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These are my weblogs at davidgilmour.com. I'm afraid that they don't make sence if you're not aware of the context of the weblog in which they are posted at.
But nevertheless, enjou and have a smile.




Sam Brown doing the Great Gig In The Sky... you people in the Olympia must be extremely lucky. Awesome!

Sam is touring, with Jools Holland:
17th March Brussels Belgium Ancienne Belgique
18th March Amsterdam Holland Paradiso
19th March The Hague Holland Paard van Troje

After that she's touring solo in the U.K., check her out she's worthed! So we'll miss her... (got tickets for 19 March).

Is there anyone outthere who has some leftovers for 20 March, also in Amsterdam? Sam is free that night...

Great Gig... unbelievable.

Band and tour personel have a nice weekend!

See you, 3 nights to go!

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Check Sams website for more dates, click on my name.

Posted by: Nick at March 16, 2006 11:43 PM


Sorry dear Editor, this is not a direct answer to your question, but I had to write this down.

Hello dear David,

What are you doing to me? Every free minute I must play your fantastic new cd, in the car, in the living room, during diner, before I close my eyes, behind my computer, when I run behind the hoover, everywere. Visiting this fantastic weblog, take a look at your news breaking site. On my work I answer the phone with: "Goud murning, this is David Gilmour speaking..." Our kids are singing lines of On an Island...

Besides that, you made me cry at the parking place of a supermarket, just some airplay on the Dutch radio and my mascara wiped out ;-) ? I'm trying to run a website about Quality Music, but the only thing I do is making updates about you.

On this way I neglect my my other dear friends. I need a Breathing Space (excellent album Iain J. from York). I had plans to fly to Mexico & visit Mostly Autumn, but then I would have missed the launch of your album (or was there an other reason?). Had ideas to write a review of the new Jadis album; Photoplay, (Garry your album is a beautiful picture, well done! See you soon with Steve Thorne & Pendragon!). Guy Manning made "One small Step", (no Guy you made a big step, excellent prog!)(he did covered Hushabye Mountain too).

So this afternoon I forced my self to walk to my dear mother. A five mile walk thru the moors and woods of the lovely South. Took my mp3 player with me, which I hadn't loaded with On An Island !!! So finally other Quality Music: RPWL (a German band, did some covering but after the death of a dear friend they made a wywh-stylish album; "As God Has Failed"; breathtaking...), Magenta, Blackfield and Heathers Findlays wonderful Carpe Diem, with the unbelieveable Troy Donockley on his Ullian Pipes and Candles in the Sky (another song that could make me crying). Two deers in the moors... beautiful, a woodpecker laughs ;-) no not really just two deers. And just before I arrived at mums place, "All around the World" of ProgAid reached my ears. Arjen Lucassen giving away two great solo's (he did an interview with you, David) and all the other 50 artits involved freaking out on nice gentle English way.

[ Some appartements in the eldery home were fledded, don't ask me how that could happen, it is not funny... holy Moses what a mess. ]

When I finally came home I put a Wet Dream of Richard Wright in the player! Yes I can play other music! But guess what's playing now?

Thanks David and all you musicians out there!

Take Breath, take a deep Breath now ... and please play your music you believe in, it is worthed, no matter what some people say, and no matter which chart position you'll achieve (but again; congratulations with your top 1 position!).

See you soon,

4 nights to go ;-)

Nick from the hilly South of the Netherlands,
where we try to speak Dutch, German an a bit English...

Hope the gig in Paris was a great success and everyone had a life time experience.

Posted by: Nick at March 15, 2006 08:18 PM


Good morning,
I was triggered by the remark of our dear “features editor” of yesterday, that some of our answers regarding the guest musicians were “unoriginal and unadventurous”. Speaking about myself; what would you expect of a boring 42 years young person, who has “everything” in his comfortably life, two wonderful kids, a lovely wife, a nice job, a house, clothes to wear, a website to run, ceedees to play and tickets in his pocket…?

