Newsletter July 2008.
RPWL, David Gilmour, Mostly Autumn, No-Man & The Reasoning!

chris & david ;-)
RPWL, Chris in a studio ... long ago..
with a nice poster.

RPWL have announced a new gig in the Netherlands;

1 october de Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen
An yes indeed Heerlen is situated in the lovely South.... ;-)
It will be an exciting show, with quadrophonic sound and great images, a lot of own stuff and think some covers, Pink Floyd (?) and certainly "Masters of War" of Bob Dylan. And believe me their version is worthed to be nominated as best live song of 2008... A fantastic version played on sublime floydish way.
Have a look of their new dvd version:

A video on YouTube
"Masters of War".

So for all the Dutch fans an interview of Io-Pages you can find here &
Part II
Thanks to Io-Pages.

Reviews of their latest album:

Prog-Nose a review
Prog-Nose an interview
Mindview live review in Dutch. in Dutch,
they're number one on their "wereldse 10" please vote!
At their MySpacePage you can find more videos and new songs (f.e. "Breathe in Breathe Out").


David Gilmour
Releases "Live in Gdansk"; 15 September 2008 (Europe), 16 September 2008 (North America).

Gdansk was the final show of the 'On an Island' tour: 26 August 2006. It was also David's first ever performance in Poland.
It marked the 26th anniversary of the founding of Solidarity, the inspirational trade union.
The Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Polish composer, Zbigniew Preisner.
Polish pianist, Leszek Mozdzer, also joined David and the band onstage at the Gdansk show.
All of the songs from David's 'On an Island' album featured orchestral accompaniment, as well as 'A Great Day For Freedom', 'Comfortably Numb' and 'High Hopes'.
The arrangements on the Pink Floyd tracks are by the late Michael Kamen.
'A Great Day For Freedom', a song about the optimism which followed the collapse of the Berlin Wall (from Pink Floyd's 1994 album, 'The Division Bell'), was only performed in Gdansk in 2006.

There will be 5 format's of this new landmarq, it's up to you to choose your "Live in Gdansk"version.

Full Gdansk concert Except for 'Wot's... Uh The Deal' Except for 'Wot's... Uh The Deal' Except for 'Wot's... Uh The Deal' Except for 'Wot's... Uh The Deal' Includes 'Wot's... Uh The Deal'
Gdansk concert footage (on DVD) NO YES YES YES NO
(on DVD)
5.1 'On an Island' NO NO YES YES NO
Barn jams NO NO THREE
(on DVD)
(on DVD)
Mermaid Theatre footage (on DVD) NO NO YES YES NO
AOL Sessions footage (on DVD) NO NO YES YES NO
'Live from Abbey Road' footage
(on DVD)
Live tracks from 2006 concerts (hard copy) NO NO NO 12 ONE
Live tracks from 2006 concerts (free download) NO 12 12 12 ONE
Web pass NO YES (to download 12 live tracks) YES (to download 12 live tracks) YES (to download 12 live tracks) YES (to download all vinyl audio)
Tour memorabilia NO NO NO YES NO
Packaging Gatefold card sleeve Gatefold
card sleeve
Gatefold card sleeve Tall card box To be confirmed
Booklet 12-pages 12-pages 12-pages 20-pages 20-pages
More info and news at his blog;
David Gilmour @ MySpace.



Dave Kilminster and Mostly Autumn
Wednesday 25 June 2008

Dave recently surprised some Mostly Autumn Fans when he was the unanticipated opening act!

Those who were at the gig were stunned and thrilled to see the guitarist many had just seen on stage with Roger Waters performing a solo set unannounced. Here, in his own words, is how it came to pass. it came to pass...

It was really lovely to hang out backstage with Bryan Josh and Livvy Sparnenn (from Mostly Autumn) recently... The guys had just come down from Scotland to the O2 Arena in London to catch the second of our two nights there with Roger Waters...

After two years of touring, this was to be our penultimate 'Dark Side Of The Moon' show... :O/

With only one more show to play (in St. Petersburg, Russia) I was kidding to everyone that I'd be 'unemployed' pretty soon... 'Well, you can support us if you want!!!' said Bryan, jokingly...

I thought about it though... The very idea of playing a gig on my own, just acoustic guitar and a mic, absolutely terrified me... which seemed like a really good reason to go and do it!!!

So a few days later (May 29th to be exact) I trotted down to 'the Brook' in Southampton, for my first ever solo support slot...

I'd played 'The Brook' a few times before with John Wetton and Qango, and always enjoyed it there... so I knew that the audience would be great...:O) They certainly were a wonderfully supportive crowd, and, despite being very nervous, I'm really glad that I did it... and who knows, I may even do some more shows with the guys in the future!!!

Mostly Autumn were great by the way!!! You should definitely go and check them out, and buy the new album 'Glass Shadows' featuring the wonderfully talented, amazing and beautiful Anne Marie Helder! :O)



Glass Shadows:
The new Mostly Autumn is out now. I must confess that this album didn't grab me at the first strike. But after a few spins in my living room i started to get enthusiastic about the album.
The band had some personal changes, Chris Johnson left (keyboard, guitar & vocals), Angela Gordon (flute, vocals) & Jonathan Jennings (drums) left. They found a new drummer, Henry Bourne, and Ann-Marie Helder (yep Dave Kilminsters girl friend) took over flute vocals & keyboards. On the album Henry is present, Ann only on vocals & flute. So they miss the big keyboard sound they had on some of their songs.
It's a bit like an Heather & Bryan solo album...
So yes it is different as the previous releases, if someone is familiar with the double disc of "Heart Ful Of Sky", then maybe it isn't so different. It's more a mainstream OAR album then prog. Heathers voice is again more as outstanding and Bryan Josh vocals have also a very pleasant sound. Of course you can expect exceptional great guitar work of this Blackmore-Gilmour adept.
Bryan plays keyboard and piano too, in a way Richard Wright plays piano. So no overload of synthezisers, but subtile playing, the right note on the right spot.
Albums that came to my mind are; "On An Island" / David Gilmour, "Wet Dream"/ Richard Wright and the old Floyd albums, like "More" & "Atom Heart Mother", but also Fleedwoodmac & Karen Carpenter... .
So yes i'm very pleased with this release and looking forward to catch them live again.
20 December De Boerderij Zoetermeer NL
21 December Spirit of 66 Verviers BE

NEW added on Monday the 30th;
19 December W2 Den Bosch.

