American band who started to make music for nature films. They met Tony Conrad who worked with the Velvet Underground, he became theire mentor. A bit like Radiohead, with disorted piano and guitar tunes, but more violins. With a few black and white clips of Anton Corbijn they some succes.

David Baker - vocals he leaves in '93,
Jonathan Donahue - vocals,
Sean "Grasshopper" Makowian - guitars, woodwind, vocals,
Adam Snyder - mellotron, wurlitzer, piano,
Dave Fridman - piano, bass, mellotron, backing vocals, & bass,
Jimmy Chambers - clavinet, harpsicord & drums,
Suzanne Thorpe - flute.

When Levon Helm (drums), Garth Hudson (sax, both from the Band) and the famous photgrapher Anton Corbijn got involved in Deserter's Songs ('98) they got a little succes.
All this Dream ('01) did sell well, and again with a few clips of Anton Corbijn. Tony Viscounti did produce the album and on drums there was Jeff Mercel.

David Baker started the band Shady.
Donahue & Grasshopper did made two elpee's: The Harmony Rockets.





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