Pendragon live in the Spirit of 66, 12 May 2006

+ some excellent pictures by Willem Klopper, see below.
The bad ones are from me ;-)

Gary Chandler & Steve Thorne.

Gary Chandler is the leading force of Jadis, a band that just released a great new album called Photoplay. His friend Steve Thorne has one studio album called Emotional Creatures - Part I. With contributions from really big names, please check him out. Part II is on his way.

God Bless America - ST
There's a Light - Jadis
All the Wisemen - ST
Daylight Fade - Jadis
All Gone - ST
Where in the World The last Line - ST
Standing still - Jadis
All you never know - Jadis
Therapy - ST

Jadis with Steve Thorne will be back in the Spirit of 66 on 25th of June.

More pictures this week!


Hello you all,
After the re-birth of Pendragon with the excellent new album "Believe", that showed us that dear Nick Barrett had the courrage to explore new sounds they finally hit the road again (after 5 years I believe). Before the show he I spoke to him and he was anxious to know if there were enough fans out there who still wanted to come and see Pendragon, (the surviver of the fittest). And yes there where, the famous cozy "Spirit of 66" was loaded. The next show in Zoetermeer, "de Boerderij" will be loaded too! It was clear that Nick followed his heart and wanted to tour, to get in contact with us again.

Gary Chandler & Steve Thorne,
I like Jadis and to see Gary is always fun, he is a fine guitar player, has a good sence of humor and writes spendid music. The new album "Photoplay" is an excellent example of his skills. Together with Steve Thorne, the man from the unbelievable good proggy singer songwriter album "Emotional Creatures Part I", they did an enjoyable set of of songs on acoustic and electric guitar. See above.

A impressive intro of the instrumental section of the song "Believe, I had to think of the start of David Gilmours show: "Castelorizon" the same impressive intro. But Pendragon added two screens with some awesome images of impressions what a "Believe" could be. Very good! Followed by second track of the last album, "No Place For The Innocent"... "every to the dancefloor!" and the crowed gone wild, hands in the air. Nick's voice was there, sounded good, a few scratched at the start, but it was "jolly good" to hear and see him play. Excellent start of the show and a trully visially show. Well done! A few older songs followed, I gonna not tell you the whole setlist, go and see them yourself ;-) The band had fun and I was completely surprised by the new youngster on the drums! Joe Cabtree did a wonderful job, amazingly jolly good. Clive was good as always, he is one of the best sessionmusicians on keyboards I think. Peter Gee, the other remaing dinosaurus on his 5 (and 4) string bass is the other beating heart of the band.
On the "Wishing Well" I heard the first great guitar solo of Nick, creepy. It's a complex songs with difficult (guitar) breaks but they did brilliant. An impressive epic with a message. And that was the spirit of the evening, making fun, sometimes carrying out a message, giving a hot steamy show and have some interact with the willing crowed. Of course "Paintbox" was on the setlist, with the groovin' bass loops of Mr.Gee and the standing drum part of Joe. Joe got a well deserved warm applause, hope I'll see him again with Nick and his comrades. Another highlight was the acoustic intro of "The Edge of the World" and of course the song it self.
The movies they used were brilliant too, specially "Believe"& "No Place for the Innocent", some were made right at the spot with a camera and special effects, a pleasure to see.
A splendid mix of old, very old songs and the new ones produced and mixed by Bob Aubrey. He did get the best sound out of the "Spirit" and it was a perfect mix, so as we are used of this nice guy.
The encores.... I thought they'll never stop... a show of almost 3 hours without a break, giving all they got, amazing! Yes "they hit the road, they hit the road jolly good".

And afterwards, the band came down, chatting, signing, making fun and went to bed. About 20 shows to go... And I drove, with a new unforgetable memory home, home again; the new Ezra album and Mermaid Kiss in the cd player.

What a band and what a unbelieveable nice energitic, honest man he his.

Thanks Nick and band!

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

The Setlist
. Click on it to enlarge.
PS1 Was good to see that they sold "All around the World" from ProgAid aswell.
Nick Barrett is in that project too, with an awesome guitar solo.



PS2 The Spirit of 66 is a wonderful cozy venue, with a mixture of Belgium, German, French, some English, Dutch and people of the lovely South of the Netherlands who all speak the language of quality Music.
But some can't speak English, some can't speak Dutch, some can't French, some can speak Vietnameze and some try to do their best to speak it all together.
So as an artists wants to tell tiny stories it's always difficult, in which language?
Nick Barrett told us a few stories tonight in English so we had a good laugh too. And happily Clive could translate it... lol
But I think it is rude when you have a 3 hour chat with your friends during a gig.

Please check out the Spirit of 66
with some awesome gigs to come.


Peter Gee - bass & keyboards,

Clive Nolan - keyboards & vocals,

Nick Barrett - guitar & vocals &

Joe Crabtree - drums.

The man behind the desk: Rob Aubrey and two German fans with strange messages



Picture by Willem Klopper at www.willemklopper.nl.
Zoetermeer De Boerderij 13 May.

Another excellent picture by Willem Klopper.
Joe by Willem Klopper.


Thanks Willem,
Please visit this guy and see more photo's at www.willemklopper.nl.

Date Venue name Town and country   Further informations
May 2006        
Thurs 11th Riffs Bar Hook - Swindon england SOLD OUT!
Fri 12th Spirit Of 66 Verviers belgium website / ticket info
Sat 13th The Borderij Zoetermeer holland website / ticket info
Sun 14th Zeche Carl Essen germany website / ticket info. tel. : 0201 - 8659777
Mon 15th Musiktheater Rex Lorsch [nr Frankfurt] germany website / ticket info 
Tues 16th Colos Saal Aschafenburg germany website / ticket info 
Wed 17th Bergkeller Reichenbach germany website / ticket info 
Thurs 18th Kusnia Bydogoszcz poland website / ticket info or 48.32.2052500 ext.101 for all Polish shows
Sat 20th Polish Cultural Centre Vilnius lithuania CANCELLED
Sun 21st Stodola Warsaw poland Prog Fest. website / ticket info or 48.32.2052500 ext.101 for all Polish shows
Mon 22nd Theatr Wyspianskiego Katowice poland DVD recording. website / ticket info or 48.32.2052500 ext.101 for all Polish shows
Tues 23rd Stara Pekaren Nitra slovakia website / ticket info or Eventim
Wed 24th A38 Boat Budapest hungary website / ticket info 
Fri 26th Stazione Birra Rome italy website / ticket info
Sat 27th Anomalia Club Prato [nr Florence] italy website / ticket info
Sun 28th Z7 Pratteln switzerland website / ticket info  
Mon 29th Transbordeur Lyon france website / ticket info or tickets with discount
Tues 30th Rock et Chanson Talence [nr Bordeaux] france website / ticket info or tickets with discount
Wed 31st Trabendo Paris france website / ticket info or tickets with discount
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Thurs 1st Espace Julien Marseille france website / ticket info or tickets with discount 
Fri 2nd [2] Sala Apolo Barcelona spain website or ticket info
Sat 3rd Ritmo y Compas Madrid spain website / ticket info or this website
Fri 16th The Mean Fiddler [LA2] London england website / ticket info
Sat 17th The Boardwalk Sheffield england website / ticket info or Classic Rock Soc

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Written after the gig, additions 14 May 2006.