (Damm right I got the Blues ’91),

Jon Bon Jovi (’90), Spinal Tap (’92),

Jed Leiber (’92),

The Big Townplayboys (’93),

Kate Bush, (The red Shoes ‘93),

Beverly Craven (Love Scenes ’93),

Paul Rodgers (‘93 Muddy Waters Blues) - David Gilmour plays a track too,

Stone Free (A Tribute to Jimmy Hendrix ’93),

Roger Waters (Amused to Death ‘94,),

Willie Lee (‘95),

Seal (‘95),

Spirit DiVino (’95),

Cozy Powell (’95),

Jan Hammer (’95), John McLaughin (’96),

Brian May (’97).



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