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Interview with Göran Edman.


An interview with Göran Edman from Karmakanic and thousand other bands by Raymond Kruien from the lovely South of the Netherlands too.


What does bands/artists like Madison, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Street Talk, Kharma & Karmakanic have in common ?
Their singer listens to the name Goran Edman.
With his phenomenal voice, he easily sings Westcoast, Progressive rock 'till Hardrock. Mostly Pink had the chance to talk with this "chameleon" in rock, about Karmakanic and more.




Ray:  In 2002 Karmakanic received the price for best newcomer in the progressive rock scene.

Gave this the band also a kind of pressure?


Göran: I have not suffered from that pressure myself but I can imagine that for Jonas who is responsible for the writing and composing this acknowledgement must be both a source of inspiration as well as a pressure or challenge depending how you look at it.

I can sense it perhaps in an indirect way when the demands from Jonas are rising from album to album.



Ray:  In the music you can hear the influences of bands like King Crimson, Dream Theater and Yes.

Do you agree with that?


Göran: Dream Theater ?  I doubt it,  but since there are so many fusion players in the band that influence  is always present in the instrumental parts.

King Crimson and  Yes …Yes.


Ray:  What was the reason behind the release ‘The power of two’, the live registration together with ‘Agents of Mercy’?


Göran: Since the musicians in both acts are more or less the same, except the lead-singers it seemed quite convenient  to integrate both acts into one, and practical to. Backing up for each other with vocal harmonies since there where so many lead singers involved was a big benefit for both. One big family.



Ray:  When you’re not familiar with the band’s music and you listen to songs like ‘Alex in paradise’ & ‘Do u tango’ the listener could think listening to two different bands.

Agree with that?


Göran: I think you can allow yourself that wide spectra of variation as a progressive band . The music has to be a little unpredictable to attract the listener. Alex is in general a song for vocals and Do you tango is an instrumental song where more complexity is expected from the composition and the musicians .  It makes sense to me.  



Ray:  What can we expect of Karmakanic in the near future?


Göran: A more organic band built on conformity , a fine musical ensemble.




Ray:  As singer you’re a real chameleon. It seems like you’re singing different styles very easily from west coast, aor to progrock and even classic hard rock.

Is that also your ultimate challenge as a singer?


Göran: No I’m tuning myself or calibrating myself to find the real essence of my voice, going through different phases . Hopefully one day I will find what I’m looking for.




Ray:  Your discography is very impressive.

But isn’t there a missing part…a Göran Edman solo album ?


Göran: I am working on that  as a part of the calibrating J

There is a plan but it is many steps on that ladder and to early to speak about it.




Ray:  Which moment in your career as artist, you treasure the most?


Göran: Well of course the first album with Yngwie was an exiting trip and that collaboration has meant a lot for me being more recognized as a singer then before.



Ray:  Is it possible to name the song (with you on vocals) which makes you proud ?


Göran: No that song still remains to be written and performed.

Back on the Streets  though is the song that probably had the most impact on my career.



Ray:  Can you give your first thought about:


-Madison  The first kiss                                           

-Kharma     Big pomp production                           

-Y.Malmsteen  Big time                                           

-Xsavier  Too much of everything

-Crossfade  Soft and slick

-Mariela Dobreva   Nostalgia        

-Karmakanic     Home in a way           


Thanks for your time and for the interview.


Karmakanic March 2010 in Ittervoort NL

Live pictures by Jaak Geebelen.

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