Mostly Autumn live reviews and pictures.

Mostly Autumn on tour in the Lowlands 2006.


& 16th December again in De Boerderij Zoetermeer!

More info, pictures, setlist you can find here.

Mostly Autumn on tour in the Lowlands 2005.

15  juli  2005
16  juli  2005  Boerderij in Zoetermeer | NL
31 augustus 2005 Spirit of 66 Verviers | BE
1 september 2005 De Groene Engel OSS | NL
2 september 2005 Bluescafe Apeldoorn | NL
3 september 2005
4 september 2005 P60 Amstelveen | NL
17  december  2005  De Boerderij DVD recording
Special X-mas Show!
| NL
2005 More live dates | UK



Pictures and Reviews LowLands 2005.


Mostly Autumn on tour in the Lowlands 2004.
They did perform a small Pink Floyd set at the Lowlandstour 2004.
If you want an impression of the latest shows in the U.K. visit the Dutch Mostly Autumn site.

Reviews of live gigs:

Four days of Party, 22, 23, 24 & 25 April 2004:
Thursday at
The Bluescafe in Apeldoorn,
Friday at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer,
Saturday at the great Festival of Trolls at Anthisnes,
and at last Plato's at Helmond.

Mostly Autumn live in the Spirit of 66,
Anthisnes: 20 June 2003.

the Spirit: 7 December 2003 again, with a lot of pictures.

013 Tilburg: 16 December 2004. new.

Reviews and pics of the V-shows in the U.K., including a Pink Floyd gig!

Mostly Autumn live in the Astoria 8th of May 2004.
An more news about the V-shows.

Storms Over Still Water Launch Show
4th of June 2005 Astoria London .


A Poll about Mostly Autumn and David Gilmour! Just one important question!


Thursday April 22th, at The Bluescafe in Apeldoorn.

picture-by-peter-vroon I usually don’t drive to a concert that is 130 km away from my place for a band that I have never heard of before, and especially not when I woke up at 5 in the morning, and know that I will not be back home before 2 in the next morning, having to go to work afterwards. But I did it for Mostly Autumn, band that I know only because seeing the great performance of lead singer Heather Findlay with Ayreon at the CD presentation.

I had no idea of what to expect, I only knew that she has got a wonderful, sweet and pure voice. And she confirmed it very well with her own band.

The concert took place in a small café in Apeldoorn, in front of the big venue De Gigant. I think that the capacity of the place was around 100 people, and it was quite full. No amazing light show here, neither some great sound material, but a very cozy atmosphere created by the band and the audience.

The gig started a bit late in my opinion, but that’s not a big problem when you consider the nice performance that followed. How to describe Mostly Autumn? Don’t expect some heavy symphonic metal like the bands that I am used to cover. It is NOT metal. It is NOT gothic. (but I like it a lot!)

The music is very atmospheric (like latest The Gathering pieces) with a lot of spiritual and mystical parts. Sometimes it also sounds like a soft Pink Floyd song, especially when the male singer performs. But they are also able to accelerate the rhythm and then, they give a feeling of a really happy band having fun on the stage, and that feeling is very well communicated to the audience.
I also appreciated the long performance. There was no support act that evening, but after playing a 50 minutes set, the band took a short break of around 10 minutes, and then they came back on the stage for more than one hour, and it was amazing. Only few bands give so much in one evening for their audience, and we can only be very thankful to Mostly Autumn for their mystical and joyful performance.

I am totally new to the band, so sorry, I cannot help with song names or anything, but the best for you is to check out official website

Pictures that i took will come later in the photogallery.


Pictures by Peter Vroon and Karel at The Blues Cafe.


FRIDAY APRIL THE 23TH. at the Boerderij.

Posted by Thijs, together with Roy, Piet & Hanneke the most loyal fans in the Lowlands, at the Mostly Autumn Forum.

Last night in the Boerderij, i've seen Mostly Autumn in a super mood!!!
Damn.... never seen anything like this before.
They should have recorded this one!!

Many people are converted this evening to into MA fans!!

I think Jean has sold, almost all her t-shirts (that she has took for these 4 days, and we are now at day 2!!).



Saturday at the great Festival of Trolls at Anthisnes.

Just a short impression by me.

With the famous Dutch Fans, Hanneke, Piet, Troy and Thijs, I had an appointment that we should drive from the lovely South of the Netherlands to Anthisnes.
Easy said easy done, but after Liege we got lost in the Belgium traffic... and after a lovely, (Piet had a other word for it), trip we arrived at Anthisnes.
Great Festival, people dressed up in costums of the middle ages, music on several stages, eating, drinking making fun, what else do you wish? Mostly Autumn i suppose...

The Gig.
roy-hanneke-thijs-piet Cool, nice well done, too short.
The Spanish guitar of Heather arrived to late, probably he was lost in the Belgium traffic too.
Andrew kicked his cymbals of the stage, Bryan had to make a ... during the gig. They were sounding incredible well (without a decent sound check).
The crowded yelled for a encore, the band moved back on the stage, but the plugs were already removed... but what the heck. It was splendid!
It was nice to see them again, they made some new fans in Anthisne that's for sure.

Afterwards we had a little chat with them, they all are really nice.




Sunday at the
Plato's in Helmond.


Winter Mountain,
Caught in a Fold,
Something in Between,
Last Climb,
The Spirit of 69 ;-),
1st Thought,
Half the Mountain,
Boundless Ocean ("mmm a bit psychedelic, nice"),
Shrinking Violet,

ian andrew
Andrew and,

Photo's by Jany of ProgNose.
Thanx Janny.