More dates in the U.K..
Mostly Autumn @ MySpace.
Dave Kilminster @ MySpace.


The Reasoning
The promising Welsh band have announced that they found a new guitarist called Owain Roberts.
His first public performance will be at The Cambridge Rock Festival on the 20th July along with their friends, Touchstone, Breathing Space, Mostly Autumn and Marillion. The festival has long promised to be a great day.
Maybe some of you know Owain's work with the legenday jazz drummer Billy Cobham ( Owain, is away on tour doing the sound for Billy Cobham in the early part of October, see also Peter Gabriels news here below).

The new album, Dark Angel, is going on well, smooth, excited and a bit darker. The vocals are recorded and the whole album will be finished and ready for release in early September.
Pre orders can be made here;

For all the Dutch fans an interview of Io-Pages you can find here &
Part II
Thanks to Io-Pages.

Picture by Jaak Geebelen.

Picture by Jaak Geebelen.

Picture by Jaak Geebelen.

Gareth Jones & Rachel Cohen about the new album;
[rc] It's gonna be darker and heavier, i think. The 2 new songs that we added to our set are very much in that format. The writing has devellloped quite wel, so we looking out with great confidence to the release.
[gj] We been able to concentrate to the things that we were strong on the first album. So we got more vocals on the Dark Angel album. People enjoyed the fact that we have 3 distinguised voices in the band...
[rc] Yeah absolutely, the 3 vocals are the signature thing, more people reckognising that as the Reasoning. And we certainly want to show that off on the new album. So it got the big harmonies arragemnets and overall it's definetally a darker and heavier sound....

The Reasoning @ MySpace.


Quote; "Drawing from a diverse mix of Minimalist, Singer-songwriter, Pop, Art Rock and Contemporary Electronica sources for inspiration, No-Man's music is an emotive and potent fusion of panoramic soundscapes, sensuous songs and sonic surprises."
The side project of Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Blackfield) & Tim Bowness can been seen live;

29 Aug 2008 Bush Hall (Sold Out) London
3 Sep 2008 De Boerderij Zoetermeer
4 Sep 2008 Savoy Theatre Düsseldorf
"Schoolyard Ghost" is their new excellent album.
An interview with Tim Bowness can be found on this spot;
At; songs and a nice video.


Gavin Harrison
The Porcupine Tree drummer has been voted best progressive drummer of the year for the second year running in the highly respected Modern Drummer magazine reader's poll. Gavin also came second in the best recorded performance category for "Fear of a Blank Planet".
Have a look at you tube and see why; Gavin Harrison - Drum-song.
Gavin Harrison @ MySpace.

Peter Gabriel
Big Blue Ball is launched on Real World Records - an album of collaborations, a truly international, multi-artist project that grew from a series of extraordinary Recording Weeks in Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Wiltshire, England back in the early 1990's.

Produced by Peter Gabriel, Karl Wallinger (Waterboys & World Party) and Stephen Hague and mixed by Tchad Blake - Big Blue Ball features artists from a myriad of different cultures and nations - some well known names, others hidden gems of writing and performing talent... Billy Cobham (see also the news about the Reasoning), The Holmes Brothers, Jah Wobble, Manu Katche, Joseph Arthur, Iarla Ó Lionáird, James McNally, Deep Forest, Hukwe Zawose, Natacha Atlas, Hossam Ramzy, Marta Sebestyen, Papa Wemba, Sinead O Connor, Joji Hirota, Guo Yue, Vernon Reid, Peter Gabriel, Karl Wallinger... and more. “After all these years, it's a fine wine ready to be drunk. It was the most fun music making I've ever had.”
Peter Gabriel

“It's like a wall of sound coming at you, listening to the planet from outer space. It's a real world-view of music, a snapshot of the music-making continents at that time.”
Karl Wallinger

And yes of course Pete is on that album too (3 tracks), more info at Big Blue Ball.

Peter Gabriel @ MySpace.

Ed Unitsky Art Design for "Flashback"
- Featuring the Mystic Orchestra.
Imagine Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd playing together on one stage. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Doors and other legends performing with the benefit of today's state-of-the-art lighting and sound. The elusive tribal feeling, unique to classic rock concerts, recreated for a new generation.
Imagine no more. "Flashback - the Classic Rock Experience," featuring the Mystic Orchestra, is about to storm the concert arenas of America - kicking off August 27 at the Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama.
With its elite team of musicians, technical wizards and design specialists, "Flashback -- the Classic Rock Experience," delivers anew the hit music of the all-time greatest artists: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and more, presented in a mind-boggling multi-media spectacle one must see to believe.
Ed Unitsky designed the stage and some more astoinishing stuff for this gig. You know Ed from his great art work of the Tangent, the Flower Kings and many more.

For More information:
Ed Unitsky


Live dates from all bands mentioned above and more you can find on this spot.

Take care and please keep smiling,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Have a great Summer!

of course on Myspace too:

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Pink Floyd; the Fletcher Memorial home, a nice one after RPWL's video,
David Gilmour Smile.


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