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Mostly Autumn LowLand & U.K. Spring Tour 2007

Picture by Allan Harris.
York Opera House November 2007.

Currently they're touring in the U.K. & LowLands.
Here are some nice pics of Andrew Elias.

Some quotes:

Roger N. / Cardiff the Point 1st of June.
I must say that in the very many times I've seen the band perform. Last night's versions of Evergreen and Carpe Diem were the most emotionally charged and stunning versions I have ever heard. Outstanding.

Distant Trainspoter/ Brooke 4th of June.
My first live experience of MA - and I am even more hooked than I was before. Having only first listened to any MA music about two months ago, I have just been totally blown away by the quality and intensity of the band. And the live performamce was just as good, if not better. I just hope they appear in the south again very soon. Please!!!

Pete / Norwich 3th of June
Great gig at Norwich waterfront last night. can't wait to see odin dragonfly in cambridge in september.


Picture by Bart Notermans.


The Dutch Setlist:
Fading Colours
Dark before Dawn
Caught in a Fold
Science & Machinery
Half a World
Spirit of Autumn Past II
Silver Glass

Night Sky
Close your Eyes
Broken Glass
Pocket Watch
Never a Rainbow
Futher from Home Dreaming
Carpe Diem

Heroes never die.

Some selists of this 4 day tour where a slightly different.
More beautiful Pictures of Joost Doensen.
Or from Bart Notermans & Rainer.



Mostly Autumn LowLand Tour 2006

Mostly Autumn December tour in the LowLands.


De Boerderij December the 16th.

Left: Liam; middle Heather; right: Bryan.


Carpe Diem, seize the day... or as we Dutch say; "Pluk de dag".
This original song is from their album "Storms Over Still Water" and was written by Heather Findlay on boxing day 2004, when the world was in shock after the terrible news of the Tsunami.
Heather starts with a simple, but haunting, piano intro like Richard Wright could have written, then Troy Donockley on Uilleann Pipes joins and makes you shiver and before you think that this is the most beautiful sound you've ever had experienced Heather starts to sing and you faint away...
Oké I'm a bit to enthiosiastic... Carpe Diem indeed.
I heard this song live a few times before and only once with dear Troy. That was at the launch party of "Storms" at the Astoria, London 2005.
Last Wednesday they played it too, and yes without Troy, but it was superb again. Tonight we knew that Troy was in the house so a "Carpe Diem" with his Magic Pipes was one of the possibilities. So after the break and a "Silent Night" sung by the talented Heather Findlay with backing vocals of Angela Gordan, Liam Davison, Chris Johnson, Olivia Sparnenn and Troy Donockley, Chris started the piano riff of "Carpe Diem"... so goose flesh already and the best had to come yet... And it became one of the highlights of the evening with that strange instrument that our wizard master Troy had lying in his arms. Playing like an Magician of the old days. Heathers heavenly voice took over and when the climax became bigger and bigger, Bryan started with an awesome guitar solo... this Mostly Autumn on their best.

Carpe Diem.
This is just a gig in a great venue with a rock-prog band that wants to go out and play. Just 9 skilled musicians, some hard working roadies and few girls and boys behind the scene. That's all, that is Rock&Roll, no more no less.
Carpe Diem.
This is just Music with a capital M. Enjoy it today!
Carpe Diem.
This is just one off the best band I've seen and heard and I'm enjoying their new album "HEART FULL OF SKY", load and clear, you never knows what tomorrow brings.

Carpe Diem.


Pictures by Wilma at www.thedutchhammerheads.com/



Pictures from Wilma at the Boerderij 2006:



Wonderful set, great atmosphere, sold out venue, excelent performing, Bryan in Top form, improvising and cheerful talking to the audience. Guest performances of Olivia & Troy and the wonderful crowd.

The setlist was a real X-mas setlist, I think we Dutch aren't used to hear such a covers during a gig, but apperently Mostly Autumn want to learn us about a good English X-mas tradition. And for me they succeeded with 12 points.

• Fading colours
• Dark before Dawn
• Caught in a Fold
• Last Climb
• Evergreen
• Silver Glass
• Spirit of Autumn Past II
• Walk with a Storm

• Silent Night
• Carpe Diem
• Close my Eyes
• Broken Glass
• Never the Rainbow
• Ghosts
• "Let's get mental, oei oei"; Out of the Inn, Shinding, Whichwood &
• Shrinking Violet
• Dreaming
• Heroes never Die
• Finlandia (Troy taking over control)

• Spirit of X-mas Past
• Mery X-mas / Slade
• Fairytale of NY / the Pogues + improvisations by BJ and the crowd again; White X-mas.

