The headman of this band is Vincent Crane. A classical trained musician, he plays bass, guitar, percussion and at most hammond. First in;

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, line-up of the first year ('68);

Carl Palmer (ex-Arthur Brown, he went to Emmerson Lake & Palmer and Asia),

Nick Graham &


Ginger Baker (ex-Blind Faith) plays drums at a few live-gigs.

Guitarist John du Cann plays like fire in Atom Rooster and theire are playing heavy metal, thru lack of succes the group dissaband.

When the heavy rockscene gets more attention begin 80, EMI makes that the gentlemen record again;

Headline News ('83);


David Gilmour- guitar,

Paul Hammond- drums,

Jon Field - percussion,

Bernie Torne,

John Mizarolli,

Tareena Craze- backing vocals.- guitar.

Vincent plays at the end of the 80-ies a few notes with The Dexy's Midnight Runners (Come on Eileen).

Vincent Crane passed away after a bout with severe mental illness in the late 80's, and Paul Hammond also died a few years later. Atomic Rooster influenced many bands today in the progressive rock and metal genres, and Vincent Crane made his mark as one of the greatest Hammond players alongside such legends as Keith Emerson, Jon Lord, Brian Auger, Greg Allman, Ken Hensley, or Steve Winwood.





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