Mostly Autumn April Tour 2010.

The Dutch April tour 2010:
  • 140410 Bibelot Dordrecht
  • 150410 De Kade Zaandam
  • 160410 Auw Kerk Bunde (Maastricht)
  • 170410 Metropool Hengelo
  • 180410 W2 Den Bosch

  • Pictures from the TV appaerance at TV Limburg.
    Thx Wendy, Raja and crew.
    The Rain Song

    A song from Chris Johnson and Olivia.
    They performed it live during the support tour with Mostly, 3-4 years ago.

    Impressions from Bibelot, a Chrurch that is used as venue for a long long time. And it's beautiful.
    Great kick of from the Dutch tour.
    The audience deserved a warm applause, i never witness a crowd (in the Rock scene) that was so quite on the right moments.
    Wonderful venue, wonderful staff.
    Music wise: a bit harder, more guitar solo's of BJ and a wonderful guitar riff by Liam during "Spirit".
    And Olivia was awesome clear... the band has reached another higher level.

    Pictures of the Kade Zaandam: from Wiebe Post at this spot.

    A live review in Dutch by Live XS.

    More beautiful pictures from Eric de Bruin de Kade Zaandam.
    + more of Eric.

    Pictures of the Paradiso of the South: Auw Kerk Bunde.
    a few at from Ray Kruien & Jorrit Bennekom.

    Photo's by
    Jaak Geebelen
    Jaak Geebelen on Facebook
    16 April 2010
    Auw Kerk Bunde / Maastricht

    Photo's by
    Jaak Geebelen
    Jaak Geebelen on Facebook

    The Auw Kerk Bunde

    Setlist Bibelot / (Auw Kerk same songs)

    Please visit with pictures of Raymond Kruien.
    And a few lines below more pictures from Jorrit Bennekom.

    Photo's from Rob Ligtenberg great!

    Pictures by Marloes Gielkens.

    Line up:

    Bryan Josh - vocals, guitar,
    Olivia Sparnenn - vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar,
    Liam Davison - guitars, backing vocals,
    Andy Smith - bass,
    Gavin Griffiths - drums,
    Iain Jennings - keybards, guitar & backing vocals,
    Ann-Marie Helder - flute, guitar, backing vocals & keys.

    Jorrit Bennekom with more beautiful shots from Hengelo.

    Mostly Autumn in W2 Den Bosch by Patrick Spruytenburg.
    + a review in Dutch.

    More from Hengelo:
    Photo's from Rob Ligtenberg beautiful!


    Pictures of Mostly Autumn in NL by Bram Orwell

    A great review and pics @ NEW!

    Evergreen @ TV Limburg:




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