Mostly Autumn was tonight:

Bryan Josh - lead & backing vocals, guiars,

Heather Findlay - lead vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar, backing vocals,

Chris Johnsonson - lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, programming,

Angela Gordon - backing vocals, keyboards, flute, clarinet,

Liam Davison - lead and rhythm and acoustic guitars,

Andy smith - bass guitar,

Andrew Jenning - drums,

Olivia Sparnenn - backing vocals and lead on "Never The Rainbow" &

Troy Donockley - Uilleann Pipes & flute.


Nice to see the English buddies again... and having good fun at the bar and seeing things that can't be true... Troy was in his natural habbit with Grimbergen Double, cards and amazed friends... And of course the band, the Dutch Mostly Autumn clan, (including one of the best photographer of the Lowlands and her Dries), dear Ian, Paulie, Tony, Mark and everybody else (including some MySpace Friends ;-)!

Have fun in Blakely an all the other gigs the upcoming week and please remember; Carpe Diem..., quam minimum credula postero.

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

The original:
Dum loquimur, fugerit invida aetas:
carpe diem quam minimum credula postero'.
Horatius, 65 - 8 v.C.


Picture by Wilma at www.thedutchhammerheads.com/
Please visit her, she got amazing pictures

...A winters tale, can't get enough,
Through driving snow,
We're on our way home to the party,
And all the colours shining on her smile,
She takes your breathe away...

from the Spirit of Christmas Past.

Wish you've merry Christmas and all the best for 2007.

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.



Left= Troy
Right= Angela

Below = Olivia

more pictures by Cristel Brouwer.


more pictures by Cristel Brouwer.


Pictures from the Bluescafe.


A marvelous show in a sold out Spirit of 66, with an excellent sound, a good light show, a tear and a laugh, great atmosphere and friends.

Happy X-mas, war is over....

Thanks Jenny, John, Thijs, Annemiek and friend, Tony and Suzie for being there too.



Mostly Autumn was tonight:

Bryan Josh - lead & backing vocals, guiars,

Heather Findlay - lead vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar, backing vocals,

Chris Johnsonson - lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, programming,

Angela Gordon - backing vocals, keyboards, flute, clarinet,

Liam Davison - lead and rhythm and acoustic guitars,

Andy Smith - bass guitar,

Andrew Jennings - drums.

Bryan by Rayann.
Spirit of 66, 13th December 2006.
Angela by Rayann.
Spirit of 66, 13th December 2006.

More pictures of Rayann at his own site: www.rez-photography.com/.


Setlist of the first LowLand-gig in the Spirit of 66, December the 13th 2006:

• Fading Colours
An absolute good opener from the new album and life it worked really well. Excellent kick off, with a compliment for the sound engineer Tony.
• Dark Before Dawn
• Caught In A Foild
Both previous songs are good warming up songs and the crowded was captured of the simple beautiness of Heather voice...
• Heart Life
Thought Heather voice was more as gold on the 3 previous songs, but what I heard now was more as gold.... Think she need to be awarded for the best female singer...
• Evergreen
Awesome version of Evergreen, Bryan slowly starting on his guitar with a long intro, a bit flamenco, slowy the climax grows... Heathers voice was creepy tearbreaking. What a song...
• Silver Glass
Written by Chris and lead vocals by Chris with a different sound as we're used too, but the song was there, the crowded loved it. The piano intro of this song must be an composistion of one of the great classical master of the past... Heather on triangle, clockenspiel and killing vocals... and that intro coming back and back.
• Spirit of Autumn Past II ;-)
Another rare floydish intro and a stomper; "The Spirit of 66!!!"
• Walk With A Storm
Playing new songs is always dangerous, but this one was another highlight. The band climaxing in an new extravanganza of sounds, which I wasn't used of them. But mmm I liked it!

