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ticket david Hello,
Form where this fascination with Pink Floyd?
My oldest brother, Jan and oldest sister had a lot of albums, of the Stones, Pink Floyd, Ten Years After, Yethro Tul and??? I was just 6 years young and liked the Beatles, but Pink Floyd, Yes, Jethro Tull... NO!
Jan and his friends went to see Pink Floyd in het Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam June '70. He and his friends had a Citroen DC, david een lelijk eendje (we say in Dutch = a ugly duck) and off they went. They slept by friends in Rotterdam my parents knew from the war, believe they were really chocked by seeing these hippies from the lovely South of the Netherlands. Still those people in Rotterdam are really good friends. Sadly Aad died last year.
And my brother, he died a half year after the festival, much to early.
This for you Jan, thanks for showing me the way to beautyness of this music.

Pictures of the tour booklet.

book david
guy phil

The musicians in David Gilmour’s band are:

Phil Manzanera - Roxy Music guitarist and co-producer of ‘On An Island’
Rick Wright - Pink Floyd’s keyboard player
Guy Pratt - bass player with Pink Floyd and Roxy Music
Jon Carin - keyboards and longtime player with Pink Floyd
Steve DiStanislao - drums, recently played with Crosby & Nash

Dick Parry - saxes.

More People.

The Sound Engineers.

Marc "Sparky" Risk & Marc Brickman.


What would be David Gilmours weblog without his fantastic unknown Features Editor.
He filters all our input, and has some cheerful comment on it so now and then. Or is it a she? Really got no faintest idea who (s)he is. (Claire, Paul?)
No not Andy.
Nevertheless, on this weblog, Pete asked us what our favourite holiday albums would be (it had to be one Pink Floyd, one solo and not OIS and 6 others).This is what the Features Editor blogged:

Pink Floyd: The Division Bell
Solo: David Gilmour (as we're not allowed On An Island)

The Eagles - One Of These Nights
Neil Young - After The Gold Rush
Bob Dylan - Desire
The Who - Who's Next
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced

And two extras, because I am the FEd after all...

Blind Melon - Blind Melon
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Although I would sacrifice The Who, Beatles and Hendrix CDs for three more by Pink Floyd...

Posted by: Features Editor at April 8, 2006 12:21 AM.


30 Minutes with David Gilmour
After a triumphant reunion at Live 8 with estranged bandmate Roger Waters and the classic Pink Floyd lineup — "I think it all went off really well; no complaints" — the ever-modest guitarist David Gilmour resumes his solo career with the rocking and reflective On an Island (Columbia).
By Mike Mettler

On an Island has a nice cinematic sound to it, and it gets better on repeat listens.
Well, good. I'm glad you agree with me [laughs], because I think that, too. I don't know how modest one has to be these days, but I'm really, really pleased with it. There wasn't really a master plan. I kind of blundered on, and it grew organically as we got more and more into it. And I really couldn't be more thrilled.

To me, the album's main theme revolves around partnerships, shared experiences, and the life cycle. It seems like it's about two people very much in harmony in life and how they deal with the positives and negatives moving forward.
I think that sums it up. It does have that sort of feeling and thread running through it. Though that wasn't the plan, it happened organically, and the theme grew with the record.

Was there any one particular song that got you thinking, "We're onto something here"?
Well, I had "Smile" for at least five or six years. ["Smile" first appeared on the David Gilmour in Concert DVD, released in 2002.] It's basically my original demo, with modifications — a bass got on there, and so did a drum kit and an orchestra — but the main part's the guitar, the voice, and the slide stuff, which is all from the original demo I did at my home studio.

And then I had the last song, "Where We Start," at least three years ago, maybe four. Most of the other things are pieces of music that I've had lying around for years. I tend to record little snippets onto an audio notebook — a MiniDisc recorder, to jog my memory — and then I work on them later. But sometimes I can't get to sleep if I've got one on the brain. And if I go to sleep, I can't remember it again the next day.

