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The Reasoning Part II


Supporting Marillion in Bristol 8th of June:
  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for an amazing performance at last night's Marillion gig in Bristol. You really are the best support act I've seen and you really won the crowd over in a spectacular way... / Howard
  • You totally won the crowd over and Rach's "Dark Angel" look was amazing. I've never seen an audience respond so enthusiastically to a support band... / Graeme
  • Another polished performance on Friday you guys.. / Mark
  • Just to say you were FANTASTIC on friday. Really loved it... / Jacqueline
  • Without a doubt one of the best support acts ive seen in ..... well ever... / Wyrm
  • Really enjoyed the set in Bristol, great sound, great songs and great performance....now to get the album!... / Ross


    Pictures above by Allan Jones: visit his MyspacePage with more pictures, or this one with a lot more.

    reasoning 12

    Matthew Cohen writes:
    Two days ago we played the gig of our lives at Bristol Colston hall with the mighty and wonderful Marillion, Rach and myself have played many memorable gigs around the world with our previous bands, but these were nothing compared to this experience  - and I mean
    The excitement leading up to the show was one that simply cannot be described, and the moment we got up on the stage and began to play was truly exhilarating. We were thoroughly relaxed and well prepared for this show, and we hit the stage with real confidence - both as individuals and as a team - the likes of which I have certainly never known before.  All the things I / we went through to get here, suddenly made sense. reasoning 12

    We won the crowd over immediately, and they made us very welcome indeed.  It totally blew our minds and we can't thank you all enough for making us feel so special.  Friday night was something dreams are made of.  Seeing  2000 people having a great time, rocking out with us, and hearing people sing along to our songs is out of this world - Thank you, thank you, thank you... from the bottom of our hearts.

    To top it all off, we had the pleasure of the wonderful Steve Rothery joining us on stage for "Within Cold Glass".  We rehearsed the song with him at sound check which was incredible in itself, but when you are on stage and see 5 of your closest friends in the world having the time of their lives, then to look across to see someone as amazing as Steve there with you, playing, well words fail me, but I know my smile said it all

    Thank you Steve for everything.

    Make a visit to The Reasoning's web site and sample yourself some of the Brilliant songs that we were treated to on Friday www.thereasoning.com

    Review of a nice Dutch guy
    The Reasoning supporting Marillion.

    This is the first UK gig that we have been able to get to but with two more to follow plus two possible in store shows I think I'm going to be kept quite busy. As a lot of you probably know I tend to plug my Brother in law's guitar shop, Jam Guitars, as this is based in Bristol it seems like as good a time to give them another plug. Well after a very good first year they are having a Birthday party on the 14th, there will be live music and celebratory discounts. If you want to know more then pop along to their web site (www.jamguitars.co.uk) and read all about the celebrations, all are welcome.

    Pete my brother in law (and co-owner of Jam Guitars) and his wife joined us for the evening. My earliest memories of Pete are of him practicing guitar in his bedroom and even then he was playing covers of Floyd, Genesis, and Marillion so we knew he was going to enjoy the evening but we may have a convert in his wife.

    We looked up the Colston hall on the web and found it was supposed to be all seater split across stall and a large balcony and I was not looking forward to the idea of an all seater concert. I need not have worried as the front seats had been removed so that half of the stalls were standing room. Actually the hall layout was excellent, you could see the stage from pretty well everywhere but my only complaint was that it was again a little too warm.

    Marillion were supported by The Reasoning (excellent web site) who are a Welsh band with a very lead singer who shares my taste in footwear. She is the proud owner of four pairs of New Rock boots. She gave a distinct goth image but the music was really more regular rock than some of the goth rock bands I've been listening to. While we were trying to decide musically what they were like Rush were mentioned and for other songs they were far more folky. For their last song they were joined by Steve R. Anyway I've published a gallery of pictures I took of them, I withheld the picture of her boots but you can see the rest of the pictures here Pictures.

    From this great Marillion fan site.



    The Point at Cardif, 25th of February.
    What a fabulous gig it was...
    The night before I heard the album and I think this is one of the top 5 debut albums ever... (Mike Oldfield - Trubular Bells, Marillion - Script for a yester Tear, Mostly Autumn - For all we Shared & Blackfield - Blackfield).
    But a studio is different then a stage and definely different as a launchparty with all your friends, with high expectations... Were they able to reproduce the feeling of the album, the high standard they archieved already? I was curious, but on the same time; what could go wrong with a front lady who traveled around the world with Karnataka and Matthew Cohen who played bass in Magenta and has a strong driven vision about he and his band can archieve?
    So the next day me and my new friends Richard & Nigel witnessed a overwhelming soundcheck... tonight can't go wrong these are well skilled boys, who knew what they're doing.
    So time for a few beers and some food.

    Touchstone supported them with a nice set of songs. A new promosing band from London.

    But the Reasing did really Rocked. From their opening song "Awakening" till the end.
    Think theire strong point is the 3 vocalist (yes 3!) and the ability to lay down absolute fine rock songs, with here and there a proggy angle and a really deep structure.
    And it is so surprisingly that the 3 vocalist are so different; Dylan with his raw dirty, sometimes Peter Gabrielesque rock voice, Gareth with his high smooth vocals and Rachel... can describe her voice? No ... she won several prices for her Angelesque voice, I think that says enough. A really fine front lady who takes the lead and is great eyecatcher.
    The band is practizing for a year now and it felt if they were years and years on the stage, so proffesional and so easy going.
    The set was their entiry album + 3 Karnataka songs ( Time stood still, Talk to me & After the Rain), which were welcomed with great aplause from the crowded. And one rare cover of Deep Purple; Stormbringer. So a perfect mix of dirty rock songs with the subtile and heavenly songs.
    The both guitarist giving solo's of a great level and a excellent rocking rhythm section.
    Gareth did a very good job on keyboards, supporting and sometimes taking the lead in a song. What a great bunch of musicians.
    An excellent set with some great relaxing musicians who gave their best. A week later the adrenaline still rushed thru my veins.
    Hope I can catch up with them soon again.