• Carpe Diem
A HIGHLIGHT even without Troy....
• Close Your Eyes
Who was singing the crowd or the band?
• Broken Glas
Andrew was the whole night in the spotlights and it was fun to watch him, specially with this song; he was in the drumkitt and his face had every second a different expression. Maybe they should make a DVD with only him drumming...
• Never The Rainbow
Great keyboards of Angel and Chris.
• Broken (Soldier)
Beautiful intro with Chris doing a nice piano play and Heather slowly crawling on the stage and she takes you to higher places.
• Ghost
Another composition of Chris, Heather doing spooky ghost talks and then switched over to a heavenly singing. Making that switch was a bit tricky and think a difficult job for the engineer.
• Let's go Mental! --> Out of the Inn etc.
Fun; the ground of the Spirit was shaking.
• Shrinking Violet
Must be a favourite for everyone...
• Dreaming
This wasn't my favourite song of the album when I heard it the first time, althrough it got a nice guitar intro and a nice riff, Heather saved it tonight. And I must confess the lyrics are strong and now I heard the song for the 4th time it grows and it has overwon my previous opinion. By the way the album is... a trip to the moon and back...
• Heroes Never Die
Yes Bryan this song must came from another level, from someone we can't imagine how great (s)he is.
This is Mostly Autumn ... for Charlie... .

• Spirit of X-mas Past
The Mostly Autumns ultimate "Silent Night".

...A winters tale, can't get enough,
Through driving snow,
We're on our way home to the party,
And all the colours shining on her smile,
She takes your breathe away...
• Fairytale of NY
Fun how the two flowers get lost in their acting... a tribute to the Pogues.
Encore 2:
• Mother Nature
The Epic of Epics.... great flute & guitar intro, guitar solo's, Liam doing marvelous sounds, keyboard licks, the haunt of Pink Floyd Echoes, Andrew with skills that needs to be done with 3 hands and 4 feet and Andy closing the song with a marvelous rambling bass line and then the climax again, again and again...


The Pictures here below are from Jean Luc Cruwels.


The band and Ian The Judge.


Pictures above by Jean Luc Cruwels.

Chris by Rayann
Andy & Heather by Rayann
Andrew by Rayann.
Spirit of 66, 13th December 2006.


Liam by Rayann.
Spirit of 66, 13th December 2006.


More pictures of Rayann at his own site: www.rez-photography.com/.




SPIRIT OF 66 - 26 April 2006:



Thanks to Jean-Luc, see his site with more fantastic photo's: jeanluc031.aceblog.fr!


Hello folks,
We just got back from a fantastic night at the Spirit of 66. A night to remember.

# Angela & Chris, superb!!!
# the new version of "The Spirit of 66", or how it is called again? Great intro!
# Andy & Andrew the perfect rhythm section, well done you 2.
# Evergreen .. tears...
# the vocals, with Olivia, Never the Rainbow; amazing,
# guitars who is playing what and how?
# the setlist, apparently everyone had a different setlist,
# our lovely "couple on stage" is always fun, with their humor and teasing,
# Mother Nature & Carpe Diem,

# seeing the band before and afterwards, always nice, always relaxed and familar, love you all,
# meeting my dear friends again ;-)
See you the 7th of May again....

Other memorable things; lot of Fish t-shirts and David Gilmour fans arround.

Thank you crew, specially Suzie, band and every one at the Spirit of 66,

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.


PS The Spirit Of Autumn Past got a real new treatment. Specially the intro was real superb, a long "Ummagumma-stylish" drumming from Andrew accompanied by Andy with his bass and guitar effects. Real splendid, hope this new version will be pressed on cd.

Olivia had a duet with Bryan on guitar in Never the Rainbow, what an amazing voice she has. A new star.

Mother Nature... the epics of epics. A nice flashback to "Evergreen" and of course a big wink to Pink Floyds "Echoes". Bryan wait til you hear David doing the original.

There was time to get back to the roots, I like the folky stuff so once in while. so no complaining about that either.


Setlist (hope this was the good one);
Last Climb,
Broken Glass,
Caught in a Fold,
Dark b4 Dawn,
Answer the @,
We Come & we Go,
Spirit of 66,
Heart Life,
Out of the Inn,
With Wood,
Never the Rainbow,
Close Your eyes,

Mother Nature &
Carpe Diem.

More photo's from Jean-Luc at: jeanluc031.aceblog.fr!


In Amstelveen Shrinking Violet was played and as extra encore; Wish you Were Here; Bryan, Liam on acoustic guitars and Heather backing vocals.