Dark Be4 Dawn,
Answer the Question,
Simple Ways,
Last bright Light,
Pure white Light,
Never a Rainbow,
Heroes (never die),

Mother Nature
("awesome closing of a wonderful night").
Was nice to see so many familiar faces, Jean, Janny, Eric and his friends, of course Hanneke, Piet, Roy, Thijs and even the people on the stage looked well known.

I think all the Dutch fans were impressed by Andrew (21 years young and already the longest member).




LIVE IN SPIRIT OF 66 (June 2003):
I'm speechless again, great gig, they had fun and we too. The show started with a very floydian wind to kick off with the great opener Winter Mountain. In a different version as we're used to hear (the same as on the bonus cd). A lot of older songs came by and they played it very well. The band has grown over the years, they were great 2 years ago and a bit shy, but now, perfect playing, perfect team. Pass The Clock, Something in Between, Simple Ways and Passengers are classics already and were played if it were songs the band played for years. The first gig i saw Josh playing, i thought that he was a son of David Gilmour, now he's developed his own Joshy style, great!
They came back for a third & fourth encore and went back to their folky roots (Helm's Deep), I think the Patriot In & Spirit Of 66 will be their favorite place to relax. It was nice to see Jean ;-) x x x
Heather "lady Galadril" and Angela stole the show frequently and the band is just a Distant Train that keeps running and can't be stopped (Hope we're the Passengers traveling with them).
It made my flesh creep a several times, the only band who got that done, a few times was Pink Floyd, so forget all the foolish things i wrote about the
Passengers album, (that the Passengers is not a DSOTM), live they're one of the top bands i've ever seen (and yes i've seen Yes, Pink Floyd, The Glimmer Twins, RPWL & Genesis). Theire music is just so fantastic, creepy, spooky; the songs keep tolling in my head.
Shrinking Violet and Mother Nature will be classic songs which can match with Welcome to The Machine, Round-a-bout, Locomotive Breathe or whatever!

Hope The Passengers album will bring them the success they earn, so they can build up their gigs with some more visual effects and reach a bigger audience.
An hope they'll come back in The Spirit Of 66 (here the Story began and will continue) (if possible with their family; Karnataka, Gabriel, Troy Donockley & Guy Manning).
Thanks for the wonderful Show.

And thank you Francis.

Nick June 2003.



Mostly Autumn live in the Spirit of 66,
December the 7th 2003.

What must i say? A band that mixes rock, with prog and Celtic tunes. Which is live incredible good! Which was very emotional and played with great devotion. A band which believe in their songs. A loyal crowed which believes in this band. A band that impressed more as 3 hours...(one of their longest gigs according to Liam). A band which plays Smoke on the Water and Comfortably Numb with more spirit then you ever heard before (those two songs and more you'll find on their latest DVD AT THE GRAND OPERA HOUSE YORK).
And if covering Pink Floyd and Deep Purple is not enough, they did Emmerson Lake & Palmer,
I Believe in Father Christmas, too. When Heather announced it, it looked liked the 178 fans didn't know what to expect and didn't react as Heather expected. Then Heather asked: "Don't they celebrate x-mas in Belgium?"... No Heather in the Lowlands they'll celebrate Mostly Autumn day on 6 & 7 December ;-)
The gig was one best off: Winter Mountain, The Spirit of 66, Evergreen, Helm's Deep, Shrinking Violet (creepy), Goodbye alone, Mother Nature, The Last Bright Light, The Last Climb, Passengers, Distant Train, Never The rainbow, Pass the Clock. What did i miss? We all knew what those funny German teenagers missed; Please.
When Heroes Never Die was announced, the crowed was so still as 176 mice.... i almost needed my handkerchief when Heather started to sing. And that for a guy of 40 years and three days young.
It was a pity that Troy was ill, but what could he add? I think that his Uilleann Pipes could have give a more party feeling ten there already was. But it was better as best already. Hope he's doing well now.
Heather voice was supreme. Josh lost his likeness with David Gilmour a bit and was more as astronomical.

Was nice talking to them all after this unbelievable gig.
Was good to see Jean and all the fans Thijs, Frank, Walter & the club of Born again.


So David, Roger, Nick & Rick put you instruments on the attic and let these boys & girls take over the flag... The New Pink Floyd is there!


Nick, 8 December 2003.









The next morning i had to go to work early...that's live. When i drove out the street, a full bright moon was standing high in the sky. It was there in front of me al the 20 minute drive...
I watched the bright moon above the sky shine over the hills of this lovely South of the Netherlands, while “The Gab Is Too Wide” was cutting the air of my car. The adrenaline of the last night was still running through my vessels and a kind of energetic flow was there the whole day ... thanks!
And when i finally drove home, home again, cold and tired, there it was again the Bright Side Of The Moon leading me home to my kids and lovely wife.
Is that the omen for the next album?


Nick 11 December 2003.


013 Tilburg: 16 December 2004 new.

Reviews and pics of the V-shows in the U.K., including a Pink Floyd gig!

See this DVD:
Mostly Autumn At The Grand Opera House in York.
What more must i tell...



For all who we've lost, where ever they are.
Thanks to the whole band for performing it so well...



Heroes Never Die


The ways the ins and outs of heaven still elude us to the end
The tears, the sun and rain, I feel them on my face and on my skin
We loved you then, we love you still and don't you know, don't you know
The ways the ins and outs of heaven still elude us to the end
If he's the sun the rain, I feel him on my face against my skin,
And when I open up that door and think of where we used to roam
And laugh and smile and drink with friends with all the love you know we have.
Don't you know, that heroes never die, they sail forever.


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