RPWL September 2010.

RPWL Live @
  • 10-sep de nieuwe Nor Heerlen www.nieuwenor.nl
  • 11-sep de Kade Zaandam www.dekade.nl
  • 12-sep Poppodium W2 Den Bosch www.w2.nl

  • 2010 saw RPWL’s 10th anniversary, and the band wanted to celebrate this with a second small tour in the Netherlands.

    Pictures from TV Limburg
    Kalle, Yogi & Vivian.

    So they came again to our little country to open the gig season after the holiday break. First there was a TV performance and interview with Kalle and Yogi at TV Limburg. The crew and Vivian were impressed, and the ‘Glimmer Twins’ got some nice feedback. The pair played “Breathe In Breathe Out” and “Silenced”.

    At de Nieuwe Nor they played a regular set at the usual evening time, but at W2 they had an afternoon show. A strange slot for a prog-rock gig, perhaps, but it worked well.
    Both gigs had the same structure, starting off with “Sleep”. This a good song that represents the band’s oeuvre - catchy prog-rock songs with a twist. Here, the guitar solo of Kalle Wallner was unbelievable strong, it went on and on in an orgasm of electricity! People often compare him with Sir David Gilmour, but no, this solo was a Kalle Wallner trademark. Very, very impressive.
    The band had a new man in their lineup, Werner Taus on bass. It was amazing to see how quickly he’d learnt the loops and tricks, filling them in with some of his own riffs, and how Marc Truaux on drums was already working well with it all. Truly amazing. I would have thought that we would miss Chris (Postl) - his charisma and showmanship were valuable additions to the RPWL live presence - but no (sorry Chris), this band lineup worked excellently. Kalle becomes more and more the musical director of the live band, he is the one who gives hints to the others, he is the one who nods and winks. Yogi is the band’s face - making jokes, telling little stories.
    The band was on fire, as if they had a point to prove: “We’ve survived, we can deal with disappointments.” Every single one of them was ‘in the zone’. The band was tight, very tight, and sparkled on the stage; it looked like they won the lottery 5 minutes ago, smiling faces and fun!
    As surpise Bine Heller joined the band with some extra vocals. Bine is their black bone, she runs the merchandise the tour, the everything and she's a fantastic enthiosiastic singer aswell. For me this worked very well.
    The sound was in both venues excellent, clear, cd quality. There was time for solos for everyone, but all in the spirit of the songs, no freakie stuff, very nice arrangements, some new changes here and there and that makes it very interesting for the fans.
    Yogi and his guys would like to change the world to a more peaceful one, so some lyrics have a very strong social meaning and others are so funny, like “This is Not a Prog Song”, a medley of all our heroes from Asia, ELP, Genesis through to Floyd, but of course with the band’s own lines. The changes in the song are so quick and so smooth that it’s almost impossible to follow it, absolutely brilliant. The crowd was singing along, of course. A highlight of the evening and a good song for a laugh.
    A selection of the whole 10 years passed through the quadraphonic sound system and led us to the final encores with “3 Light” & “I Don’t Know”. Kalle closed the show with yet another stunning guitar solo; this man is a genius too.

    Sound check with the new guy.

    Band & projections.

    Pictures from Poppodium Nieuwe Nor
    by me.

    Kalle was in flames.

    Pictures from Poppodium Nieuwe Nor
    by Joost Doensen.
    More beautiful shots.

    I’ve seen this band many times, but this weekend was one of their best, musically and stage-wise. I think it will be a while before they’ve back again; they want to record a new album and hearing them talk about the plans, I guess this could take some time.

    So to sum up: RPWL is an act that is well worth making an effort to see live; they’re craftsmen who can play with passion, who interact and make fun on stage and make fun with the audience. Everybody left the venue smiling - I think that’s a wonderful compliment.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands
    @ www.mostlypink.net.
    Thx to Stuart for the editing!

    Pictures from Eric de Bruijn
    @ De Kade Zaandam
    More amazing shots.

    with our love
    we could together build a new world
    sharing a unified vision
    a giant leap for mankind
    om jai, i believe that e will start the fire

    W2 Den Bosch

    By Arthur Haggenburg of the fantastic Backgroundmagazine.

    W2 Den Bosch

    By me ;-)


    Breathe in, breathe out
    Start the Fire
    Gentle Art of swimming
    This is not a Prog Song
    Trying to kiss the Sun
    Day on my Pillow
    Wated Land
    Hole in the Sky

    3 Light
    I don't know

    Excellent performance of this band from Bayern.
    Energetic, fun, serious, smooth and awesome.
    CU the next time!



    New: tour dates:

  • 02.10.2010 USA – Whittier, CalProg-Festival, California (Whittier Community Center)

  • 10.10.2010 B – Verviers (Spirit of 66) Festival,
    With Beardfisf & Lazuli.


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