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Band formed in '85, and still on the road.

YEAR ZERO (2002) is their latest album (nice cover) and more important nice reviews. Compared with Marillion, Yes, VDGG and Porcupine Tree!

"Looming cathedral organs, Floydian guitar sunsets and high octane rockin', it's all here. A must."
TIM JONES, Record Collector magazine

zero ROY KEYWORTH: Electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar on Democracy, noisy effects and Ding Dong.
STUART NICHOLSON: Most of the main singing, lots of background singing, ethereal choiry stuff, all the words and a teeny weenie amount of keyboard mayhem.
SPENCER LUCKMAN: Drums and all manner of strange percussive interludes.
DEAN BAKER: An old but perfectly formed Fender Rhodes Piano, Steam Driven Mellotron, reasonably stable Mini Moog, Taurus bass pedals, assorted modern digital synthesizers and rack mounted trickery, sampling, programming, wedding and 'glamor' photography (e-mail for prices)……we jest not!!!
NEIL PEPPER: Bass guitar and Lord Lucan impersonation.

Cantori featuring:
Jonathan Prentice - Baritone voices
Lorraine Rowan - Soprano voices
Nicki Clewlow - Alto voices
John Wetton - Vocals and back up vocals
Sarah Quilter - Flute, saxophone, clarinet and vocals
Rob Booth - Trumpet
Sabino Andreotti, Wai Lim Kai, Yun Hwa Son - various atmospheric voices

Empires Never Last ('07)

In November 2005 they've found a new bass player:

ROY KEYWORTH: Guitar, Mellotron and backing vocals.
STUART NICHOLSON: Main voice, backing vocals, ranting, shouting, screaming and chimes.
SPENCER LUCKMAN: Drums and percussion.
DEAN BAKER: Synthesizers, Piano, Mellotron, sequencers, sound effects, odd noises and backing vocals.
LEE ABRAHAM: Bass guitar, tubular bell samples & backing vocals.

And introducing some very special guests:
Tina Groom - vocals
Sarah Quilter - vocals
Tina Booth - vocals (Magenta)
Karl Groom - Acoustic Guitar on 'African Twin' and guitar solo on 'Sidewinder'
Clive Nolan - Fake Dulcimer

Resonance ~ Live In Poland.
Tracklist: Intro: Montagues And Capulets (Prokofiev), I Could Be God , Year Zero [Parts 1 to 4] - I) Yearzeroverture, II) Belt Up, III) Ever the Optimist, IV) The Charlotte Suite, Bug Eye, Sidewinder, Sleepers, Empires Never Last, Termination, This Life Could Be My Last... Recorded on the same night as the Pendragon DVD.

Read a great review at DPRP.


Galahad are proud to announce the release of a double live album Sleepless in Phoenixville – RoSfest Live (GHCD10) which was recorded at ROSfest 2007.

The album is a double CD that has not been edited at all, you literally get the whole concert including all the inter song waffle!! It is as it was, i.e. no editing, reparation or auto tune!!! Consequently, it hopefully captures the spirit and momentum of a triumphant debut Galahad concert in the USA.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the audience who made us feel so welcome over the duration of this wonderful festival of progressive music.

The track listing is;

I Could Be God
Year Zero (parts 1 to 4)
Bug Eye
Lady Messiah
Exorcising Demons
Empires Never Last
This Life Could Be My Last

RoSfest Live 2007
OSKAR 1046CD – 2009

live07 They always stood in the shadow of neo-prog acts like Pendragon, Arena, I.Q, and Marillion. But in 2007 the awesome ‘Empires Never Last’ finally put them on the map of neo-prog exponents. Before this release they played a great show at RoSfest-Pennsylvania.
This complete show is captured on two discs, and both contain Galahad classics plus tracks from the forthcoming album. Songs from ‘Empires…’ are sometimes played in arrangements which are a bit different from the studio versions. But who cares? It shows a band in great motion.
There is no doubt that Galahad’s a great live-band, and knows how to give a superb show. They play their songs with passion and dedication. The only comment on this album is the lack of the recording quality. It all sounds a bit lash and thin, and there’s no organic live feeling or human steam. Like if they are playing at old granny’s attic instead of the legendary Colonial Theater in Phoenixville. This could be a lack of experience, because the band recorded and mixed the album it self. But because of that it wouldn’t be fair to judge the album inferior. ‘Sleepless In Phoenixville’ is a nice live document, and a worthy introduction from a band that’s been ignored too often.

Michel Scheijen


News july 2009::
Dear all,
We would like to inform you that with immediate effect Lee Abraham is no longer the Bass Guitarist in Galahad.
We would like to wish Lee all the best with his future projects.
More news regarding a permanent replacement in due course.


Battle Scars - CD album ('12).
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Karl Groom (Threshold) at Thin Ice studios. ‘Battle Scars’, Galahad’s seventh studio album, shows the band evolving from their well received and critically acclaimed 2007 album ‘Empires Never Last’. ‘Battle Scars’ is the first of two new studio albums from Galahad scheduled for release this year.
‘Battle Scars’ contains a myriad of styles from rock and prog through to techno, ambient and dance sounds via classical arrangements. Throughout, the production is modern and pristine, incorporating powerful, direct guitar riffs, lush keyboard arrangements and occasional quieter passages of subtle beauty, melding together to create an often massively epic sound.

They have a lot festivals on their road, like this one:
1 Sept - Progmotion Festival, De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands with Minor Giant and Wolverine.
More tour dates.


Solo Session:

Stu is in ProgAid ('05).
A interview you'll find here!

Lee, a multi-instrumentalist, particiated in a other Tsunami project and made a few solo albums, View from the Bridge ('05), with:

Martin Orford from IQ (also featured in the Tsunami Projekt CD),
Karl Groom from Threshold,
Sarah Bolter from Galahad and
Barry Thompson (the Tsunami Projekt CD Directo).

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