... read more here: www.soundandvisionmag and some news about a 5.1 surround mix coming out, after summer!

By DAN AQUILANTE from the NY post at www.nypost.com April 2006.
DA: Is doing a solo record liberation from the legend of Pink Floyd?
DG: Pink Floyd has never been a burden. This project was my desire to get on a smaller scale than I could ever have with Pink Floyd. I get to play in theaters where I can see the faces of the audience and be a part of them. I really don't want to play stadiums anymore.

An interview from the BBC & pictures!

Listen to what David has to tell about the songs.

An interview with Rob Rado Klose, from the Mojo Magazine March 2006.

06-04: About his tour.


Dutch Radio Interview with Hans Schiffers March 2006.
The following pieces are the answers of David Gilmour, I didn't translated the whole questions and story Hans did, sorry Hans.
If you want to listen to the whole Dutch version, (with a few more questions and answers), click below.

How did you choose the songs you wanted to play?
What's the album about?
Who are your musical hereos?
Do you play that solo every night the same?
What are your future plans?
3 Questions; no fights on this album, a lot of money is offered you by going on tour for a Pink Floyd tour & are you proud on this album?

Go to Radio Twee website.
Beluister de lange versie van het interview; Long original Version!
Beluister de korte versie van het lange interview; Short original version.

And if you like our Dutch language, here's a nother one:

Dutch Review,
from the Limburgs Dagblad by Jeroen Geerts.



Heroes Never Die.


Steve O'Rouke
1st October 1940 - 30th October 2003

steve orouke steve orouke

Steve O'Rourke, Pink Floyd manager and keen racing driver, sadly passed away in Miami, Florida, USA, in October 2003.

His funeral service was held on 14th November at Chichester Cathedral in Sussex, England, where as a tribute to Steve, it is believed that David, Richard and Nick performed together again.

They were said to have played at the private service "Fat Old Sun" and "Great Gig In The Sky", with Dick Parry playing the saxophone as he followed the coffin... a fitting tribute to the man who took a big part in shaping the band's career.

Steve O'Rourke managed Pink Floyd since 1968 when he was still with the Bryan Morrison Agency. He founded his own companies, EMKA Productions Limited and EMKA Racing; EMKA is from the first letters of Emma and Katherine, his daughters' names.

Read more at www.brain-damage.co.uk

Heroes Never Die

Mostly Autumn
Written by Bryan Josh, additional words by Duncan Rayson)

The ways, the ins and outs of haven still elude us to the end
The tears, the sun the rain, I feel them on my face against my skin
We love you then, we love you still
And don't you know, don't you know that heroes never die,
They sail forever

Slow the rain falls, the memories blowing through
I stand with arms outstretched to catch the warmth of you
Eyes to the heavens, screaming at the skies,
Trying to send you messages, still choking on goodbyes
And I wonder why.

Gold November, yellow brown and green
I try to picture you somewhere in between
Cold the night falls, shadows drawing in,
The glimpse I had of you is torn in the wind
And I wonder why, tracing paths, we search the stormy sky.
The ways, the ins and outs of heaven still elude us to the end.
The tears, the sun the rain, I feel them on my face against my skin.
We loved you then, we love you still and don't you know, don't you know
That heroes never die, they sail forever.

Close my eyes now, and focus on the light.
You are more beautiful and never out of sight,
And tears that fall are blood from the heart, from the moment we part.
May I offer those tears for the love of the years
For the love

The ways the ins and outs of heaven still elude us to the end
The tears, the sun and rain, I feel them on my face and on my skin
We loved you then, we love you still and don't you know, don't you know
The ways the ins and outs of heaven still elude us to the end
If he's the sun the rain, I feel him on my face against my skin,
And when I open up that door and think of where we used to roam
And laugh and smile and drink with friends with all the love you know we have.
Don't you know, that heroes never die, they sail forever.