Maybe this?
Jerry Driscoll, is he still opening the door?
Chris Adamson
Peter & Patricia Watts
Henry McCullough
Roger the Hat, maybe
Paul McCartney because he did some speaking too (but it never made de record) & at last but important too:
Lullabel III doining some vocals (and or artwork) together with the suggested Mademoiselle Nobs aka Seamus (thanks to Becky from A.)

Hope all the people above are still a live and kickin’, thank you for your amazing contributions to the best elpee ever...

Have a nice day,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.



Here in the Netherlands and the lovely South things are going a bit laid back, no fuz and no hysteria in the streets. Althrought the two gigs in Amsterdam were sold out in wink of an eye.

There was a nice big article in a newspaper, my favourite recordshop has a done some good business, but not much radio airplay (I heard it only once, but I'm not a frequent radio listener), a few commercials, nothing on TV. I saw only one friendly guy who painted his face like the cover of "On An Island" during the carnaval, we celebrate that only here in the South. My wife did kissed him a few times!!! ;-X

Our newspaper will do a review this Thursday (the chief editor promised me).

Maybe after this weekend (the 2 gigs will take place then) more people will get aware of the beauty of the album.
And that is just what I see, but maybe the South is a bit isolated: we spent the weekend with some scouts in the hills, (just across the border of Belgium) no mobile connection, no radio, but happily a cd player and a few new fans of OAI.

And David didn't liked scouting (?)... mmmm... strange maybe he should come and have a walk down here.

And of course congratulations with the number one chart position in the U.K., more countries will follow.

For me it doesn't counts what the chart position will be, the Music counts. And with some help of advertizing and the name "David Gilmour" people will buy. It's a bit weird, there are bands out there who are making unbelieveable good Quality Music too, but don't can pay good advertizing consultancie and stay un-known.

Apparently "we" are not willing to search and explore those pearls too, but we are watching TV and buy...

By the way, OAI is more as good Quality Music, it is Top.

Good to read that the band is having a good time too (thanks Guy!).

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: Nick at March 13, 2006 07:19 PM



The HMH is maybe not the most beautiful spot David will apear this tour, but the acoustics are great. Visit it only once: Yes with the Magnification tour with Orchestra in 2002. It is a "far" ride for us in the lovely South ;-)

Just went for the weekend groceries, and on the parketplace "On An Island" was on the Dutch radio. A tear in my eye... How is that possible that music can cause such a deep emotion?

Had it before at the Pink Floyd gigs '88 & '94, the atmosphere, the sound, the music. Mostly Autumn live made me cry several times; they've a song about the lost of a dear one / (the father of the guitarist)... creepy... and then projections of famous people Einstein, J.S.Bach, Kennedy, David Gilmour and finally "his" lost father.

Looking forward to the show, we are going with friends and we all are in love for 25 years (on the same persons ;-)(this mounth) so think I'll have some tears in my eye again.

... Without music, life would be a mistake. (Nietzsche)...

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: Nick at March 9, 2006 05:08 PM


Posted by: nick at January 18, 2006 04:11 AM

When I was driving to my work, this afternoon, in mine Magenta coloured Maserati Birdcage Tipo 61, I was listening to “Lie for a Lie” from R.Fenn & N.Mason, with David Gilmour doing some vocals. “Chips, how could I forget the man with great name!”

Nicolas Berkeley Mason is probably one of the guest musicians on “On A Island”, who will make some noise on drums or maybe with some titillatingly engine sounds.

Yeah and I’ll keep on dreaming ;-)
Nick from his lovely work in the South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: nick at January 16, 2006 06:54 PM



The List.
It became a list of a great classical collection David Gilmour & Pink Floyd songs and things would be really strange if some of the songs will not reach the stage this upcoming tour. Is the list complete, no absolutely not! David & Pink Floyd have more songs that are worthed to play, in the original setting or in a totally different tune. Beside that more songs are missing:
# "The On An Island" songs, for me he can play the whole new album &
# The covers that David could do (and that list could be endless),
# Sadly David lost a few good friends the last couple of years. For me it would be obvious if he plays at least one song for them, could be a cover, or maybe he found inspiration and did wrote a new song about them (otherwise I have two great suggestions, in a musically sence and in a lyrical sence; "God Has Failed" from the Floydish sounding German band RPWL and "Heroes Never Die" from who Rick Wright said: "I've been listening to those amazing new band called Mostly Autumn." BBC Radio 2, March 2004.)

