Born in 1958 (just like Fish). This drummer, husband and father of three children commited suicide on Saturday 17 Juli 1999 in Baydon, England (the place where he lived). A tour with Howard Jones in the U.S. was planned.

Session for/ with:

Dave Gregory (ex-XTC),
Midge Ure,
Robert Wyatt,
The Waterboys,
Anthony Thistlethwaite (ex-Waterboy),
Simple Minds,
Fish: between 1991 & 1994, Internal Exile Tour & Toile Tour (he co-wrote some songs for those albums), albums ‘Songs From The Mirror’ & ‘Suits’, Sushi & Uncle Fish & The Crypt Creepers = For Whom The Bells Toll.
Robin Boult,
The Proclaimers, ('94)
Bonnie Riatt,
Howard Jones,
China Crises,
Robert Fripp,
Fairground Attraction,
and many more.

After his death they made a ceedee with a selections of his work: Green Indians.

Please take a look at his site http://www.kevinwilkinson.com/.





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