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Pim Koopman 1953 - 2009.
Pim, one of the founders of Kayak, died this monday (23-11-09).
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Dutch band that had some progressive tendencies. They seemed to be more at home in short pop song format than more complex work. They started in '72 and in '73 the first elpee came out called; See the Sun.
Founders were Pim Koopman (drums, piano, guitar) & Ton Scherpenzeel (bas, keyboards), who played in some bands before.
Royal Bed launcher ('75) is they third album. In '78 Starlight Dancer let us hear a mix of Genesis, Saga and Camel. The band changed a few times, the main-factors are;

Ton Scherpenzeel - keyboards and backing vocals,
Max Werner - in the beginning vocals and mellotron later behind the drumkit, he also made a solo-album with the single Rain in May (a Phil Collins immitation),
Edward Reekers - took over the vocals ('79),
Irene Linders (wife of Ton) &
Katherine Lapthorn are the new sparkles in '80.

Periscope Life is the next project followed up by their most symphonic album Merlin.
After a few years of silence there's a new nice album caled; Close to the Fire (2000):

Ton Scherpenzeel- keyboards, lyrics, b-vox,
Max Werner - lead-vox and percussion,
Pim Koopman - drums and b-vox,
Rob Winter - guitars and b-vox,
Bert Veldkamp - bass, with

Andru Latimer - guitar (Camel),
Syd vd Ploeg - vox,
Sytse Boersma- b-vox,
Peter vd Ploeg - acoustic guitar,
Annette Visser - flute,
Femmes Vattaal - percussion,
Lorre Trytten - violin,
Arthur vd Poll - vocals,
Holger Schwedt - percussion.


Night Vision ('01)
Three ceedees in a period of two years after a absent of 18 years. Unfortunately Max Werner wasn't able to finish the live album Chance for a Livetime and this new album Night Vision. Ton and Pim managed to write 14 new songs:

Ton Scherpenzeel,
Pim Koopman,
Bert Heerink - vocals (ex Vandenberg),
Robert Vunderink - b-vocals,
Rob Winter - guitar.

Is Kayak a prog., rock, pop or blues band? Is the question you could ask after hearing this album.


Pictures by Arno Yperlaar
www.nieuwenor.nl Sept 2008.

Cees van Leeuwen, who played bass on Kayak's first two albums in the first half of the seventies, and subsequently started a career in law, has returned to the fold, sort of, by becoming under secretary of culture and media in the new Dutch government, which was installed in july 2002.


They're currently looking for a female guest singer to fulfill the role of Morgan LeFay during the performance of the rock opera Merlin on their Dutch theatre tour in 2003. What would they think of Michelle Young? No they didn't:
Merlin - Bard of the unseen ('03):

Ton Scherpenzeel- keyboards, lyrics, b-vox,
Pim Koopman - drums and b-vox,
Bert Heerink - lead vocals and b-vox, Rob Vunderink - lead vocals, guitars and b-vox,
Bert Veldkamp - bass,
Joost Vergoossen - guitars (played with Ilse DeLange),
Cindy Oudshoorn - lead & b-vox,
The New Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Gerbrand Westveen,
Concept and words by Irene Linders & Ton Scherpenzeel.

See them live!

Nostradamus ('05) is a new project of this band:

Ton Scherpenzeel
Pim Koopman
Bert Heerink
Rob Vunderink
Joost Vergoossen (ex-Ilse de Lange Band and now his own band; Heat)
Edward Reekers
Monique van de Ster
Cindy Oudshoorn
Jan van Olffen (Robert Long, Twarres and more).

KAYAKoustic Live 2007 is their latest album.


Coming up for Air ('08).
15 songs vary from bombastic symfo to smooth ballads. One of their best releases in the last years. Impressive vocals by Cindy Oudshoorn & Edward Reekers framed by saoring guitar work and keyboard collages. “Alienation”, "Man in the Cocoon" and “Coming up for air” are for me the best three songs of this album. What has that typical Kayak feel of the older stuff like Periscope life. Some lyrics are really funny / cynical and a trademark of this Dutch band. For me they could have deleted a few softer songs, with 15 songs it became a bit too long.
Think the album will work out well on stage, so please go and watch them live in the Dutch theatres.

Ton Scherpenzeel - keybaords, vocals
Pim Koopman - drums, vocals, keybaords, guitars
Joost Vergoossen - guitars
Edward Reekers - lead vocals
Monique van de Ster
Cindy Oudshoorn - lead vocals
Jan van Olffen - bass

Judith Groen - cello.


Tourdates; please have a look at this page.

De band is live a must see for all the symfo lovers in the world. 35 years of experience and with the Cindy on baord it becomes a sprankling live show. Really great musicians who are able to communicate with the ausience, make jokes and deliver and great evening out.
Please go and see them.

The show in Paradiso was filmed and is out as dvd!

New album Letters from Utopia wil appaers in Autumn 2009 together with a new tour.


Pictures by Arno Yperlaar
www.nieuwenor.nl Sept 2008.



Ton Scherpenzeel joined Europe (not The Europe) and Camel in the 80-ies and became a good friend of Andy Latimer.
Became involved with the comedian Youp van 't Hek, sessions for Liesbeth List & Circus Custers and produced albums from Earth & Fire (he joined them for a while), Harry Sacksioni, Maywood & Flairck. Wrote a lot for Kinderen voor Kinderen, Jeugdtheater Hofplein, Opus One & the musical Kruimeltje.

XII Alfonso ('12).

Solo with:

Le Carnaval Des Animaux (1978)
Heart Of The Universe (1984)
Virgin Grounds / Orion (1991)

Pim Koopman left Kayak in 1970. He composed music for the movies; Dokter Vlimmen (1978) &Kort Amerikaans (1979). Togetehr with Rob Vunderink he started the rock band Diesel, "Suasalito Summernight" became a big hit in the U.S.. Pim left Diesel and reunited3 times with them. He produceded albums from Robby Valentine, Valensia & Petra Berger.
Just before the new century Kayak was refounded and Pim joined again. Kayak decided to stop and wanted to end with a tour, sadly Pim died during that tour, 23 November 2009. He'll be missed.
On that day Frank Papendrecht (bass in Diesel) had his funeral....

Max Werner
Played mellotron and sung on the first 5 albums of Kayak, then switched to drums. After the reunion of Kayak 1999, Max got health problems and quited the band.
Max made 4 solo albums and scored a hit with "Rain in May ('81), a song based on a heavy drum sound, like "In the Air Tonight" from that other singing drummer.

Ekseption ('81- '84),
Land Of Tá van Nadieh.

Joost Vergoossen.
Member of Kayak since 2003.
Other session work:

Het Goede Doel ('06)
Het Noord Nederlands Orkest
Henk Westbroek
Ilse de Lange, Desree, Treble, Laura Vlasblom, Esther Hart, Petra Berger, Bobby Kimball, Rob Crosby, Jan Akkerman, Syb v/d Ploeg, Bert Heerink, Opus One, Wibi Soerjadi, Koninklijke Luchtmachtkapel and others!
His first solo album is called; Hit Home ('01).
In 2009 he released his second one A Fool's Journey.



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