More Pictures by Wilma


Mostly Autumn LowLand Tour 2005

15 juli 2005 Burg Herzberg festival | DE

16 juli 2005 Boerderij in Zoetermeer | NL

31 augustus 2005 Spirit of 66 Verviers | BE

1 september 2005 De Groene Engel OSS | NL

2 september 2005 Bluescafe Apeldoorn | NL

3 september 2005 Huntenpop festival in Varsselder | NL

4 september 2005 P60 Amstelveen | NL

17 december 2005 De Boerderij DVD recording Special X-mas Show!| NL


Happy X-mas and a peaceful and healthy 2006!
Heather De Boerderij
The X-mas De Boerderij at Zoetermeer; 17 December was awesome! Best gig of 2005!
Not alone the set, performance and sound was excellent, but it was also great to catch up with you all!

A Review of 17 December:
We drove of early, the sun was shining, I almost put my sunglasses on, but the more we came North the weather changed; "Mist in the rain, snow on the rising tide" / "The Last Bright Light" and even heavy (Black) Rain and a hailstorm over the Dutch waters. Mmm wil this be an Omen for their show? Yes it became but in a funny way...
A filled Boerderij, good to see my dear friends from the West and a lot of Brittish people! Some nice music of Rodger Hodgens, some bandmembers re-discovered him, live, by accident in Suisse, did cheer up the crowded.
Olivia & Chris did warm up us a bit more, a heavenly voice accompanied by the acoustic guitar of Chris; nice.
The show started with weiry sounds coming out the magnificient soundsystem, the band came on stage an the intro of "Out Of The Green Sky", did me think that it realy would become a weather talk. Bryan started the first lines with his unmistakeable good voice, the public became more enthiosiastic when Heather entered the stage and sung along.
A few more uptempo songs followed this good start and the crowed was realy warmed up as "The Last Climb" started a turning point to the more symphonic songs. Nice to hear "Hollow" again.
Liam wanted to announce a second turning point, but the crowed already knew what he wanted to say: "Let's go mental!" The folk session begun, and fun it was.
A fight on the stage with "Never The Rainbow", Bryan in fight with Olivia with only the rhytm duo as escort.
A more as excellent "Candle In The Sky" & remembering the tragical events of Boxing Day last year with "Carpe Diem" (quam minimum credula postero), awesome. "Heroes Never Die" closed the show.
Of course there was an encore and because it was a X-mas show, there must be X-mas songs. "Silent Night"; Heather alone with her pure voice, amazing, not proggy at all but impressive. Followed by "Spirits Of Autumn Past Part II" & the new catchy X-mas song "Spirits Of X-mas Past". Liam did and amazing good "Merry X-mas Everybody", he got a good Rock'Roll voice, I like it. And his outfit was worthed a good laugh. And Iain shouting "It's X-mas time!".
"Fairytale of NY" is a perfect play for the lovely couple Heather & Bryan... sweet. And it even began to snow in De Boerderij!
A second encore with the epic of epics and a wink to the mighty Pink Floyd "Mother Nature"....

The show was ended, I believe everybody was happy and more as satisfied. Drinking another beer with friends, chatting and Porcupine Tree as background muzak.... another choice of the band?

wilma x wilma x
wilma x wilma x
wilma x wilma x

wilma x
Thanks to Patrick, "Heather in the snow" and Wilma for all the other excellent pictures.
x x x thanks!

More at the one and only Dutch Official Mostly Autumn site,
with loads of photos.

Pleae visit this link and read what my English friends and a few Dutch thought of the gig:
Mostly Autumn Forum.

The gig was unforgetable, thanks to you all!


Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.



The Spirit of 66, August 2005.


Pictures by Pierre Romainville.

Thanks Pierre at pierre.romainville. See his website for more beautiful pictures!


Review of the Spirit of 66 31 August 2005.
Just wanted to report that Mostly Autumn made an amazing impression by kicking of their LowLands tour in the famous Spirit of 66. The venue was so good as sold out!
Olivia Sparnenn and Chris Johnson (from the The Evernauts) did a really nice acoustic support act, Olivia got a splendid voice with a great range.
Mostly Autumn got on stage just before 9 o'clock and they kicked in with power.
The band was really relaxed and Top.
Was nice to hear that they brought in the folk songs back to live along the heavy rockers like Black Rain, Broken Glass, Never the Rainbow, Winter Mountain and of course the epics... Fleedwoodmac Rhianon came by, just like tunes of Echo's (Mother Nature). Francis (the man in charge) had a great time when they played the "Spirit of 66".
And as closing act Comfortably Numb... sung by Heather Liam and Bryan.... creeeepy!
00:40 hours... my guest was sold out... he had to work so we said goodbye to Thijs, Piet, Frank, Francis and some other guys. "Will talk the the band one of these days..." was my thought and with a big smile on my face we drove home.