Guest musicians.
Of course that is a difficult one. Let's give it a shot;
Neil MacColl, Tim Renwick and or Jeff Beck on guitar, maybe with David O'List
the man from Columbia Chucca Merchant on double bass
Pino Palladino on bass
John Lord & Steve Winwood on keyboards, organ and Mellotron
Kate Bush doing a duet with David
Sam Brown, Carol Kenyon, Margot Buchanan, Claudia Fontaine, Durga McBroom, Michelle John Douglas, Sonia Jones, David Laudat, Aitch McRobie, Beverli Skeete on vocals
Nick France & Louis Conte on percussion
Dick Parry in duet with Raf Ravenscroft on saxes
Troy Donockley on Ullian Pipes
Storm Thorgerson art work.

And of course I wished that all my favourite musicians would be involved, but that is wishfull thinking.

Have a nice day,
Looking forward to the answers on this WebLog and to the news of tomorrow.

Nick from the lovely sunny South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: Nick at January 16, 2006 12:45 PM



Of course, as mentioned before; "Wish, wish you were here" and we all sing a long.

Another favourite of mine and probably the shortest sung "he" ever did; "High Hopes" the choral version, with the lovely choir; Michelle, Carol, Sam, H., Largo, Slavia & Claudia (hope I didn't missed one).

And I agree with Tim [January 13, 2006 01:03 PM]:

"I'd pay good money to see a strum along of "The Great Gig" - just David and a backing singer or two (will Sam be involved this time?)"
end Quote.

Tim, Sam Brown is on an U.K. tour her self from 25th March till 13th April, so if you can; try to see her. But, yeah, I hope she'll catch up...

And no no fantasy cover from me, on explicit request of the Features Editor... boeeee ;-)

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: Nick at January 13, 2006 10:14 PM


Becky from Atlanta wrote about her favourite acoustic songs:
...Mademoiselle Nobs from Live at Pompeii :D
end Quote.

That is one of the oddest & original suggestions I've seen, congratulations, I like this. Think that the dog is in higher places by now, just as our dog, called Matje, who did always sing-a-long with this track. My wife always get wet eyes when this song is coming out the speakers... So this version or the original, is dedicated to Matje & his friend Harrie.

Still got a question about that dog at Pompeii; some say it was the dog of Rick Wright. Is that true? The original lines were sung by the dog of Steve Marriott (who sadly passed away in '91).

Have a nice sunday, here it's freezing but the sun is shining, so lovely weather,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: Nick at January 15, 2006 10:12 AM


Another excellent picture, well done Nick!

It became a wonderful list of favourite tracks, good to see "There's No Way Out Of Here" & ' Murder" on it. I bring a visit to the page with "Five Favourites" a few times a week, to see if there are new things suggested. Some people, including me ;-), have really interesting ideas which probably never will happen, but it is fun to read and get a big smile on your face. And I think that must be one goal of all this, having a good interesting time with fans from all over the world.
So yeah maybe it is a good idea to make the list complete and make us to be more astonished.

I would be more as satisfied if the set list would be something like this with a few obscure songs and some new songs. But if David would play his whole first, or second album and some "On Island Tracks", it would be awesome too. Because I believe that this man and his fellow talented musicians are real craftsmen (-women) who can play anything they want and turn it in to something special. Just take a listen to the DVD of the Meltdown gigs, a song like "Hushabye Mountain" (indeed from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" but also in the last "War Of The World" movie and on Guy Mannings album "Cascade"), from a simple lullaby to something wonderful. Or listen to what the band did with "Shine On Part II" or "the choral version of "High Hopes", unbelievable...

