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01. Transformed 02:15
02. We Are What We Are (The Keeper) 09:16
03. Beyond Man And Time (Time Blind) 06:28
04. Unchain The Earth (The Scientist) 07:06
05. The Ugliest Man In The World (The Ugly) RPWL 07:53
06. The Road Of Creation (The Creator) 06:27
07. Somewhere In Between (The Dream Of Saying Yes) 02:03
08. The Shadow 05:57
09. The Wise In The Desert (I. T.W.I.T.D. - II. The Silenced Song) 05:39
10. The Fisherman (I. High As A Mountain Part 1 & 2 – II. The Abyss) 16:19
11. The Noon (The Eternal Moment Of Return) 03:59

“6,000 feet beyond man and time” – that is how Nietzsche once signed off the first lines of his opus magnum “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Quite similar to Nietzsche, RPWL’s story’s protagonist is on a journey and meets various characters, partly adapted from Zarathustra, as means towards new insight. The basic idea in this is a so-called “revaluation of values” in terms of a new way of thinking. In this world “beyond man and time” there already are creatures of higher knowledge that the protagonist meets allegorically along his way: the keeper of the cave, the willingly blind, the scientist, the ugliest human, the creator, the shadow, the wise man in the desert and the fisherman. RPWL’s concept album “Beyond Man and Time” closes with a first resume, the big noon.

“The goal is to open eyes, look further, see more, and see differently. Words that everybody approves of are not going to lead to progress. We call that: “deadlock of the spirit”. Too many approaches of our time disappear in the void of the equal – the conformist.” Yogi Lang.


Review by Nick:

This is the follow up from the highly acclaimed "The RPWL Experience" from 2008. In the time between, a dvd and double re-arranged "best of" and solo albums saw the daylight. Kalle with his "Blind Ego" went to the more rockier side, Yogi with "No Decoder" showed his love for the laid back Pink Floydish style songs; "No Decoder" is a far underrated album to my humble opinion. A review of that album you can find here.

The band did a lot of touring with the five-piece band, it is the same line-upp as here on the cd (with a few guest):
Yogi Lang - vocals and keyboards
Kalle Wallner - guitars and backing vocals
Marc Turiaux - drums
Markus Jehle - keyboards &
Werner Taus - bass and backing vocals
They all were involved in side projects in studio this all kept the name RPWL alive. And now, finally a new studio album, a concept album about one of Nietzsche's ideas. I guess Yogi wants us to show a journey to a new way of thinking, try to look with different angles, but he leaves a lot gaps to fill in your own thoughts, if you want.

This CD contains the RPWL's overall sound as it has developed the last decade, sweet, smooth, psychedelic melodies, atmospheric soundscapes and sometimes with a harder aggressive guitar edge. Maybe the die-hard RPWL fans will think they recognize some riffs and sounds, think that is inevitable after 9 albums.

I had high expectations. Are they fulfilled?

The start of the album is mysterious, slowly sounds take shape and after two minutes the intriguing instrumental intro transforms in a bass line and the second song kicks in. Yogi sings slowly, almost speaking... "I never lost my love...".

04 Unchain the earth (the scientist)
Look at the flower i raised
wiser as i'll ever be
look at the children
they plays the games we've forgot
look at the trees in the wind
more solid then i ever be
look at the rain poring down on our souls
of the human race
i'm soldier of the war of our future
at the frontline on the verge of our minds
marching on without direction
i can't find myself at the mirror of light
let's go
the man chained the earth
we don't need the sun anymore
do we have we know and we are
striving for the last secret doors
so let's go
the man chained the earth
we don't need the sun anymore
do we have we know and we are
can't we compell the stars to revolve from our lost

look at the birds in the sky
more free the i'll ever be
heading straight into the the future
to fast to my thought to keep up
coming i'm in my mind
no link between you and me
here on the inside of my world
i don't need a light in the deep


we lifted the lid on the blueprint of our world
but had no idea how of it was meant to be
faster and higher and futher we lost control

Yes, this is RPWL how we know it, clean well-produced fresh sound, tempo changes, melodic, middle-eastern influences, sitar, excellent percussion that grooves your soul, guitar-based, spaces filled with little licks, layers of keyboards, moogs, tunes, sounds, lyrics with a meaning.

The second song is called " We Are What We Are (The Keeper)" and has all the ingredients that made RPWL what they are now; a rock band with potential.

The tittle track is a smooth lullaby, Kalle's guitar solo lifts it to higher places.

Track four, "Unchain the Earth (the Scientist)", is an up-tempo song, with reminiscing of their single "Roses", maybe with some hints to U2. A shorter version would make this a great catchy single, fine melodies and a sing-a-long chorus. Yogi's voice fits perfectly with the atmosphere and the mood of the song. And at top of the icecream; a solo from Kalle hands. His guitar sound can't be captured in one guitar hero, but his portrait wouldn't be misplaced next to Sir David Gilmour in the Hall of fame and glorie. Yes, a "Top 10 single", without misunderstanding.

The Shadow reminded me of Christ Postl, the original ex-bass player from “rPwl”, a bit Alan Parsons kind of song to me, with some nice slide playing.

