Some are home-made others are a collection of The WWW. Thanks!

The numbers after the title says how big they're in kb.

Click on them to download.

Enjoy the music!

And please keep smiling;
BJ Laughing.

All from Pink Floyd;

What do You want?. (169)
DSOTM bells.(216) nice wav for your incomming post.
From ITAOT; aaaahhgroger screaming. (24)
Is there anyone WEAK?!? from ITAOT. (18)
Are there PARANOIDS?!? from ITAOT. (41)
Comfort. (39)
Crumble. (69)
Echoes. (38)
Enjoy youre self! (32)
Goodbye. (144)
Hello... (124)
Machine Up. (82)
Machine Down. (82)
Bassline from Meddle (44) (2).
Money. (135)
Is there any Pudding? (76)
Run like Hell, from ITAOT (16)
Radio WYWH. (41)
Nick.(5) For you girls...
The Lunatic (184)
Aaargh from the Wall (52)
HumbleCrumble1. (54)
HumbleCrumble2. (76)
HumbleCrumble3. (76)
Welcome To The Machine. (76) A great opener for your PC!
Clare Torry Singing; "Oho".(32)





Updated; 04 JULY 2002.