So mine conclusion is: nice that we're able to write down our favourite tracks and covers (thank you for the oppurtunity, it's really appreciated, this is a great site, every day again), but I won't take this list too serious:
I want to be surprised, I want to have a heavenly time, taste this unique event, carve every picture and sound in my brain, see a wonderful band shining, hear every sound & note of the rare and amazing compositions, feel the atmosphere in every inch of my body, wanna close my eyes, absorb the moment, get tears in my eyes and feel them on my face and on my skin, laugh & smile with friends, smell the excitement, get goose flesh, enjoy the Music, let it flow....
We love you then, we love you still.

Two mounths to go...

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

PS1 Two bands did make me actually cry, in one band was David Gilmour playing (& he did it twice / I only saw him twice)... the other band grapped me more as twice...

PS2 Sorry for my D'English, that is Dutch English...

Posted by: nick at January 12, 2006 14:23 AM


Good morning you all,
# Sacha would be great indeed, or another song to honour Michael Kamen;
# L'Efant with Lionna Boyd... would be more as excellent;
# The Gab is too Wide from Mostly Autumn with Troy Donockley on Ullian Pipes (great instrument) and with Bryan Josh on guitar;
# Carpe Diem, (quam minimum credula postero) from that same band called Mostly Autumn, but this time with Troy on Ullian Pipes & Heather Findlay who wrote this beautiful song; to remember what happend on boxing day 2004. And to stay with that tragical event:
# All Around The World from ProgAid, a real creepy proggy single and a single with room for making big solo's from drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, flute, trumpet, lovely girls and more... A project that has started with an e-mail; finally more as 50 lovely artists were involved. And all for one goal helping the people in Asia.

I go to bed, yeah we Dutch have strange hobbies...
Have a nice Sunday and keep dreaming for a better World.

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

PS Is it allowed to make a link for charity?

http://www.progaid.com please take a look and be amazed of the artists who are involved.

Posted by: nick at January 8, 2006 06:53 AM



Did I already said that I love this site?

My favourite? Think you all will know that ;-)

Other favourite Davids, musically:
- David Brianbridge (great guitarist, from the great band Iona!),
- David Paton (ex-Pilot, ex-Alan Parsons, ex-Camel), great bass player,
- David Rhodes love his bold head and his playing with Peter Gabriel amongst a lot of others,
- David Lindley, great Lap Steel Guitar, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon and and...
- David Robbinson, my dear friend of ProgAid, awesome single, and a wonderful project,
- Dave Stewart (twice),
- David Sylvian (ex-Japan),
- David Bowie aka David Johnson (of course),
- David Byrne (this man makes still great music),

David Gilmour related:
- David O'list (ex-Nice ex-Pink Floyd and now in the Tangent with;),
- David Jackson the Sax player,
- David Palmer (Yethro Tull and and...),
- David Sanborn on saxes, he played f.e. on "Sacha" a song written by the late Michael Kamen...

And to finish with a Smile (nice song!);

Liam DAVI(d)son, a great guitar player of Mostly Autumn... ;-) my favourite band... after the Pinks.

Posted by: Nick at January 5, 2006 12:41 PM

Just want to make an edit on this one:
"Posted by: Nick at January 5, 2006 12:41 PM"
forgot to mention David Crosby, sorry....
and maybe I forgot more Davids, but this one was so obvious. "Thousend Roads" is a realy nice album of David with some big names on it, such as Paul Wix Wickens, Graham Nash and some others I would tip for session work on "On an Island".

Have a nice weekend,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: nick at January 6, 2006 10:21 AM

Hello, Congratulations Syd with your birthday (yesterday).

When I was driving home, almost at midnight, last night, the car was filled with music of modern progbands, Magenta, RPWL, and David Gilmours related music; The Law & Waren Zevon. "Astronomy Domino" (live with Guy Pratt) was sounding when I arrived at my "own" street....