11 The noon (the eternal moment of return)
you think that there are seven ages
we play allone ...and all our life is like an act
or do we have our one unspecial karma
coming again never leave our track
how usefull is this garden of eden
the seven heavens as they are far away
for all those leading god excuses
and so al their life becomes a game to play
just a short break after this long way
I think I rest here for a while
here where the past meets the future
look out its noon
eternal moment of return comes by

moment you are my faithful companion
the only anker in the circle of my life
as time goes by slowly but surely
you never follow you never out of sight
is our beeing an illusion
or in the view of our minds
is that the only key to our experience
our need and anguish the leader of our kind?
just a short break after this long way
I think I rest here for a while
here where the past meets the future
look out its noon
the eternal moment of return comes by.


The Fisherman is the epic, so if they like it or not, or maybe they still don't know what prog is; this is Prog, with a capital "P". In the vein of early King Crimson. In this song all the characters meet, all comes together and we see a glimpse of the solution. It's great to hear an old fashioned Marilionesque keyboard loop in this one. This song has more ingredients of excellent neo-prog stylish Music. And again a clear emotional driven guitar solo that gives the song an extra-ordinary boost to perfection.

The CD closes with “Noon (the eternal moment of return)", a slow quite song, reflective lyrics, a Yogi who thinks he has found his heaven, for a while.


Overall: excellent art-rock/neo-prog album that combines all the best of their previous work in one clear flawless produced album. I guess with good publicity this album could be their breakthrough, because it's easy to access, some songs are more poppy, smooth approached, but have enough layers and depths that could capture the mind of people that are fan of Pink Floyd or like the latest albums of bands like Anathema or Blackfield. But RPWL has found their own sound.
The arrangements are again full of melodies.

RPWL stayed by their roots and wrote songs that have layers, more meanings, different angles, although this time the universal themes as Love and Death are left behind, but maybe I'm wrong. Yogi Lang is a master to set the listener on an astray and gives room to fill in your own thoughts about the lyrics, the concept of the album.

Did I already mentioned that I'm really fond of the innovative drums?

A top album and jawohl they convinced me again!

Looking forward to see them live again. Tourdates you can be found here below.


Thx to Tim Hall for the editing, Alex for the feedback and all at RPWL for their tunes,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands
January 2012.


02 We are what we are (the Keeper)
You never makes me shiver
And creeping on my way staying on my path
In all i’ve ever seen
In all that crossed my heart
I never lost my love 2x

Standing on the mountain
Searched a for a common place
Till the night came down
I’ve seen your mothers and you fathers
The world from where you came
But never saw your home

And finally we are what we are what we will ever be
A life full of science
knowledge but as far as we can see
And afterall we came a long way
But still the day remains the same
A new world in our hearts and our dreams
But still too far away
You never searched the heavens
But down the poison tow
You did it on your own
You learned to crossing over
Reached the higher place
Got it all to go
Set out for other places
You’ve to go down with a smile

Finally we are what we are
What we will ever be
life full of science,
knowledge but only as far as we can see
And afterall we came a long way but still the game remains the same
A new world in hearts and our dreams
But still too far away

I’ll be your shepherd
I want go along with you
But I’m on your side
Go and tell your heart
my heart is pass about to come walking on with pride

And after all we came a long way
But the game remains to be the same
A new world in our hearts and in our dreams
But still too far away...

And there he is Kalle...
he sings with his guitar, heavenly...

In addition to the regular version of the album there will also be a bonus edition limited to 2,000 copies. This exclusive edition includes an additional audio book that connects the music even more closely to the philosophical approach, plus a topographic map of the new world that is to be explored.

Pre-orders at Amazon & of course @ their own shop: Gentle Art of Music.

Shirin Kasraeian
Shirin Kasraeian
Shirin Kasraeian




14.04.2012 NL - Zoetermeer (Culturpodium Boerderij)
& QUANTUM FANTAY: De Boerderij Zoetermeer.

15.04.2012 B - Verviers ( Spirit Of 66)
17.04.2012 D - Stuttgart (Kellerklub)
18.04.2012 CH - Pratteln (Galery)
19.04.2012 D - Rüsselsheim ( Das Rind)
20.04.2012 D - Hannover (Blues Garage)
21.04.2012 D - Oberhausen ( Zentrum Altenberg)
22.04.2012 NL - Uden ( De Pul)
24.04.2012 D - Hamburg ( Logo)
25.04.2012 D - Reichenbach (Bergkeller)
26.04.2012 D - Berlin (Maschinenhaus)
27.04.2012 PL - Poznan (Blue Note)
28.04.2012 PL - Konin (Oskard)
29.04.2012 PL - Warsaw (Progresja)
30.04.2012 PL - Bielsko-Biala (Klimat)
01.05.2012 PL - Piekary Slaskie / Andaluzja
02.05.2012 A - Wien (Reigen) // mit Subsignal
03.05.2012 D - Freising (Lindenkeller)
31.05.2012 E - València (Loco Club)
01.06.2012 E - Madrid (Caracol)
02.06.2012 E - Peralta ( Minnuendö Festival) with Beardfish & tbc.


Pictures from Lorelei 2011 by:
Shirin Kasraeian.
www.shirinkasraeian.de / Rock and Artist Photography.

Thx Shirin!



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Shirin Kasraeian
Shirin Kasraeian
Shirin Kasraeian

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