Djam Karet.

The California-based Djam Karet has often been called Americaís greatest undiscovered band. Compared by the press with King Crimson, Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Ozric Tentacles and Porcupine Tree. This music includes New Age, fusion, hard rock, electronic music, world, blues; mostly long heavy instrumentals.
Founded in 1984 (!) by guitarists Gayle Ellett and Mike Henderson, bassist Henry J. Osborne, and drummer Chuck Oken, Jr., all of whom remain in the band. They chose as the bandís name an Indonesian word (pronounced Ďjam care-RAY) that translates loosely as "elastic time".

The first cd is called The Ritual Continues (1987) followed up by Reflections From The Firepool (1989). Eight albums followed!
"Guitar Player" wrote about A Night For Baku (2003) "If you yearn for top-drawer, metal tinged prog chockful of classic synth textures, spacey yet incendiary dual guitars, and tight drum and bass grooves - this tasteful and well produced CD is for you.".

Live At NEARfest 2001 relased in 2004 got good critics too. Followed up by Light Is The New Dark. Numerous critics called the CD Djam Karetís best to date. In the words of Progression: "This may be the best Djam Karet recording yet, which is a mouthful, considering that the bandís now-voluminous output is amply studded with gems. Their brilliant synthesis of abstract mind-trip and concrete butt-kick is at an all-time high here. Sonically, ...[it] is simply masterful. This is one of the major releases of the year."

No Commercial Potential (2004). An double album with No Commercial Potential from 1985 and ... And still getting the Ladies from 2002.
A mix of Grateful Dead, Tangering Dream and Pink Floyds Ummagumma, long spontaneously composed improvisations and long long heavy trips. Sessions recorded live without overdubs.

nocommercialpotential Gayle Ellett - guitars, devices, voice

Mike Henderson - guitars, devices, voice

Aaron Kenyon - bass, voice

Chuck Oken Jr - drums & percussion, synths

Henry Ossborne - bass.



Lux Nova Umbra Est: Light Is The New Dark (2004).

Joel Connell- Drums Mike Henderson - Guitars
Aaron Kenyon - Bass
Patrick Xenakis - Keyboards, Guitars

Gayle Ellett: Winds Of War (2002)

The Maskit Chamber: The 4th Wave (2001)

Gayle Ellett- Everything
Mike Rafferty - Additional Keyboards

The Maskit Chamber: Heaven Machine (2001)

hybridVigor: II By Thre

hybridVigor (1996)

Gardner & Gayle: Music For Televisions (1993).


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