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Eris Pluvia.

Band from Italy.
The group was formed in 1988 in Genoa, comprised of:
Alessandro Cavatorti, guitar,
Paolo Raciti, piano and keyboard,
Edmondo Romano, flute and sax,
Marco Forella, bass,
Martino Murtas, drums, and
Alessandro Serri, vocals and guitar.

In this six-person formation, the group performed in festivals and concerts, offering live performances of pieces that would become the nucleus of its 1991 album: Glares of Mind. In 1990, Alessandro Cavatorti left the group, but joined it in the studio to record the guitar part in "Glares of Mind". That same year, the group released “Pushing Together”, a demo that already contained the seeds of R.O.E.L. and included a number of pieces from the album. In 1991, Rings of Earthly Light finally appeared, bringing the group to the attention of sector press.
Alessandro Serri left the group in 1992 and was replaced by Alessandro Conti (vocals) and Mauro Montobbio (guitar); shortly after, Edmondo Romano also left the group. With a new guitarist, Davide Marrari, Eris Pluvia continued its live performances, including taking part in 1994 in the Rino Gaetano awards, where the group came in second in the national competition with its song, “Icaro”. From that point on, they stopped performing live, dedicating themselves, under another name, to the composition of soundtracks and delving into experimental activity parallel to that of the group.
In 2005, feeling the need to generate new ideas, Eris Pluvia contacted guitarist Matteo Noli and drummer Daviano Rotella with whom the band began to work on a new album.

In 2010 has been released Third Eye Light, a concept comprised of nine pieces that create a single guiding thread throughout the album. Featured on the disk will be the splendid guitar of friend Max Martorana, the sweet flute of Roberta Piras and the warm voice of Diana Dallera. The sleeve is a beautiful painting of the original and talented artist Anita Chieppa, while the graphic of the booklet has been prepared with skill and elegance by the graphic designer Enrico Pierini.
Alessandro Cavatori - Guitars
Marco Forella - Bass
Matteo Noli - Vocals, Guitars
Paolo Raciti - piano, Keyboards
Daviano Rotella - Drums
3eyelight Guests:
Roberta Piras - Flute (1,2,4,6,9), Vocals (1)
Diana Dallera - Vocals (1,6)
Max Martorana - Classical Guitar (1,9)
by Ger van Ginkel:
Eris Pluvia is an Italian Progressive Rock Band founded in Genua 1988 by Alessandro Cavatori. Paolo Raciti, Edmondo Romano, Marco Forella, Martino Murtas and Alessandro Serri. In 1991 they released their debuut album” Rings of Earthly Light”, one of the most beautiful albums of the nineties of Rock Progressivo Italiano.
After that the band did some performances in the early nineties and busy doining other things. In 1995 the members Edmondo Roman and Alessandro Serri started the band “The Ancient Veil”. Allessandro Cervati and the bandmembers who stayed started in 2001 a recording studio called “Mister Sound”. They supported local bands with musical arrangements, instructions on a number of instrument and artistic consulting. In 2005, feeling the need of generating new ideas, the band contracted the guitarist Matteo Noli and drummer Daviano Rotella and start to work on a new album. And in 2010 the album “Third Eye Light” is released.
“Third Eye Light” is a fantastic, beautiful album with 9 tracks.
The opening track is “Third Eye Light”. The song intro starts quiet with some piano en guitar. Then a flute comes in. What a beautiful melodic sound. Also backing vocals came in. After the intro some more heavy guitar parts starts and a nice electricguitar solo by Matteo Noli is finishing the track. I guess the fans of Camel like this song very much. No vocals buth only some backing vocals. The second track is “Rain Street 19“. It starts quiet with a accoustic guitar and again the flute of guest musician Roberta Piras. The vocals of Matteo Noli, some guitar and flute makes this song a very melodic part of this album. Quidam fans will like this song. The third track is "The Darkeness Gleams". It's a guitar based rock song.
The fourth song is "Someone Care for Us". A piano ballad. with nice orchestrations. a beautiful song.
The fifth song is the most heavy song of the album and called "Fixed Cours". It starts with some heavy guitar riffs and sounds. Also some nice solo's. It's an instrumental song. The sixth song is "Peggy". A nice and poppy song. On this song Diana Dellara is singing. A song in the tradition of "Mostly Autumn". The flute is also playing his role. "Shades" is the next one. It stars with a piano and accoustic intro. It's has a nice electric guitar part in it. Also the 2 electric guitars playing against each other is nice. This is also one of the more heavy songs of the album. "Fellow of Trip" is a song with some more heavy parts and also some more quiet guitar parts.
The last song of the album is "Sing the Sound of my Fears". A nice intro with Vox Humana voices and the accoustic classic guitar of Max Morterana. And again the flute is coming in. Also some nice vocal parts in this song. In the middle of the song a nice duet between the piano and accoustic guitar is heard.
After all "Third Eye Light "is an album with nice songs. A specially if you like melodic songs you will like this album. It's one of my favorit of this year. (9/10). An album for fans of Camel, Hostsonaten, Quidam and Mostly Autumn.

Review by Ger van Ginkel.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Third Eye Light
2. Rain Street 19
3. The Darkness Gleams
4. Someone Care For Us
5. Fixed Course
6. Peggy
7. Shades
8. Fellow Of Trip
9. Sing The Sound Of My Fears



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