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Me? I'm just a guy who likes music and his family & friends.

I started with this site because it seems that some people want to know all about David Gilmour and his session work.
The first webpage saw the daylight end 1997, early 1998. There asn't much info about David Gilmour and all his musical escapes. Now there are much better sites, i guess.
It becomes time that EMI is going to release a triple album of his David Gilmour's session-work. You should be amazed how good it sounds. His solo's are absolute marvelous and mostly he worked with highly professional guys and girls. Mostly nice rock with a touch of symphonic-flavour.

Have you notice how many times I used the word "Mostly"?
That's because there's another top band in my life: Mostly Autumn. Some people call them the next Pink Floyd, yeah they could be suns and daughters of Mr.Pink!


That's us; charming Helen, formula Tom, a handsome guy with glasses and princess Marloes.

Books i used for this site:

Inside Out by Nick Mason

Saucerful Of Secrets by Nicolas Schaffner

The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia by Vernon Fitch

first edition, he got an new book out ('99).

his site.

Good Vibrations; Mark Cunningham.

Mind over Matters by Storm Thorgenson.

Oor PopEnceclopedie &

Muziekblad Oor a dutch site.

Rock Sets; by Sutherland Yall.

Genesis; by Dave Bowler and Brian Dray.

1000 record Covers; Michael Ochs.

Harvest Festval.

Clapton by Ray Coleman.

In The Flesh is the latest gift of my wife (july '00) and made this site almost superfluous, by Glenn Povey and Ian Russell.

Rock List by Dave Marsh

And all the ceedee-inlays of my collection en recordshops i visist.

And some technical books about html and other stuff.

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Mostly Autumn The Reasoning.


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greetings from Brunssum,   Nick

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Nick Gielkens
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The lovely South of The NETHERLANDS


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Last Update: December 2004; by Nick.