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[ng] Hello dear Iain,
[ij] Hey Nick, it is you I recognized your voice.
How are you doing?
[ng] Thanks, I'm oke and you?
[ij] Fine, thank you.....
[ng] May I ask you some questions about the new album?
[ij] Of course.....

[ng] You wrote one song together with Steve Helstrip. He is a famous dj isn't he?

[ij] He's a dear friend of mine, we know each other from the Music College. A few years ago we wrote together a song. That song I used for the album.
And yes indeed he is a dj.

[ng] The song you wrote together is called "Escape"?
[ij] Yes it is. The song is on a few dance albums too. So it was already available, so some people will know it.

[ng] And the other tracks? You wrote them recently?
[ij] No, two tracks I wrote while we were working on the "Passengers" album. But they didn't fitted. So I thought let's use them for the next album... Then came "Storms" and plans for a own album so...

[ng] And Olivia did she wrote songs too?
[ij] No she wrote the lyrics for one song. It's about the support of her parents and that she 's very thankful about that.

[ng] When and how did you met Olivia?
[ij] That is a story... Bryan and Heather were searching for backing vocals for the V-shows, they were recommended to Olivia, she was doing an acoustic duo in York then. I was looking for someone who would fit into my plans and so we went separately to the local pub and were amazed by Olivia's voice. Bryan and Heather asked for her the backing vocals and I asked her for my album...

[ng] And the other lyrics have they a meaning?
[ij] It isn't a concept album, but yeah... It's about finding a place where you feel at home, a place where you can relax, chill out, where you feel save... a breathing place...

[ng] Do you think people need more and more hiding places?
[ij] Yes I think, life is become more hectic, there's more pressure. Think people need to leave the city or what evr and search a hiding place in the country to relax.

[ng] And you?
[ij] Yes... I got my family, that's my Breathing Space. It's difficult when I'm on the road, I miss them... but that is the life of an artist.
(Iain and Jess got a daughter Amelia, just one year old).

[ng] And when you're on the road?
[ij] When we're touring it's hectic and yes you've to do some comprising, a 7 piece band, with girls and men, women and men I should say. We get allong well, but yeah sometimes you need some room for yourself.

[ng] Hope to get the cd soon and can have a better look at the lyrics. I assume you've the lyrics in the booklet. Who did the cover?
[ij] Yes the lyrics are in the booklet. Chris Walkden did the cover, yeah it is nice, a bit retro.
(Chris the house photographer of Mostly Autumn).

[ng] Who play bass on the album?
[ij] It's me using my keyboards. It's a sample of a Rickenbacker.

[ng] And drums?
[ij] My brother Andrew does of course and I used a drum computer too.

[ng] Aren't you afraid that this is the start of the end of Mostly Autumn?
[ij] No, certainly not! Mostly Autumn is the main goal, this is just a side project. There was time for, Bryan is busy with setting up the record label, Heather and Angela have plans do some solo stuff with their Odin Dragonfly. So...

[ng] Where do you met Bryan?
[ij] At the start of Mostly Autumn actually. He was looking for someone who could play keyboard. I was playing in Gina Dootsons band. Do you know her?

[ng] Yes I do, I know she lived in York too, now I understand why she's related to Mostly Autumn's family tree. Got a some info about her on the site.
[ij] Mark Atkinson (aka Gabriel) knew both, Bryan and Gina and so he introduced me to Bryan. That is the story.
[news; Gina wrote also a song with Steve Helstrip!

[ng] Thanks, that's were my site is about; who is who.
You've tour plans?

[ij] Yes I've! But don't know how exactly things will work out. We've planned 40 gigs with Mostly Autumn the up coming year. But yeah I'm putting a band together. I would love to come to the LowLands too.

[ng] That sounds interesting, would love to see you and Olivia on tour. And think it is a chance for Liam to be more in the spotlights, he's a great guitar player too.

We talked about kids and about RPWL and the possibilities to do something together ...

[ng] Thanks Iain.
[ij] Nice talking to you Nick see you in Zoetermeer! Hope you receive the cd soon.

And yes i received the cd...see below.


To the Top.


Iain Jennings
Liam Davison


Steve Helstrip

Olivia Sparnenn

Andruw Jennings

Bryan Josh
The CD is available at Mostly Autumn gigs, price 10 (15euro).
Or by sending 13 (20euro) cheque to: (Please include name and full postal address).

Iain Jennings
PO Box 706
YO30 7WT

Or at http://www.sonicbond.com/ or


A solo album from the friendly keyboardist Iain Jennings. A man who wrote Mostly Autumn classics like "The Gab Is Too Wide", "Hollow", "The Spirit Of Autumn Past Part I", "Distant Train" and others, a man who co-wrote even more Mostly Autumn higlights. What can you expect of such a man? A freaky album with lots of magic keyboards, a new age album filled with smooth synthesizers, a Mostly Autumn Part III, a more mainstream pop album with quality pop music? No... yes! All of that a bit.

