17 june '44. On of the most brittish versatile session guitarist in the 70 & 80-ies. But in the new millenium he is back on tour with his own band.
Battered Ornament is one of his bands in the 70-ies, with Pete Bown (also someone from the Harvest-label), Shark is another.
Other solo-efforts are: Hurt ('77) & Guitar Grafitti ('77).
Begin 2001 he goes on a small european tour, he did a gig in Verviers (Belgium) for example. Maybe that was an try-out for the tour what he did with Roxy Music (and agian they'll visit Belgium at Werchter, a great rock-event).

Session for:

Pete Brown,

Jack Bruce ('69, '71),

Elton John ('71),

Family Dog,

Leslie Duncan ('71, '72, 75, '77),


Dusty Springfield,

Jesus Christ Superstar,

John Cale ('75, '94, '96),


Jim Capaldie,

Jack Lancaster (Peter & the Wolf; '75),

Roy Harper (for example live in '75 and on H.Q. also in '75),

Michael Manter,

Sex Pistols (the (false) rumour goes that he played the guitar solo on Anarchy in the U.K.! (probably he did the demo)),

Brian Ferry (f.e. '77),

Ginger Baker ('77),

Jeff Wayne ('78),

Nick Mason (Fictive Sports '78).

Mike Batt (f.e. '79, '80, '95),

Robert Gordon,

Joan Armatrading (Me myself & I; '80),

Paul McCartney ('84),

Tom Waits ('85),

Laurie Anderson ('89),

Moody Blues ('94),

Willi DeVille ('95),

Marianne Faithfull ('98),

Roxy Music- live in 2001.


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