Born in '60, Buenos Aires Argentina. He plays guitar.

A great session player:

World Party ('86, '92)
Level 42: Staring At The Sun ('88),
Mark Hollis: Mark Hollis ('88),
Julia Fordham (Porcelain '89),
King Swamp ('89 & '90),
Phil Collins (But Seriously '89)[Tracks: Hang In Long Enough | Something | Happened On The Way To Heaven | Colours | Another Day In Paradise | All Of My Life],
The Pretenders, (Packed '90),
Mike Lindup: Changes ('90)(ex-Level42),
Paul Young, (Other Voices '90, with David Gilmour),
Vinnie Colaiuto ('94),
Sting ('91, 95, '99 and live '00 & ...all this time recorded live 09 Sept. 2001), Sacred Love 2003,
Manu Katche ('96, the drummer of Peter Gabriel and he did some work on the TomTom for Sting),
Michael Kamen ('96),
Richard Wright ('97, with Manu Katché),
Jimmy Nail ('96),
Beverly Craven (Mixed Emotions '99),
Yousou D'Nour ('00, a protege from Peter Gabriel).
Christi Botti ('01 & When I Fall in Love '04, with; Chris Laurence, Greg Phillinganes, Paula Cole, Paulinho Da Costa, Vinnie Colaiuta & Sting ),
Carole Rowley (The River with Caroline Dale- cello),
Khadja Nin,
Princes Erika,
Jason Carter and Ragatal featuring Hossam Ramzy: Elements (2001),
Marc Lavoine: Marc Lavoine (2001),
Ronan Keating: Ronan (2001),
Gabin Dabiré: Tieru (2002),
Regy Clasen: So Nah (2002) (Track: Ergib Dich),
Various Artists: Love's Magic - An Eversound Song Collection (2002),
Lesley Garrett: The Singer (2003) (Track: Fields of Gold),
Trijntje Oosterhuis: Oosterhuis (2003)(a great Dutch singer),
Connor Reeves Earthbound [2004] [Tracks: Earthbound, Working Man],
William Topley Sea Fever [2005] [Track: Berber Gold],
Gregg Kofi Brown Together As One [2005] [Tracks: Lullaby To An Anxious Child, Tender Eyes],
Kaori Muraji Transformations [2005].


He went on tour with his friends; the Tweeters with:

Pino Palladino, &
Manu Katche.

They did some touring. If you look at the links you'll find out that they play often for the same people.



Dominic has released several solo albums (gerne: cross-over jazz): 1995's First Touch, 1999's Second Nature, 2002's:

Miles Bould - Percussion,
Manu Katche - Drums,
Mike Lindup - Keyboards (ex-Level42 and was at the same school as Dominique and Nigel Kenedy),
Pino Palladino - Bass,
Gus Isidore - Guitar,
Dave Heath - Flute,
Adam Glasser - Harmonica,
Yovo - Percussion,
Laurent Lozaic - Mixing,
Frederic Marin - Mastering,
Dominic Miller - Guitars & Producer.

New Dawn (with Neil Stacey) and 2004's Third World.

Shapes, an album of new interpretations of popular classics by composers including Bach, Beethoven, Elgar and Albinoni. Shapes was released internationally in March 2004.

Jason Rebello - Piano,
Sting - Vocals,
Moya Brennan - Vocals,
Plácido Domingo - Vocals,
Alejandro Lerner - Vocals,
Miles Bould - Percussion,
James Banbury - Cello, Keyboards, Programming,
Richard Cottle - Keyboards, Programming,
Chris Botti - Trumpet,
Rufus Miller - Guitar,
Pino Palladino - Bass,
Nick Patrick - Percussion, Arranger, Producer, Mixing, Project Coordinator,
Nick Ingman - Arranger, Conductor,
Andy Jackson - Mastering,
Jim Reid - Project Coordinator, A&R,
Gavyn Wright - Leader.


Dominique Miller's Site.


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