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A review from Aloha,
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An interview with Angela.


A review of the "Storms Over Still Water" / May the 15th 2005.
Added an interview with Heather Findlay July the 1st.

9. Carpe Diem 8:05 Music; Heather & Iain, Words; Heather, Lead-Vocals; Heather.
Thoughts of the events of Boxing Day 26th December 2004.
A simple but very effective piano intro by Iain, a bit Rick Wright stylish, Troy and his Ullian Pipes, Heathers eternal voice, you can hear her breathing between the lines that she sings, so amazing beautiful, sensual...shivers ... flute...and even more shivers. The song is just running 3:44... and the whole band with a lead from Bryans Fender doing an amazing Gilmouresque guitar solo brings it to a climax. definetely a new "Mother Nature"... what an epic. My favourite track, without a doubt.

NG: This song is about the Tsunami that hit Asia. Are there still images burned in your head of that disaster?
What were you thoughts when you realized what the impact was?

HF: I think it will be hard for any one of us to erase the imagery or the feelings we experienced at the time of the disaster. For me the eeriest thing was the utterly stark contrast between the east and west that day. Whilst we in the west were predominantly feasting and partying in celebration of our hugest annual festival, the most unthinkably terrifying tragedy was tearing through Indonesia. We really are so helpless at such times. Initially all I could think of doing was donating along with seemingly the rest of the world in hope that it did reach someone in need. I’m not sure what this song does for anyone in Indonesia or over here for that matter but, for me it was a way of putting in to words and music at least some of my own interpretation of the whole thing.
As it began to arrive I almost tried to push it away feeling that I was in some way jumping on a bandwagon. I then realized that it would be far more contrived to try to stop it and that I should just let it happen. I had never written anything on the piano before up until that moment. I don’t even play.
All the material had been pretty much chosen for SOSW by the time BJ heard it the day before New Years Eve. I thought therefore that if anything, I would keep it for my own project. He loved what he heard however and so asked for it to be included.
Spookier still is the fact that the title of Storms Over Still Water had already been chosen by Bryan over a year previous to this moment. I guess this says in some way that by hook or by crook this song was coming out.

NG: You collaborate on the ProgAID single "All Around The World" to help those victims. How was it to experience? Were you surprised by the Prog community that stood up to help?
HF: After seeing how much the whole world contributed, nothing was going to be much of a surprise! It was great to see how everyone came together and got involved.
I was really pleased to be a part of it. I wish I could have contributed more, but at that time I had just had terrible flu and had not fully recovered by the time we received the recordings to work on. I just sang some harmony parts in the end.

10. Storms over Still Water 7:39 Music; Bryan, Words; Bryan, Lead-Vocals; Bryan & Heather.
The title track must be an epic and yes indeed. A genius complex song, no more no less... One of the highlights of the album.
Bryan: "...when I worked on "Storms over Still Water", the tittle track, one of the ideas I had about the album, was the feeling of the ghost of X-mas past it was like someone is taking you someone who's in a state of regret.. depression or what ever... and he is digging himself in a deeper hole. And I had the idea of light, somebody like a lady as the ghost of X-mas past pulling him back, taking him back to where things were shining, were things where really positive, when their were laughing. That kind of spirit the whole idea on was the first seed were the whole album is about..."

11. Tomorrow 3:40 Music; Bryan, Words; Bryan.
Another powerful instrumental song, this time from Bryan. The first notes did me remind of the intro of Peter Gabriels "Biko" but that is just for the intro the songs is an splendid “Storm Reprise”, repeating themes from the earlier tracks. This song seems that it isn't finished, it got such a great theme that is maybe meant to be as a look into into the new album. And spoken about a new album; now this album is finished we know how the new album will start... but let us enjoy this one first and see them life.

NG: What is your overall opinion about the album?
HF: I am really pleased with it. I can for the first time sit back and enjoy the recording myself without wanting to change anything. (Or at least not too much)! I love the rockier side of the band too. As I said before I love variety. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the next album is an out and out folk album! ? At the moment though I am really enjoying experimenting with my voice and the rock angle really allows for this. (I don’t think my mum likes it too much though). All in all it is definitely a more accessible album and one that will appeal to a wider audience I think. This album has a split personality; a lot of heart and rather sharp teeth!
NG: Was it fun to do it almost entirely live on the launch party?
HF: Yes it was great fun ~ with so many of my favourite people around too! Although as I’m sure you can imagine there was just a wee bit of pressure too! I think it went well though and I can’t wait to repeat it all again in Holland in a couple of weeks…

An album with two faces; a rockin' Dark Side and an excellent soaring symphonic rock Side with four excellent epics. But nevertheless it all fits well on one album, but it needs more as one spin in your desk.
They've left the Celtic edge what was so characteristic for their first three albums. And so there isn't much room for Angela and her amazing flute, and that is a lost I think, because I like her (flute) playing extremely well.

