Sigur Ros

"We are not a band, we are music, we do not intend to become superstars we are simply ghonna change music forever."

Sigur rós were formed by Jónsi, Georg and the former drummer Agúst in 1994. They were later joined by Kjartan and when Agúst left the band after the recording of ágætis byrjun in order to pursue a career in graphic design, he was replaced by Orri. Sigur Rós hail from Iceland, and rightly claim to bring you the beautiful landscape of their homeland with their music. It's impossible to justify it with words, you have to listen to it to understand, atmospheric landscapes of sound (?). All album songs are untitled, booklet is all blank, the music will speak for itself.

The band consists of:

Jón þor (jónsi) Birgisson (vocals, guitars),
Kjartan (kjarri) Sveinsson (keyboards),
Orri Páll Dýrason (drums) and
Georg (goggi) Holm (bass).


von 1997

von brigði (recycle bin)(a remix album) 1998

sigur ágætis byrjun 1999

( ) 2002... what a nice booklet.

Jón þór Birgisson - voice, guitar, keyboards
Kjartan Sveinsson - keyboards, guitar
Georg Hólm - bass, keyboards, glockenspiel
Orri Páll Dýrason - drums, keyboards

maría huld markan - violin
edda rún ólafsdóttir - violin
ólöf júlía kjartansdóttir - viola
sólrún sumarliðadóttir - cello

"we didn't want to put titles on the record just because there are supposed to be titles on the record. besides, when i refer songs to my friends i always say "check out track 5", or whatever." (kjartan)

"i think it's nice to have no titles on the record, it's just the music. but it will be interesting to see how it goes, it's probably going to be difficult for the radio people. nothing to hold on to, just music." (jónsi)

"the production on ( ) is a lot less polished than on ágætis byrjun. the sound is much more bare and alive and there are far fewer little slick things and much less sweet stuff. i think playing the songs a lot at concerts and then recording them hasn't been a very thrilling experience for us. next time we'll record the songs as we make them. try to keep them fresh for us." (jónsi)

"the booklet in ( ) is empty so people can write down or draw their interpretations of it. it's a kind of "human experience". everyone has their own opinions and when people buy the album it's kind of unfinished so people have to finish it themselves. it's not the singer telling stories, it's sort of a soundtrack for each person's life. so they can write lyrics for their own lives." (jónsi)

Taktak ('05)
There is a special edition of this album, with again splendid art work.

Check out the downloads page and listen to some tracks.


Mostly Autumn played some of their song before their gigs ('02-'03).



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