Tim Burness.

Tim Burness established himself musically with his band Burnessence, playing a part in the new wave of British progressive rock from 1983 to 1986. During that time the band toured regularly and released two albums through Nuclear Records. Soon after moving to Brighton (England) in 1990, Tim achieved national radio airplay from Tommy Vance and others in England with "Learning To Fly c/w Mumbling In The House Of Commons", a solo single from the "Power In Your Hands" album on his own label. Tim continued to gig and record throughout the nineties, releasing a mini-album "Infinite Ocean" in 1997 and contributing to albums by the successful ambient group Tuu.
In 2004 Tim released "Finding New Ways To Love" on his own Expanding Consciousness label, his most substantial release to date. This was the first album to gain significant international land and internet radio play across America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Bass: Keith Hastings
Drums: Fudge Smith
Keyboards: Monty Oxy Moron
Percussion and treatments: Martin Franklin
Rhythm programming: Julian Tardo
Hammer dulcimer: Chris Cordrey
Percussion: Will Fry
Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, e-bow, sampled loops, keyboards, percussion: Tim

Work began on the next album in 2005, another eclectic mix of melodic pop, progressive rock and ambient/experimental instrumentals.
The musicians on the new album Vision On ('07:

Bass: Keith Hastings
Drums: Fudge Smith (ex-Pendragon and ex-Steve Hackett)
Keyboards: Monty Oxy Moron (Gypsy Kings tribute band Andalus and ex-Alan Darby)
Tabla and percussion: Julian Franks (countless projects, has worked with Porcupine Tree's Colin Edwin),
Hammer dulcimer: Chris Cordrey
Mandola: Pok
Saxophone: Tim Herman
Radio samples and programming: Martin Franklin
Bass guitar, programming: Julian Tardo
Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, e-bow, sampled loops, keyboards, rhythm programming: Tim

Produced by Tim Burness and Julan Tardo, engineered by Julian Tardo at Church Road Studios, Hove

A real good Rockin' album with some progressive tunes and a real "feel good" touch.
Excellent drumming by ex-Pendragoneer Fudge with addiotinal programming and tablas/ percussion by Tim & Jullian Franks, sprankling guitar work and above all; splendid performed.
I'm really happy i was able to listen to this album in this last week of 2007.
Thanks Tim, you did a great job.






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