NG: What is your opinion about this Angela, is your role changing from flute to extra keyboards?
Angela Gordon: The thing I respect about Mostly Autumn is that the music is the most important thing. There is exactly as much flute on Storms as was needed for the songs. I love the lines I play in the new material. As a musician I am consciously evolving into keyboard playing singer alongside my recorder and flute playing so I love the variety and that I can contribute to the live show in so many ways.
I disagree that the celtic edge is 'left', I just think it's more subtile. I'm busier in the show now than I have ever been.
Outside of MA I am playing more flute than ever before and loving it!

On the other hand the contributions of Iain are greater as ever, the rhythm team has improved and it seems that Heathers voice has made another big step to higher grounds.
Bryans voice has become a bit rougher, more timbre, on the first track you've to become familiar with that and then it's oké.
This album is more "mainstream", certainly the shorter tracks, and will reach out for a wider audience. Some older fans will ask for a "Last Bright Light Part II", but the band has to grow, go further and explore more edges of their Music and in this case it has become more "darker". It seems that a new era has started, Mostly Autumn is opening up new stormy horizons.
Bryan: "It's a great step forewars, an evolution... I'm real excited on this one!"
The first three albums grabbed me at the first stroke, it was al there, the right feeling, the emotions, the excitement of hearing a new young band, the songs that gave me shivers at the first turn, this one is different and still brilliant. Mostly Autumn can be really proud of this, but it has to grow before it grabs you. The craftsmanship is there, and I believe the skills of the bandmembers have grown enormously. You've to give it a few spins on your desk before this albums get's into your brain and you come aware of the beautyness of it.
The sound quality is superb and I really enjoyed the fresh live sound of the whole album. Maybe that is because new engineers were brought in and the professional surrounding of the Chapel Studios has a positive effect. Bryan: "... we never have used this kind equipment as this before... one thing I really wanted to have for the album is a kind of fresh sound, white moist, fresh nice production sound, think the songs deserve that...". A few moments before he mentioned that they didn't have used all the possibilities of the Chapel Studios, so to speak with Bryans words "...there will be a lot beautiful moments to come."

NG: I know you’ve some ideas for a solo album and currently you’re working together with Livvy. Are there already songs finished? Can you give is a hint how they sound?
HF: Nothing has been officially recorded yet. A few songs have been demoed. A lot of my time is spent at the moment helping BJ with ‘Mostly Autumn records’ which is very positive but leaves little time for my own stuff. Soon the company will find it’s feet though… Knowing me and the kind of stuff I write, the finished article will no doubt be an eclectic mix!
NG: Are you invited at Iain solo project?
HF: We have to be very careful about how much we involve ourselves in each other’s projects owing to the danger of sounding too much like the mother project! I have discussed this with Iain so maybe he agrees. I am not surprised to learn that Olivia is doing a fantastic job so far though ;)
Note: Olivia "Livvy" Sparnenn is one of the fantastic live guest musicians, she's working on a album and Heather will be involved.
NG: Do you have some time left to paint?

HF: Yes, from time to time. It really is about making time and forcing yourself to stop certain things that you have spent too much time on already. Working out a little roster so that certain things don’t get forgotten about is a good thing to do.
NG: Do you’ve other hobbies?
HF: I like to watch as much live music as possible. I love to get out into the mountains. I really enjoy running, Yoga and generally keeping very active. I just bought a mountain bike that has seen a lot of action too. I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. They are so important to me. I have read a lot of books this year too. I’ve just finished Dan Brown’s ‘Digital Fortress’ and I’m just about to start ‘The Mists of Avalon’ again.
NG: What do you want to achieve with Mostly Autumn?
HF: Well, if I in 20 years time my children can come and watch me do a stadium show then I’ll be happy! I guess this means that by then I will be happily coupled with children and still enjoying a great career with the household name that is Mostly Autumn!

‘’We live…and we dream’’

Heather and Bryan at the Strat Pack Concert Autumn 2004,
with David Gilmour, Henk Marvin, Mike Rutherford and
all lot of guitar hero's.