A live recording at the Astoria sounds pretentious, but think this gig was worth a live recording, no overdubs, just tape it and on the record.

I hope to see the band again in The Spirit soon, hope the rest of the tour will be so successful as this first one.


Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.



Picture on the right is from Thijs.



This is from the Mostly Autumn forum.
Author Comment
Posts: 54
(9/2/05 11:01 am)

Re: LowLands Tour 2005, gig report.

Nice report Nick.

Yesterday in Oss was also very good.
They played for the first time in ''groene engel" in Oss and MA was received very well by a lot of new fans.

Very happy to hear agian a lot of the Folky stuff! However the setlist was almost similar to the spirit of 66 gig.

This afternoon i will drive to Apeldoorn for another MA gig in the bluescafe. I think its going to be nice as well.


Posts: 54
(9/4/05 12:26 pm)

HuntenPop (what a cosy festival!):

Photos are on the web, see an other topic. More to come!

The band had a difficult start with an almost empty tent, (there were 5 tents, so the people were hopping in and out). But when the show got along the more and more people stayed to watch a good show with the more heavy rock songs. Heather did her best to interact and I think they did a wonderful festival show of just one hour. They made some new friends overthere.

The band had a great time to, seeing other bands, talking with fans and friends. And yes, afterwards there was a campfire and yes "How I wish, how I wish you were here..." was sung.

Tom & Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

Post Scriptum:
First time in my life that I saw Mostly Autumn and they didn't played "Heroes Never Die".
Bryan confirmed that it was their second show without "Heroes" (Heather said something similar in the interview) we did. Was nice to talk with Bryan about his favourite Pink Floyd album "Wish you Were Here", our mutual albums such as "The Tales of Mysterie and Imagination", Genesis, "The Lamb", RPWL; "World Through My Eyes", Roger Hodgens, Suisse, his dream, about his way of living...
They all were really nice, as always, and "chattable", my son Tom had a great time too, althrough he was more interested in the music of Gabriel Rios, Nova Star, Epica and had a good laugh with "In Extrema" he was really impressed by the "down to earth" and relaxed atmosphere the Mostlies did spread out. And he wants to go with us in December...
So see ya there!

Wouter de Boer
Posts: 10
(9/5/05 9:41 am)

Had a great time again. Good show in Oss with extremely intense versions of Heroes Never Die and Shrinkin Violet, and a fun show at Huntenpop. Good thing Myrthe and I turned up at the camping site when Liam & Chris were trying to set up their tent. :p

All in all a great few days with the band. Kudos to Thijs (thanks for the ride to Oss and for sharing your house), Piet, Hanneke, Margreet, Nick & Tom and of course Rainer (thanks for the ride to Doetinchem station!).

See you all at de Boerderij in December!

Posts: 55
(9/2/05 1:33 pm)

Fantastic days..

The last concert in P60 was also very very very good.... The lightshow, sound and the band where in a fantastic form.

The special version of Heroes was really good!

And "Ghost riders in the sky", rocked also :D ....

Thanks to everyone, i've met in those days, it was FANTASTIC!!! Now i am completely destroyd/tired and at work... ;)


Photos from the Bluescafe byPeter Vroon.

bryan bryan
bryan bryan
bryan bryan
More excellent photo's at: The Bluescafe Apeldoorn by Peter Vroon.


Thursday 1 September:






The setlist of The Spirit was similar, two more folky songs were added.
They split it up in two encores and after Mother Nature they played Comfortably Numb.

The last gig at PO, on Sunday the 4th:



Picture by Wilma Hoogendoorn,
more at: Mostly-Autumn.nl

From The Netherlands Sept 1,2,3,4

Prachtfoto's Groene Engel| Huntenpop
Spirit of 66 | Bluescafe | Thijs foto's
Huntenpop door Wilma Hoogendoorn  Meer Huntenpop | Nog meer Huntenpop


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