Mostly Autumn at the Loreley.

28th of July 2006.

With Fish, Sylvan & Secound Out.


Die schöne Jungfrau sitzet
dort oben wunderbar;
Ihr goldnes Geschmeide blitzet,
Sie kammt ihr golnes Haar.
Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme
und singt ein Lied dabei;
Das hat eine wundersame,
gewaltige Melodie.


What a magnificient place to perform ... wonderful.
An Amfitheatre lying on the top of a rock on the banks of the Rhine. Majestic no more no less.


About 3.000-4.000 people did see a great performances from Mostly Autumn.
They played a collection of their latest album and older songs. "Evergreen" was tear breaking and we heard an excellent 'Last Climb". Heathers mike broke down, so there was a famous improvisation by Liam and his mental thing.
Olivia and Bryan made "Never The Rainbow" to a duet for guitar and vocals and yers it was, again, impressive. A nice "Carpe Diem" was played, with Angela taking over all the keyboard duties.
Bryan introduced "Heroes Never Die" on his own way, but at the end he changed his speech and said; "I want to dedicate this song to a man who was an isnpiration for many of us... Syd Barrett this one is for you".
"Mother Nature" was the last song and was awesome... it looked like that the "Echoes"-theme would grow out to the original song... great David Gilmour would have liked this I guess.
Anyway it was an excellent performance and they have some new fans added.

heather olivia




Hope the boys will see a great show in Münich on Saturday; David Gilmour.

And hope we'll see them soon.


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The German band Sylvan did have a good act too, a band inspired by Marillion and Fish.
And he was GREAT! Saw him two mounths ago with an excellent show, but this was even better. Maybe Heathers perfomances did bring in that extra spirit?? ;-)
Speaking about the Spirit, was great to see some friends, Dave, Paul and "Spirit of 66" Francis there too.

fish heather

Just Good Friends?

Secound Out closed the festival with a good imitation of Genesis. Well done.


Pictures by me, sorry that is the best quality I had that day.
Hope it gives a good impression anyway.

28th of July.


are some more pictures.

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