"Arnold Layne" or "See Emily Play" would be great to hear live and to honour Syd.. "I'm a King Bee" and "Lucy Leave", with Bob Klose would be cool too.

Shine on Syd!

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: nick at January 7, 2006 12:02 PM



Hope you all had a peaceful & cozy glide into the New Year!

Congratulations with the choice of Bob Klose. The circle is round again: Bob was the second guitarist of the first line up of "The Tee Set" and "The Pink Floyd Sound". I understood that he left because he didn't like the first acid sounds and the experimenting with the strange "vibes" that Syd brought in. He was more interested in jazz & blues.

When Bob never had left Pink Floyd, David Gilmour wouldn't be asked to join...

I think this is another prove of Davids generosity and his ability to make links to the past.

Mmm I'm impressed again by the news about "On An Island".

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

PS Does anybody know what kind of Photographer Bob became?

Posted by: nick at January 1, 2006 09:39 PM


Hello, That's a simple question, I already thought about it and made a wishlist (and a poll!):

# There's No Way Out Of Here... for the late Pete Perryer and an absolute marvelous song
# Sacha for the late Michael Kamen, with Dick Parry and David Sanborn on saxes
# Always You, with Phil Manzanera
# L'Enfant, with the lovely Liona Boyd at the US shows, please give her a kiss from me David ;-X
# The Gap Is Too Wide or Carpe Diem / Mostly Autumn with Troy Donockley & Bryan Josh ;-)
(to bring some new stuff into the shows)

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands. Posted by: Nick at December 29, 2005 10:03 PM

With Bob Klose on guitar the two bootlegs:

# I'm a King Bee and
# Lucy Leave,

would come to the possibilities. Because the rumour goes that Bob played guitar on those tracks, along our dear Syd. Probably around '65 when the name of the band just turned in The Pink Floyd Sound...

I like those songs, a sort of pre-"See Emily Play" and or "Arnold Layne".

Nick of the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Posted by: nick at January 2, 2006 03:49 PM


All my best wishes for everyone who is involved with this project, the mucians, the web builders (they did a great job too!), all the people behind the scene, the people of the art work (Storm & Peter?) their family and every who wants to share his hapiness and his wealth with others. Hope you all have a peaceful, healthy & gilmouresque 2006!

Cheers, Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Hope my English is correct...

Posted by: Nick at December 31, 2005 04:41 PM


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Topic: favourite ladies

Posted: 2005 27 April at 5:36am


  1. Christina Booth-Murphy (Magenta)
    Heather Findlay (Mostly Autumn)
    Tracy Hitchings (Landmarq)        &n bsp;         &n bsp;
    Suzie Bogdanowicz (Glasshammer)
    Rachel Jones (ex-Karnataka);  Because they're lovely, sing great lines on the proggy hit single of 2005: "All around the World" / ProgAID and are my  favourites of the last decade...
  2. Annie Haslma and
    Kate Bush: Because I think that the previous named ladies are fan of them ;-)
  3. Claire Torry, Sam Brown, Durga McBroom, Rachel Fury, Magaret Taylor, Claudia Fontaine, Carol Kenyon, Michelle Carol; Because they all did the "Great Gig In The Sky" / Pink Floyd.
  4. Sharon den Adel, Amy Lee, Floor Janssen, Simone Simons, Anneke van Griesbergen, the sisters Kleman; Because they're all Dutch, gifted with an golden voice and nice to watch.
  5. Tori Amos, Joanna Hogg (Iona), Suzanna Melvoin (Prince, Roger Waters and... ), Sheryl Crow, Heather Nova, Sarah McLachlan, Anne Marie Helder, Carly Simon because they're really good looking and have made nice music...
  6. Nico, Janis Joplin, Billy Holiday, Kirsty MacColl, Linda McCartney, Cassie Canes, Sandy Denny and all i've forgotten; because they were great, hope their music sound forever.

from the lovely South of the Netherlands

Topic: Best New Musician?