NG: Do you’ve another dream that you want to share with us?
HF: I think the above sums up a little of that! I’d love to meet my heroes…I think… The little girl dreams I had about falling in love and being happy every after still exist too. I hope they always will and maybe one day…

When I get the opportunity to make a wish I always wish for the same thing… but I can’t tell you what that is or it won’t come true!
NG: Is there anything else you want to say?
HF: I’d like to thank you Nick for all you do for Mostly Autumn in your evangelistic plight to spread the Mostly Autumn word!
NG: ... thanks Heather,
You're wonderful.

Wish you all the luck and hope all your dreams come thru...
Nick X.


The DVD is a nice wannahave, a good look at "The Making Of", two promo's, two nice Concert Projections, (you want to see them live after you saw that), and a few good live recordings, a highlight is the lost performance of "Mother Nature" at the York Opera House.
"Out of the Green Sky"
...these fallen dreams
we just can't reach
got to change direction
got to change...




Angela; "Previosly it might have been couples of people working on little ideas, this one is all of us working together... so if feel real close...".
Bryan: "Everything comes together, feel live, it fits ... it will be mind blowing... .".


Mostly Autumn are:

Bryan Josh - lead vocals, lead rhythm electric and acoustic guitars
Heather Findlay - lead and backing vocals, percussion
Iain Jennings - keyboards and backing vocals
Angela Gordon Goldthorpe - recorders, flute and backing vocals
Andy Smith - bass
Liam Davidson - slide electric guitars
Andrew Jennings - drums

Guest Musicians:
Troy Donockley - ullian pipes and low whistle / Carpe Diem
Chris Johnson backing vocal / Broken Glass
Mark Goron & Chris Walkden - additional backing vocals / Candle to the Sky.


Added an interview with Angela Gordon July the 4th.

NG: Hello Angela,
AG: Hi Nick,
At last, I've managed to complete your interview...

NG: Thanks anyway, it is always on time...I'm very pleased with it.
Still got images of London in my head, I really had a great time at the launch party.

So here are the questions, enjoy it.
How did you get into the music business, I know you had a Stage Lightening Company first, with Andy. But you're also involved in other bands?
AG: It has been a bit of a sandwich, really. I started off in music performance, took a few years off from that while I was studying and involved in production (lighting and sound engineering) and then, happily, have moved back to performance, arranging, teaching and writing.
NG: Why did you choose for playing a flute?
AG: The flute was a natural progression from recorder at school. I loved playing recorder, solo but particularly ensemble, but it wasn't taken seriously enough by many people. I went back to playing recorders in the Redforde Early Music Consort before I went to uni.
NG: Do you've a affection to bands with a flute, such as Jethro Tull or our Dutch Focus/ Thijs van Leer?
AG: Of course!
NG: Who are your main influences?
AG: In my playing I guess of course IA and TvL but only in the last 8 years, before that James Galway and David Munrow.
NG: What are you listening right now?
AG: Right now I'm listening to The Beekeeper, Tori Amos' new album. It's about the 100th time I've heard it. I haven't been like this about an album since I was at school! I know it's a cliche but it IS the sound-track to my summer. Before I got The Beekeeper I was very enthusiastic about With Teeth by Nine Inch Nails. Brilliant. (Hasten to add: Still waiting with bated breath for the rumoured and long awaited Kate Bush album).
NG: Is there time to go to a gig or to the cinema? Which band / movie did you see this year?
AG: I don't think I've been to the cinema since Troy. I work at a music venue part-time so see about 3 bands-a-night, 3 nights-a-week. The night after the Astoria show, Heather, Chris W & I went to Manchester to see Tori Amos. I could go on about that gig all day... but suffice to say she was awe-inspiring!
NG: Do you have other occupations besides music?
AG: As I said, I work at the music venue in York 2 or 3 night-a-week when we are \ at home. I love it there, the people are great and the shows are so enormously varied. I've learnt so much from the artists who pass through there.
I enjoy Yoga and I read a lot. I also have an interest in Wicca but at the moment I choose to spend most of my spare time playing music.