"I've been listening to those amazing new band
called Mostly Autumn."

BBC Radio 2, March 2004.

chris & david ;-)
Chris from RPWL.



god has failed


you'll never be forgotten
you've always on my mind
i look into the mirror
a good friend is hard to find
could anyone please tell me
if all was fixed before
this year spring comes to early
cause god has failed once more
the pictures i've found
your face looks still the same
whenever i'm a sleep
my heart will call your name
to tell about your life
is all about your life
is all i can do for you
your end has come to early
cause god has failed once more

David Gilmour present at a Mostly Autumn gig...

Michael Kamen,
15th April 1948 - 18th November 2003

michale kamen
Read more here.

tony howard
Tony Howard was a friend of David Gilmour and was member of the management team. He died in 2005. He recruited Steve O'Rouke for the London City Agency of the Bryan Morrison Agency as a junior agent and book-keeper. Morrison managed The Pretty Things, The Incredible String Band, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Fairport Convention. The agency also handled Pink Floyd, booking gigs at such leading London venues as Blaises, The Cromwellian and The Speakeasy.

Nick Griffith Pink Floyd & Roger Waters Engineer and Producer 1951 - 2005.

He engineered many bands including Queen, Paul McCartney, Joy Division, The Damned, Tears for Fears, Human League, the Stranglers, Scritti Politti and Maddy Prior. He went on to record Mansun, Vanessa-Mae, BJ Cole and Cast. He also worked on the sound track for Handmade Film’s Life of Brian. nick griffiths

His association with Pink Floyd began at Britannia Row Studios engineering The Wall album. He subsequently went on to co-produce and engineer Roger Waters’ solo albums, and Roger often turned to him for advice on his musical projects.


Hall Of Fame.


Pink Floyd got an award and Nick Mason and Gilmour recieved it. Roger Waters was present at a great screen.

Turning to the Floyd part, the band received a three minute introduction from Pete Townshend. A witty and humble speech, it honoured all five past and present members of the band. He explained that he first saw them in 1966, and on 20th January 1967, actually skipped a Who concert to take Eric Clapton to a Floyd show!

This was followed by a five minute segment of various artists, praising Pink Floyd and explaining why they deserve their place. Here's the highlights of these remarks:

# Rick Wakeman (Yes): "When the first list was being drawn up in the rock 'n' roll book of Genesis, it would have been: In the beginning, God created Pink Floyd."
# Bob Geldof: "They've, written, stonkers. You know, you'd slit your bloody wrists to write some of them y'know."
# Bob Ezrin: "More than being a band, Pink Floyd was a kind of feeling, a vibe, and an ethos." & "I think the secret to their longevity is hummable, memorable melodies played by great musicians in a refined and intelligent way."
# Alex Paterson (The Orb): "They were experimenting with lights and sound, 30 years before what's happening now. Their visual show was a forerunner to what now a huge acid house party would be."
# Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music): "You know you're going to get a great show, and it's going to be a great visual spectacular as well as the music, so it's like sound and vision."
# Alex Paterson: "They didn't use their looks to sell records, they didn't use a fashion to sell records, they used music to sell records."
# Billy Corgan: "Dark Side Of The Moon is sorta like the Mona Lisa. It's a masterpiece of production. The lyrics are fantastic, the playing is incredible."
# Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters): "There'll never be another Pink Floyd."

The two band members in the audience, David Gilmour and Nick Mason, were then invited to the stage, by Townshend, watched by friends and family. Amongst the musicians present was Snowy White. David Gilmour:
"...To which we wish him the best of luck. [applause] And... to all the passengers on this fabulous ride we've been on - including Syd, Roger, Michael [Kamen], Steve O'Rourke, Tony Howard [Pink Floyd's agent] and all those other people who have slipped off our tour bus at one point or another... cheers for them too."


More at: http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/news/0511201.html


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