Mostly Autumn Bristol 2005

Bristol March 17.



Pictures by Ken Ansted.

Thanks Ken!


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(3/18/05 9:40 am)
Last night's gig in Bristol
Last night's gig at the Fleece in Bristol was amazing, probably the best MA gig I've been to (out of about half a dozen). The band really were on top form, the sound was superb, Heather looked stunning and seeing Angela take centre stage for the St Patrick's Day homage to Irish jigs & reels really was something special. She usually seems content to take a back seat whilst adding all the little special touches and flourishes that are so central to the MA sound but last night she showed what a truly magnificent flautist she really is when she's given the opportunity to let rip.

I felt really bad when I got there having inherited my daughter's cold but from the moment the band started with The Last Climb, I felt wonderful until I had to venture out into the cold night air for the drive home.

They never disappoint, but last night was magical.

Thanks MA for a truly uplifting experience.

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