NG: Do you enjoy yoga on your own or do you enjoy it with your friends like Heather?
AG: Both.
NG: Wicca, so you're a free time witch? What do you do you lay down Tarot, do you make horoscopes, astrology, or do you delude interviewers, or ..?
AG: HAHA! Tarot...
NG: What excatly does it mean, doesn't Wicca is also a way of living with a lot of respect for nature and learn to listen to the nature, your body and use it?
AG: I couldn't have said it better myself.
NG: Iain, Heather and Bryan, write the songs and the lyrics, when they come into the studio with the whole band, are the songs complete? Or is it more a band decision how the finally version sounds?
AG: Whoever wrote the song decides how it sounds.
NG: Do you play keyboards, recorders at Heartlive?
AG: Live, yes, in the studio I played the recorders and sang backing vocals.
NG: "They've left the Celtic edge what was so characteristic for their first three albums. And so there isn't much room for Angela and her amazing flute, and that is a lost I think, because I like her playing extremely well. " (part of the review)
What is your opinion about this, is your role changing from flute to extra keyboards?
AG: The thing I respect about Mostly Autumn is that the music is the most important thing. There is exactly as much flute on Storms as was needed for the songs. I love the lines I play in the new material. As a musician I am consciously evolving into keyboard playing singer alongside my recorder and flute playing so I love the variety and that I can contribute to the live show in so many ways.
I disagree that the celtic edge is 'left', I just think it's more subtile. I'm busier in the show now than I have ever been.
Outside of MA I am playing more flute than ever before and loving it!

NG: Which song is your favourite? And why?
AG: Tricky question. Favourite to perform generally: Simple Ways, the emotion, the dynamics... much the same goes for Mother Nature. I love singing with Heather and feel very close to the songs Shrinking Violet and Heart Life. I have always loved The Last Bright Light. Anything from The Lord of the Rings, especially my husbands favourite, On Wings of Gwahir. I'm likely to play Hollow if I'm listening alone.
I'm cheating now, aren't I?

NG: I don't dare to say you're cheating, I've a lot of respect for witches ;-) And no you don't.
Do you want to add something?
AG: I'd like to thank all the people who have made the journey so far with Mostly Autumn so enjoyable. I write this 2 weeks before our trip to NL and the love and support we receive there make the shows and the whole trip a wonderful experience. I can't wait!

Thank you
Take care
Angela Gordon

Angela thanks for your time,
best regards to your husband and the cats.
X Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.
Gonna miss you July the 16th!


Mostly Autumn at The Point Cardif, June 2005.

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The LowLands Tour 2005:
More live dates in the UK

15  juli  2005
16  juli  2005  Boerderij in Zoetermeer | NL
31 augustus 2005 Spirit of 66 Verviers | BE
1 september 2005 De Groene Engel OSS | NL
2 september 2005 Bluescafe Apeldoorn | NL
3 september 2005
4 september 2005 P60 Amstelveen | NL
17 december 2005 Zoetermeer X-mas gig
DVD recording!
| NL


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"Storms Over Still Water "will be mind blowing! " Bryan Josh, 18 January 2005.

Mostly Autumn, congratulations with the new label and good luck!

1) Out of the Green Sky 2) Broken Glass 3) Ghost in Dreamland
4) Heart Life 5) The End of the World 6) Black Rain
7) Coming to... 8) Candle to the Sky 9) Carpe Diem
10) Storms over Still Water 11) Tomorrow  

Modem or Broadband Broadband
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16 July Dutch Launch Party at Zoetermeer!
Full lights show, backing vocals and:

Troy Donockley,
Olivia "Livvy" Sparnenn and
Florence Millett-Sikking!

Go and see them!
Tickets here!

Or win a tickets at:



Mostly Autumn - Storms over still water | Classic Rock Direct LTD * * * * *

Mostly Autumn founded about ten years ago has proven that it is possible to get pretty far in this world without hit songs , but with outstanding music and many gigs.

This sixth album Storms over still water is released because of the fans who ordered 2000 copies by the official website even before the recordings had started.

The music is a unique mix of Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Genesis And Deep Purple. Its for all female singer Heather Findlay and guitarist Bryan Josh who dictate the sound. On Storms hard rockers as Out of the Green Sky, Broken Glass, Black Rain and Coming to …are varied by beautiful epic ballads as Carpe diem and the Title song.

The other five , as strong as the others, are floating in between. Josh playing is phenomenal, and as far as I’m concerned the only guitarist who is allowed to stand in the shadow of David Gilmour. But it is the symphatic Heather who takes care of the definitive spell. Make sure you are at there on July 16th ( Boerderij Zoetermeer ), and September. Then they are here.

Kees Baars Genre: Progressive folk rock



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interview from Heather edited 2 July,
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Thanks to Martin van Kessel, Chris Walkden, Louis Rentrop and Dave White.


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