Posted: 01 May 2005 at 8:03am

What is new?
From the last mount?

Steve Thorne - Emotional Creatures part One with Tony Levin Geoff Dwones, Nick D'Virgillio, de boys of Jadis and IQ! Excellent proggy singer songwriter album with great artwork! http://www.steve-thorne.com/index.html

From the last 4 years?
Magenta, the colour of Prog! Hope they did steal the show at Progfest in Phenixville, this weekend. Magenta is a prog band influenced by Yes, the old Genesis and a lot of 70-ies prog, but with a new angle. Christina has more then a golden voice. If you like Mostly Autumn (more influenced by Pink Floyd) think you'll like Magenta too. At their website you can hear some samples and a few whole songs! http://www.magenta-web.com/

But if you look at the last year there are more projects; Blackfield, the Tangent, Riverside and Satelite.

from the lovely South of the Netherlands

Topic: Best debut album?

Posted: 01 May 2005 at 4:34am


Without a doubt the best album of the eighties is:
Marillion - Script For A Jesters Tear ('83); what an album, that cover made you buy it and then at home the music, awesome.

If we go back in time, the 70-ies:
The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mistery and Imagination ('75); reading Edgar Alan Poe stories at my sisters apartment, she put on this album and left, to do some groceries... I, just 12 years young... creepy.

The 90-ies;
Mostly Autumn - For all we shared ('98): I had read a review at DPRP about them and they were high rated. Listened to the intro for maybe a minute in my favourite record shop and bought the first two albums at once and rushed home, unbelievable. It grabbed me and it still does.

The New Century:
As God has Failed from RPWL ('00)... a real WYWH album or must i choose for
Blackfield - Blackfield ('04) from Aviv Geffen and Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree)?


The 60-ies?
Mmm i was born then... the house was ful of Chris Andrews, Beatles and Stones singles... no not The Piper at the Gates of Dawn...

from the lovely South of the Netherlands
Posted: April 24 2005 at 4:50pm


I agree with some writers here at this forum; Mostly Autumn (try a "Gab is too Wide", absolutely influenced by Pink Floyd with a Celtic edge a must have for PF fans, the guitarist Bryan Josh, looked even as David in his younger days), RPWL ("As God has failed" and more)(both have covered PF songs and played a few times Comfortably Numb together!) , Porcupine Tree ("The Sky Moves Sydeways"), Eloy, Pendragon, Camel and also;

Lee Saunders: A Promise of Peace  (a Rogers Waters like solo album),
Blackfield, Steve Wilson of Procupine Tree with Aviv Geffen (or is this too soft?),
Ambrosia (Alan Parsons got a grammy for producing an album of them),
Dream Academy (Gilmour is involved with them),
Phil Manzanera (6 pm),
Magenta (? or is that too much yes?)(but the guitar work...).

By the way at almost every session recording Dave Gilmour is playing there is that strong recognizable guitar work present; from Propaganda till Lionna Boyd, All about Eve, Jimmy Nail, The Pretty Things, Arcadia, Snowy White, Sam & Vicky Brown or Warren Zevon... all beauties. You could fill 3 ceedees with his solo's very easy without becomming boring. See: david/index.htm

Nick at www.mostlypink.net about the connection between Mostly Autumn, Pink Floyd and other bands...



Nice shirt Bryan...

Mostly Autumn at their first trip to the States...

rpwl and david RPWL and David Gilmour...

from the lovely South of the Netherlands
Posted: April 27 2005 at 4:25pm

Try this one:

Area 39 www.area39project.com/  if that don't sound as.... funny.

And by the way;
Mostly Autumn is influenced by Pink Floyd and no not all their songs sound like PF, absolutely not! But have a listen at "The Gab Is too Wide", "Mother Nature", "The Last Climb","The Last Bright Light", "Evergreen", their spacy intro's, the long guitar solo's, the seek to perfection... 

But indeed Heather doesn't sound like Roger, Rick, Nick or David.

Keep smiling ;-)

from the lovely South of the Netherlands



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