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Popular neo-progband Knight Area went through really stormy circumstances last year. Guitarist Mark Vermeule left the band for private reasons, and bassist Gijs Koopman packed his bags after internal tensions. In a nod an a wink the band presented  their replacements: youngster Mark Bogert on guitar, and the legendary Peter Vink (Q65, Finch, Ayreon) is plugging the bass. First knight Gerben Klazinga is proud of his reformed band that’s certainly more ambitious than ever before. Mostlypink.net takes place at the Round Table to listen what Sir Gerben reveals.




How are you?

Superbly! Even better then ever before”.


Better then ever before? How do you mean?

Well…I’m  just feeling good and healty, because I eat healthy and I’m doing a lot of excersices to keep in a pretty good shape. I’m having a lot of succes with the two studios where I work. I also have to mention my dear students who are a great pleasure to work with. I’m also a music teacher, you know. But most of all: the the band is doing tremendously well. The newcomers Peter Vink (bass) and Mark Bogert (guitar) are supplying a new spirit.”


What’s the cause of the line-up changes in the band?

Our former guitarist Mark Vermeule would like to spent more time on his family. The departure of bassist Gijs Koopman is a different kind of story. Some difficulties and problems during the past few years made a very strong crack on the wall. The band and Gijs couldn’t colaborate anymore. So a wise decision had to be made for Gijs and Knight Area both. Finally, Gijs left after a lot of conversation.”



This must be a very hard moment for all of you.

Of course! It was a very emotional decision for everyone of us. Especially after so many years. We’ve been through a lot of things together. We’ve toured through Europe, V.S. and Canada, shared the same musical ideals. You just don’t throw that away in a thrash can. But the band suffered because of the internal problems. It couldn’t go on that way.”


And now… Knight Area stands at the dawn of a resurection?

Yes, the new Knight Area is better and stronger. We are really ready to concuer, now. The band achieved what it wanted to achieve, and we are grateful for that. But Knight Area has a lot more potential. We can do more and so much better. Together with new input like new roadies, and Peter Vink’s experience we try to dig out the best of Knight Area. There are plans for a fifteen date tour, expanding promotional activities like merchandise, and that sort of things. In case of music we want to go a step further, also. Knight Area is a so called neo-prog band. Now we want to integrate more melodic hardrock in our music so we can reach a larger audience. We tried it out with Peter and Mark and it sounds fabulous.”


When did you guys become more ambitious?

When Peter joined the band we all became more ambitious. He is so utterly experienced in the music business, and has got many ideas. He claimed that we should do more with our talents. It would be a shame to waste that. Peter really kicked our butts, you know! To be honest: Gijs Koopman is a very good bass player, Peter Vink is an amazing bass player. His playing is developing  more power and strength to our music.”


So what’s the difference between Peter Vink and you?

It’s simply his character or personality, if you know what I mean. Peter has a little more passion and courage then we have got. Me and my band members are a bit more careful, sensitivemaybe much  too modest. Like I said before: he has got a lot of experience and connections. Peter opened our eyes to see that there’s a lot more to achieve.


New band members, a new sound, more ambitious. What’s up with The Laser’s Edge Company who released all Knight Area-albums?

Of course we are inquiring into our possibilities in the near future. But there are no concrete plans to abandon from The Laser’s Edge. In fact we are very content about that company. During our North-America tour last year we were invited at home by owner and proprietor Ken Golden. A great guy!


You plans are sounding very exciting. When can we expect a snapshot from the new Knight Area in form of an album?

There are nine songs written until now. Approximately four songs will be added. After the best songs are picked out, I’m going to produce a demo-album in a famous studio in The Netherlands. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about that because it’s not yet certain. Some of the new songs will be first performed during the Progmotion Festival in September in Uden (NL).


Thanks for your time and answers, Gerben.



ka Michel Scheijen for www.Mostlypink.net

November 2012.

The beautiful pictures above are made by Jaak Geebelen.



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