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It's no secret that Pink Floyd was the original inspiration behind the Mostly Autumn phenomenon. Since those far off early days Mostly Autumn have gone on to become stars in their own right, but there has always been a special place in their hearts for Pink Floyd.

So when BBC radio broadcast an interview with Richard wright, and the band learned of his admiration for the music of Mostly Autumn, the circle was closed.
Rick's compliment was the spur, which finally gave life to an idea which has been germinating for some time, the perfomance of a complete cycle of Floyd songs as interpreted by Mostly Autumn.
The double DVD Pink Floyd Revisited is a result of that vision.

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On Thursday August 26th Mostly Autumn wanted to perform an unique set of classic Pink Floyd material arrenged in the courtyard of Warwick Castle.
The venue was changed from Warwick Castle (due to licensing issues ) to Stratford Civic Hall as an added bonus the evening featured the world premier of the Floyd Quartet arranged and performed by Iain Jennings.


Set 1

Pigs On The Wing
Fat Old Sun
heather Another Brick In The Wall
Julia Dream
Hey You
Comfortably Numb
Run Like Hell
Pigs On The Wing (acoustic)

Set 2

Something in between
Caught in a Fold
Another Live
First Thought
pinkfloyd Pure white Light
Simple Ways
Distant Train
Answer the Question
Heroes Never Die
Never the Rainbow
Mother Nature
Afterglow (Genesis)

Disc two of the DVD contains also the promo videos of:

Something In Between
Pure White Light
Night Sky

According to the newsgroup at Mostly Autumns site, Liam did a lot of singing and take care of the slide guitar solo's and the strange and unuseal guitar sounds. Heather did a lot of backing vocals and one of the songs where she did the lead was Julia Dream.

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The powerful music of Mostly Autumn and the stunning audiovisual elements combined to produce a series of magical evenings.

mostlyfloyd heather
angela liam
This new double DVD release features both sets. This is the complete film of an important evening in the continuing development of a truly amazing band.


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Mostly Autumn on tour in the Lowlands 2004:
Wednesday 15 December : Schouwburg C.C. Luchtbal. www.ccluchtbal.org Antwerpen promoted by www.prog-nose.org.
Thursday 16 December : 013 Tilburg www.013web.nl.
Friday 17 December : de Boerderij Zoetermeer www.boerderij.org.
Saturday 18 December : de Kade Zaandam www.kade.nl.

The'll perform a Pink Floyd set at the up-comming Lowlandstour.
If you want an impression of the latest shows in the U.K. visit the Dutch Mostly Autumn site.

A review of 013 + pictures of various gigs.

Lowland tour 2005:

15  juli  2005
16  juli  2005  Boerderij in Zoetermeer | NL
31 augustus 2005 Spirit of 66 Verviers | BE
1 september 2005 De Groene Engel OSS | NL
2 september 2005 Bluescafe Apeldoorn | NL
3 september 2005
4 september 2005 P60 Amstelveen | NL
2005 More live dates | UK


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liam bryanr
heather-andy ianjennings


Maybe if you vote at the PinkPop site on Mostly Autumn, we'll get Mostly Autumn to this oldest festival in Europe.

14-15-16 May

50.000 visitors!

one main stage, another big stage and the biggest festival tent of Europe!

And also important we can go by bike.

Good luck!

And by the way, yes you can have a laugh when you want, my votes went to:

1. Mostly Autumn,

2. Magenta,

3. Nick Mason with Mostly Pink!

Yes the old-racing driver told that he wants to tour again under the flag of Pink Floyd. But he also said that it was unlikely because David doesn't wants.
So Nick ask Bryan, you got his adress I believe and join forces!

See my news page about the interview with Nick Mason.


Picture of one of the latest U.K. gigs November 2004 by Thijs.
If you want an impression of the latest shows in the U.K. visit
the Dutch Mostly Autumn site.

More news and th e dvd you'll find here;


shepperdbush04122004 An excellent review by David Meadows (Some Pink Floyd fans will stone him for that).

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Mostly Autumn's Site.

More reviews by Me.

A review of 013

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