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MARK COLTON interview Feb 2011.


"Mostly Pink had some rhetorical questions with Mark Colton from Credo
who will deliver a new album soon!"

The 5 All time Questions?


1. What are the five things you can’t live without?


Credo, Manchester United, My wonderful Wife and Children – that’s five lol

2. Your 5 favourite albums all time?


Clutching At Straws – Marillion

The Gully Flat Boys – Francis Dunnery

Live & Dangerous – Thin Lizzy

Credo – Against Reason (Can I say that???)

The Essential Bruce Springsteen – er Bruce Springsteen

The Sentinel – Pallas (in case CREDO is not allowed!!!)

3. What’s your favourite motto or the advice you live by?


You have nothing to fear – except fear itself

4. Do you regret something in your life?


Not now, lol, maybe at the time, but after you get past it you survive, and it makes you stronger.  I guess I should regret taking the prescription drugs that caused my illness and subsequent major surgery that took 6 or 7 years out of my life, but it’s made me the person I am, and made me strong

5. Why do we need to see Credo live?


Apparently we are very good!  I love playing live, and its the arena to hear music, if you like to Credo songs, come and see us live, and come and say hello before or after the show!

Assorted ramblings....

What has been the biggest moment of your career thus far?


RoSFEST, If you check out Too Late on youtube, the bit at the end of the song, the audience response made all the years of doing this worthwhile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aQkrBeVmn8

2. "Against Reason" will be the new album, why is it become so special?
Does it have a meaning?


Well it’s all about  being nearly half a century old and reflecting on life, what we have done to our planet, to our friends, to our loves and what the world is like we now live in and leave for our children

3. For people who never heard of you, how would you describe the tunes Credo makes?


I guess because of the age of the people in Credo we have grown up listening to all the great rock and prog bands and that there is something in there for everybody, I guess the sound is Neo Prog, but that is limiting really, there is lots of emotion, feeling and tunes, we love tunes and melodies, proper songs, songs you can hum, but songs that deliver something new every time you play them!

4. What is the biggest passion in your life and why?


My family , my band and music

5. What did you do the last weeks and this morning?


Last week I was working 200 miles from home and staying in a hotel, it’s like being on tour with the band, but without the fun!

6. Are you looking out to the IO Festival, are there bands that perform there you defenitely want to see?


Absolutely, be good to see all the bands, especially looking forward to Pallas, be nice to meet up with Yogi Lang again, Iona are great, so that should be good and I love Knight Area – Nick, please introduce me to them!!!



Mark, yes they’re a wonderful band too and a nice band to catch up with.

Thx for taking time … CU soon!?

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands,

January 2010.





Live Pics by:
Tim Ellis.

Saturday 9 April 2011: The Wesley Centre, Maltby, Rotherham.

This is the album launch gig for 'Against Reason' hosted by the brilliant Classic Rock Society. It is always a pleasure to play here but this one means a lot to us and we have a very special setlist planned for the evening. You can buy tickets here. More info to follow...
Saturday 16 April 2011 De Boerderij, Amerikaweg 145, 2717 AV Zoetermeer.
Our last visit to De Boererij was in 2009 but this is our first appearance at the excellent 3-day IOPages Prog Festival. What better excuse do you need to experience a springtime weekend in the wonderful Netherlands? Tickets on sale here (in Dutch).
IO Festival 2011
Friday 15 april: Dilemma, Yogi Lang & Band & Pallas
Saturday 16 april: Knight Area, IOEarth, Credo & Iona
Sunday 17 april: Engineers, North Atlantic Oscillation, No Sound, Memories Of Machines feat. Tim Bownes & Steve Bingman ( No Man ) & Giancarlo Erra (No Sound) + more beautiful people and announced soon!

Saturday 23 April 2011 The Peel, Kingston Upon Thames.
Our southern launch party for 'Against Reason' at the ever-popular House of Progression, especially for those of you who couldn't travel north to Rotherham due to the snow :-)
19th May at the Electric Garden Festival in Blackpool.

North West UK Progressive Rock music festival in 2011. The first progressive rock music festival in the north west uk. Progressive rock festival with discounted advance tickets for the tangent, the watch, abel ganz, godsticks, nerve toy trio, it, dropshard,

Please check out their facebook page; in a few days you can download (yes for free) a new song: Staring At The Sun.

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