Forgive Or Surrender is probably the most Mostly Autumnish sounding song. An up tempo rock song in the vein of "Never The Rainbow", or the most recent songs like "Broken Glass" or "Ghost In A Dreamland". And what a brilliant voice Olivia got, happily it is sounding different as Heather's lovely voice, so the connection with Mostly Autumn isn't so clear. You want to hear more, a great opener.
With the chorus of the second song I've Been Thinking Olivia is trying to break your crystal glasses, she sings very high notes. I like her voice a bit lower more. A rock ballad, nice...
Shades Of Grey, a beautiful ballad and in the end a bit psychedelic. Next to Iain's keyboard magic is Liam present with some great guitar sounds, well done!
A mysterious classical piano tune is the base of No Promise with a just so classical Bryan Josh's guitar solo.
Thought the album would have more instrumental tracks, but with a singer like Olivia, you don't want that. Nevertheless Man Made Circles is one of the two great instrumental tracks. A simple piano play starts this one. Keyboards are coming in and the wizards from the past will come into your mind; Jean Michel Jarre or Vangelos Odyssey Papathanassiou aka Vangelis, or maybe Richard Barbieri is one that you will think of. But of course it's unmistakable a new song with the scratching sounds. Then Liam's finger picking take the song over into another level. Splendid! People who've seen Mostly Autumn live know that Liam is an excellent guitarist. Most of the extraordinary guitar sounds of the Mostly Floyd gigs he did, and on this song you can hear why.
Iain can write nice lyrics too; Wasted All Times is an example. A slow start and then keyboards and Liams guitar give some more rockin' feeling.
The lyrics of Believe are written by Olivia. A thank you to her parents for all their support. Sweet emotional, without becoming cloyingly. Gentle piano and her lovely voice makes this song a highlight of the album. And another marvelous solo of Bryan's hand, makes this song complete, a beauty.
You Still Linger, the first two minutes are filled with that amazing voice of Olivia and piano. Andrew kicks in and brings some tempo change to it. And when Liam is getting loose you will not linger anymore... A nice Tony Banks piano bridge brings us back to Liams skills and a chanting Enigma like outro; fabulous!
Escape, written with Steve Helstrip it is a song that was available on several dance albums already. So I was thinking of a track a la Faithless or Tiesto aka Tijs Verwest, but no it isn't. It is a more a Breathing Space, a space to chill out, to relax. More Tangering Dream, Gandalf aka Heinz Stobl, Ashra Temple a like. Close you're eyes and let it flow, don't linger anymore; buy this album!

If you're a Mostly Autumn fan already, then this album is a must have, without a doubt. Althrough it isn't a symfo or prog album it isn't a pop album either, it's something in between. Don't put it a box. It's nice accessible and adventurous quality music. Olivia's voice is excellent, like a diamond, pure ...
Liam is an excellent guitar player and on this album he is getting some room to expose it more. The drums are in good hands and feet of the little brother Andrew Jennings.
Maybe the album had even become more adventureous with a live bass, think the six strings of Matthew Cohen, or John Jowitts loops could have add an extra dimension. But do I miss that? No! Live they'll need one and I'm curious who it will be.
Iain has successfully managed to make an album with his Mostly Autumn friends without becoming a Mostly Autumn clone band.
A very enjoyable album.
Mostly Recommended!

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Audio Samples
80KB MP3 Stereo
Escape Forgive Or Surrender Man Made Circles No Promises You Still Linger
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This is a snapshot of David Whites interview, you can find it at: www.mostly-autumn.com/:

DW Who are your influences?

IJ have a wide range of influences. I like anything so long as it moves me or makes me feel something. In every particular style of music there are pieces that I like and ones that don't do anything for me. I grew up with a lot of Rock and Classical music but got into Jazz, Reggae, and Dance music in my teens. The keyboard players that have influenced me the most would have to be Tony Banks, Rick Wright and John Lord.

DW Can you explain all nine tracks separately lyrics wise?

IJ 1) Forgive or Surrender- Running from things that you don't want to confront and not being able to compromise your emotions.

2) I've been Thinking- This is a sad song but it makes me feel good listening to it. It deals with life and clambering over its obstacles.

3) Shades of Grey- Nobody is perfect or without faults. People often put up a front to disguise who they really are. Sometimes you have to look below the surface of a person and not simply to judge people as being right or wrong/good or bad.

4) No Promises- Relationships and finding the right person for you.

5) Man made Circles- This instrumental track features Liam Davison on guitar and is a textural groove which has two main sections. The superimposed layers of the1st section are purely synthetic. This is in contrast to the more rock-based psychedelic quality of the 2nd section.

6) Wasted all the Time- Not letting the grass grow under your feet. Taking your opportunities and making the most of what you have.

7) Belief- Olivia wrote the lyrics to this song and they are inspired by her parents support over the years.

8) You still Linger- Remembering the past and dreaming of lost friends. The song takes a turn as the dream turns into a nightmare. The struggle to deal with loss is overwhelming.

9) Escape- This piece of music is the breathing space of the album where the nightmare ends and another days begins.

Thanks to Dave White, read more at www.mostly-autumn.com/.



Breathing Space.
Odin Dragonfly.

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