    Was nice to meet so many friends; Jamy, Jonathan, Sarah, Chris, Mike, Paul, Roy, Anne, Nigel, Richard, of course the band and no I won't forget David.

    Read here an excellent review of one of their live gigs.
    And here is another great review.

    Watch their Promo Video here.

    Rotherham 3rd March 2007 .
    Guest star of the evening: Steve Rothery of Marillion.
    Pictures from Rotherham by by Brian Watson,
    please visit his great picture site.



    27th December 2007 The 12 Bar, Swindon Supporting Blaze Bayley
    17th January 2008 The Limelight, Crewe Supported by Mr So & So
    18th January 2008 The Point, Cardiff Supported by Breathing Space
    19th January 2008 The Riga Bar, Southend-On-Sea Supported by Touchstone
    20th January 2008 The Robin 2, Bilston, Nr Wolverhampton Supported by Breathing Space
    15th March 2008 Montgomery Hall, Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherham Supported by Gina Dootson

    19th May 2008 Bergkeller, Reichenbach, Germany Support To Be Announced
    22nd May 2008 P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands Supported by Mangrove
    23rd May 2008 De Nieuve, Heerlen, The Netherlands Support To Be Announced
    24th May 2008 Metropool, Hengelo, The Netherlands Supported by Mangrove
    here an excellent review of one of their live gigs.

    The Reasoning at the Point Feb 2007, picture by me.


    The Dutch Marillion Convention March 2009.

    Pictures by Gianfranco Pianico.
    More pictures of Gianfranco

    The Marillion Convention Saturday 21 of March '09/ Port Zelande the Netherlands.
    Pictures from Port Zelande by Gianfranco Pianico.
    More pictures of Gianfranco

    Pictures by Bert Treep from IO-Pages at http://home.kpn.nl/treep000/ @
    The Marillion Convention March 2009.

    Set list as follows:
    Fallen Angels
    Aching Hunger
    Breaking The 4th Wall
    Dark Angel
    A Musing Dream

    The Marillion Convention Saturday 21 of March '09/ Port Zelande the Netherlands.
    Pictures by Bert Treep from IO-Pages at http://home.kpn.nl/treep000/


    More pictures:

    Pictures & reviews from their Dutch tour ('08).

    Review (-s)
    + more pictures.
    Adrian the Rock Kingston 14 April 2007.
    Graeme Newmark 26 May 07.
    Some Dutch Marillion fans Bristol 8 June 2007.
    Alan Jones Bristol 8 June 2007.
    Richard Newmark 26 May 07.







    Unbroken Spirit Tabula Rasa '96.
    A nice collection of four songs:
    John Vaughan - vocals,
    Mike Barlow - guitar,
    Allan Mason-Jones - drums (now in
    Magenta), &
    Matthew Cohen - bass.

    Erasmus are a recording project formed in 2001 by bassist Matthew Cohen. Rob Reed (Magenta). was also involved and produced their album "Voyage" in 2002.

    Jayde / lead guitar, vocals
    Matthew Cohen / bass
    Robert Reed / keyboards
    Charlie Steel / drums
    Christina Murphy / ENIGMA-like chanting on the opening track (Magenta).

    Again an album with heavely 70-ies Prog. Screaming guitars, Matthew is giving his bass some best fingerthreaths and a lot of organs. Mathew likes Rush, indeed he does. Unespected changes of melodies and turns, some very good sounding interesting chords, but heavy. Rob Reed is involved so it al gets some Reed-treatement. Matthew joined with Magenta after this release, and he's more as 26 hours a day commited to this colourful band, so this chapter wil be closed. Yayde is working on a solo album.
    Fans from Rush, Arena, IQ, Paralel of 90 Degrees and Dream Theater will like this release. And of course it is a must have for the Magenta affinicado's.

    Magenta was his first success as bass player. He did some great lines with that band. Sadly he left, but don't cry; he's back with The Reasoning ;-).
    Interview with Mathew Cohen (from July 2004).

    Matthew was also one of the keyplayers of the single of 2005: All around the World from ProgAid.
    A benefit project with the almost all my favourite modern prog bands gattered on one track.




    Rachel was one of the leading forces of Karnataka, who splitt up in 2004.

    She sung a few times with Mostly Autumn. The first recording of her with the Mostlies is on the cd The Story So Far. She did again a great job at the launch of "Storms Over Still Water", Mostly Autumns new album, at the Astoria 4th of June 2005!
    And it was really nice to meet her and her friend, see you Another Place another Time!

    Rachel is on board at ProgAID.

    Futher she worked with Andy Pickford and Dave Bainbridge (Iona (March 2003)) to provide backing vocals for studio recordings and stage performances, and has recently contributed a track to the forthcoming album from the UK's newest dark metal band The Drowning.

    The news: Rachel joined the Reasoning (July 2006).



    After he was kicked out the Reasoning he started together with Vinden Sankara.
    A band to keep an eye on and not only because Gareth has an amazing voice.



    After he was kicked out the Reasoning he started together with Gareth Sankara.



    After he was stepped out the Reasoning he started on his solo project Shadows of the Sun .


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    Pictures & reviews from their Dutch tour ('08).

    Dark Angel the new stunning album ('08).


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