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IO Earth interview
with Adam and Dave.


"Mostly Pink went down to IO Earth and got wiser about the two leading forces of this unique and new proggy band with classical booming exceptions."

1. What are the five things you canít live without?
Adam Gough:
1. First, my headphones! Can't get through the day without being able to immerse myself in whatever music I choose.
2. Writing and performing music. The only time I feel I am truly expressing myself is when I'm immersed in creating or performing our music.
3. My piano. It's where I find my inspiration for many of our songs and it's the only way to really unwind after a long day.
4. My massive TV. Apart from music, one of my other passions in life is film and the only way to enjoy them is on a huge TV!
5. And my family, who support me in everything I do.

Dave Cureton:
1. My Guitar
2. My Laptop
3. My Phone
4. Wendy Vissers-Hagenbeek (IOEARTHs Secret Weapon)
5. Miguel Seco (IOEARTH Producer)

2. Your 5 favourite albums all time?

Adam Gough:
It changes every time anyone asks, but, in no particular order:
Pink Floyd - "The Dark Side Of The Moon"
Steve Vai - "Fire Garden"
Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Frank Zappa - "Broadway The Hard Way"
Manic Street Preachers - "The Holy Bible"

Dave Cureton:
I couldn't possibly say as my tastes, change daily. But albums I enjoy the most are:
Steve Vai, Passion ad Warfare
Frank Zappa, Hot Rats
Guns n Roses, Appetite for Destruction
Nirvana, Nevemind
Joe Satriani, Flying In A blue Dream

3. Whatís your favourite motto or the advice you live by?

Adam Gough:
"Always look on the bright side of life!"

Dave Cureton:
"Stay Positive"

4. Do you regret something in your life?

Adam Gough:
No regrets. Always strive to make the right decisions. Then, no matter what the outcome, there is nothing to regret.

Dave Cureton:
No, Regrets.

5. Why do we need to see IO Earth live, what is the difficult thing in bringing your tunes to a live audience?

Adam Gough:
The album versions of our songs are very dense and intricate. When we perform live, we strip a lot out and leave the very heart of the songs. They are raw, intense and emotional. Though the emotions and enerry remain the same, IOEarth "live" is a totally different animal to IOEarth on CD.

Dave Cureton:
IOEarth is full high energy live, and is also fun for the audience. Making the transition from studio to live was quite simple as we have the best musicians that any composer could dream of.

Assorted earthy things ....

1. What has been the biggest moment of your career thus far?

Adam Gough:
So many great gigs. The reactions from some of the large crowds that have come out to see us is brilliant and humbling. But the biggest moment has to be that personal moment of opening the first box of our first CD's when they arrived at my house. Holding the CD in my hand, finally finished, was a great feeling.

Dave Cureton:
Winning the Classic Rock Presents Prog Readers Poll for best new/unsigned band 2010. To get such recognition for our hard work really made it all worth while.


2. For people who never heard of you, how would you describe the tunes IO Earth makes?

Adam Gough:
While IOEarth is like nothing else you've heard, our music brings together lots of sounds and styles you already know and love. We like mixing styles that don't usually go together, so it's recognizable at first, but then surprises you as you listen more.

Dave Cureton:
An Eclectic Blend Of Sound & Emotion, Genre defying.

3. Who will be joining you on stage?

Adam Gough:
IOEarth - the band ... Dave and I are so lucky to have found musicians that not only love our music but just "get it" as well!

Dave Cureton:
You'll have to wait and see..

4. What is the biggest passion in your life and why?

Adam Gough:
Music. The music I write defines who I am. For me, it's as much about self-discovery as self-expression.

adaM Dave Cureton:
Music Music Music. Because music really free's my mind from the daily routine.

5. What did you do the last weeks and this morning and why?

Adam Gough:
Recently, I've been very busy at my job in the "rat race" ... but we have to make money so we can record the new album! And this morning, I wrote a new melody that will probably end up on the album AFTER this one :)

Dave Cureton:
I was in Holland visiting my friend Wendy, and have been rehearsing for upcoming IOEarth Shows. Today I've been writing music.

Thx boys CU in Zoetermeer at the IO Pages Festival.




Up comming gigs:

Sat, March 19 The Peel, Kingston upon Thames London.

Sat, April 16 De Boerderij Zoetermeer IO-Pages Festival Netherlands.

Friday 15 april: Dilemma, Yogi Lang & Band & Pallas
Saturday 16 april: Knight Area, IOEarth, Credo & Iona
Sunday 17 april: Engineers, North Atlantic Oscillation, No Sound, Memories Of Machines feat. Tim Bownes & Steve Bingman ( No Man ) & Giancarlo Erra (No Sound)!

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