IQ in Verviers June 2010.

Pictures from the Spirit of 66 in Verviers
June 2010.

Line up:

Pete Nichols - vocals & charisma,
Mike Holmes - guitars & jokes,
John Jowitt - bass, backig vocals & attitude,
Paul Cook - drums and hot pants,
Mark Westworth - keyboards & backing vocals & magic.


What a stunning night!
A big crowd, not sold out, but it is summer and some people prefer soccer... that's all in the game.
Pete has an amazing voice, one of the most remarkables in the scene, i always must think of Colin Blunstone. Also a guy with an amazing voice and great charisma.
Pete stole the show with views and performance, a great artist, one of the best in this genre, althrough that's my humble opinion.
and the rest of the band... fantastic, Mike with is great solo's, Johnnie rambling bass (also one of my heroes), Paul solid drumming and Mark has a though job to replace Martin Orford, but a big applause for him, an outstanding job he did.
The set was magic a lot of old songs, energetic, mysterious, beautiful videos and a great sound, althrough Rob Audrey put Pete's voice a bit to low in 2 songs.
Great night in he always cozy and hot Spirit of 66.

A YouTube impression by Jutta.


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