Vocals finally in Landmarq and in symfo and metal bands, who've almost all a relation with Clive Nolan:

Quasar (The Loreli '89:
Keith Turner, Dave Wagstave, Uwe D'Rose & Steve Leigh, the last 4 are from Landmarq),
Strangers on a Train (The Key '90: Clive Nolan, Karl Groom, Alan Reed) &
Labyrinth ('93),
Tracy Hitchings (From Ignorance to Ecstasy '91, with Clive Nolan, Karl Groom, Ian Salmon, Dave Wagstaffe),
Gandalf (Gallery of Dreams '92 with Steve Hackett & To our Children '94),
Teri Refus ('92),
Ulysses (Neronia '93),
Blue Heat (Dancing on Stones,
here she replaced Damian Wilson who left to join Landmarq again, with Karl Groom, Clive Nolans buddy '94) and then in
Landmarq (The Vision Pit '95,
just a few backing vocals, in '98 she replaced Damian Wilson again),
Shadowland, (Mad as a Hatter),
Pendragon (The Masquarade Overture) and
John Wetton live.
John Jowitt (member of IQ, '99).
Jabberwockey; Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman ('99).

ProgAID ( '05), a great single with many artists!
Landmarq brings out an excellent live-album ('99) and Tracy becomes The Best Female Singer of the Year.

Her favourite artist are; herself (and yes she looks nice), John Wetton, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Sam Brown.





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