On an Island.
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David Gilmour.

Album. Release date: 6 March 2006

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www.davidgilmour.com 1. Castellorizon
2. island On an Island
3. The Blue
4. smile Take a Breath
5. red sky Red Sky At Night.
6. heaven This Heaven.
7. Then I Close My Eyes
8. smile Smile
9. A Pocketful of Stones
10. Where We Start

Album credits (according the booklet)


David - guitar

according to me:
vocals ("take me" is whispered by a female, Polly?)
more vocals,
sax &
more weiry sounds; church bells, horns of boats, fireworks, thunder...

On An Island

David - vocals, guitars, electric piano, percussion
David Crosby - vocals
Graham Nash - vocals
Richard Wright - Hammond organ
Rado Klose - guitar
Guy Pratt - bass
Andy Newmark - drums

The Blue

David - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, piano
Richard Wright - vocals
Andy Newmark - drums
Jools Holland - piano
Chris Stainton - Hammond organ
Rado Klose - guitar
Polly Samson - piano

Take A Breath

David - vocals, guitars
Guy Pratt - bass
Ged Lynch - drums
Phil Manzanera - keyboard
Leszek Mozdzer - piano
Caroline Dale - cello

Red Sky At Night

David - guitars, saxophone
Caroline Dale - cello
Chris Laurence - double bass
Ilan Eshkeri - programming

This Heaven

David - guitars, vocals, bass
Georgie Fame - Hammond organ
Phil Manzanera - keyboards
Andy Newmark - drums
Drum samples courtesy of Adam Topol and Jack Johnson (see

Then I Close My Eyes

David - guitars, bass harmonica, cumbus
B J Cole - Weissenborn guitar
Phil Manzanera - piano
Robert Wyatt - cornet, voice, percussion
Andy Newmark - percussion
Caroline Dale - cello
Alasdair Malloy - glass harmonica

www.davidgilmour.com (Gilmour/Samson)

David - guitars, vocals, percussion, Hammond organ, bass
Willie Wilson - drums
Polly Samson - vocals

A Pocketful Of Stones

David - guitars, vocals, Hammond organ, piano, bass, percussion
Leszek Mozdzer - piano
Lucy Wakeford - harp
Alasdair Malloy - glass harmonica
Chris Laurence - double bass
Chris Thomas - keyboard
Ilan Eshkeri - programming

Where We Start

David - guitars, vocals, bass, percussion, Hammond organ
Andy Newmark - drums

Orchestral arrangements:
Conducted by Robert Ziegler
Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios by Simon Rhodes
Orchestral Leader David Juritz
Strings contracted by Hilary Skewes, Buick Production Ltd

Produced by David Gilmour, Phil Manzanera and Chris Thomas

Recorded by Andy Jackson and David Gilmour
Assisted by Damon Iddins, Devin Workman and Jamie Johnson Technical support by Phil Taylor

Recorded at Astoria, Abbey Road, British Grove, Gallery Studio and at home


Drum samples courtesy of Adam Topol and Jack Johnson: See www.adamtopol.com; reggae!



On an Island.
a review.

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