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Gilmour was asked to join Pink Floyd after the release of the first album, because Syd caused to much trouble, then he was drunk, stoned or he did appear to late on stage.

Eric Clapton joined Roger Waters on his solo album The Pros & Cons Of Hitchhiking. He lived "next" door, miss Waters and miss Clapton drunk tea once in while. He went on tour with Roger, or did Roger go with him? Eric playing was wonderful. Another Yardbird; Jeff Beck graced Rogers Amused To Death ('94). and a few years later (1999) Mr Eddie Van Halen played solo-guitar on a track with Roger: Lost Boy Calling from the soundtrack The Legend of 1900.

Question 2:

Alan did, he worked at the Abbey-road studios, so he got involved with them (first at Atom Heart Mother). According to David and Roger Alan did just a engineer-job, so as any engineer that would do. Stevie Wonder got the Grammy with his album Superstition ('73).

Bob Ezrin and James Guthrie are producers/ engineers who got involved later on.

Storm is the correct answer of;

Question 4:

Nick Mason did Relics, later John Robertson made a sculpture of it ('93).

Gerald Scarfe did the Wall.

Esher and Dali did a lot of beautiful painting but nothing for Pink Floyd.

Question 3:

The dog of Steve is singing great lines in Seamus, also at Pompeij live, or was that Mademoiselle Nobs! (See Seamus-page.)

Kate Bush did never worked for the Pinks, she is a friend of David.

Claire Torry sings A Great Gig In The Sky. And she got involved in the solo-work of Roger and Pulse.

You can hear Jerry Driscoll speaking on TDSOTM album, he was the irish doorman of the Abbey Road Studios.

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1) What Do "The Tea Set", "Sigma Six", "The Flowers", & "Jokers Wild" All Have In Common?

Bands with members of Pink Floyd and all in the 60's.

2) Whose Are The Vocals on "One Of These Days", "Have A Cigar" & "Great Gig In The Sky"(DSoM Version)

Nick Mason, Roy Harper & Claire Torry.

3) Who Are Madamoiselle Nobbs & Seamus, And What Is Their Relationship With Pink Floyd?

Dogs who sung with the Pinks.

4) Who Else Made An Album Called "Dark Side Of The Moon", And When?

Medicine Head in '72.

5) Who Directed "The Wall"? Name Two Other Films Made By Featuring Music And Entertainment.

Alan Parker; Fame & The Commitments.

6) What Is The Underlying Theme For "Wish You Were Here"?

Absence physical aswell mental.

7) Who Drove A Van For Which Famous Fashion House?

David for Ozzoe Quorium.

8) Who Attended Which Music College?

Richard Wright / The Lodon Music College

9) Who Produced "Arnold Layne"?

Joe Boyd

10) Who Is Norman Smith, What Other Name Does He Use, And For What Is This Alias Noted?

A producer of f.e. A Saucer and The Piper,

Hurricane Smith, a record; What would you say

11) What Does Ummagumma Mean?

(sorry); Cambridgeshire for fucking

12) Name The Two Stars Who Provided Spoken Material For DSoM, But Were Rejected In Favour Of, Among Others, Jerry The Irish Doorman.

Paul & Linda McCartney, Alan Parsons

12) Who Played On A Session For WYWH, But Was Not Eventually Used. (according to my humble opion it is certainly used! / Nick)

Stepham Grappely - violin

13) With Whom Was He Recording At The Time In EMI Studios?

Yehibud Menhin

13) In What Country Was "Another Brick..." Banned?

South Africa

14) Who Was First Considered As A Replacement For Syd Barret In 1967?

Jeff Beck, Roger got him for Amused to Death, years and years later...

15) Which Future Lieutenant Governor Of California Worked On Which Pink Floyd Soundtrack & Who Directed That Movie?

Mike Curb

16) Which Director Went On To Make Which Successful Hollywood Film After Making "More" & "La Vallee"?

Zabrisky Point /Michael Angelo / Barbet Schroeder

17) What Is Scientifically Incorrect On DSoM's Cover, And What Is Missing?

Only six colours there should be seven; indigo is missing.

18) Is Syd Barrett's Real Name Roger, David, Nick, or Rick?


19) Was DSoM Originally Concieved In Abbey Road, St. Augustine's Road, or Rodeo Drive?

St Augustine.

20) Where Did The Title Atom Heart Mother Come From?

A newspaper headline.

21) Where Would You Find "Coral Caves" ?

At Echoes.

22) Where Would You Find "Watching The Watcher"?

Set the controls of the heart of the sun.

23) Where Would You Find "Distant Ships Smoke.."?

Comfortable Numb.

24) Where Would You Find A Wooden Leg ?

Corporal Cleg.

25) Where Would You Find Reference To The I Ching?

Chapter 24.

26) Where Would You Find " Quiet Desperation "?


27) Who Is The Strange Figure On The Right Hand Side Of The Cover Of "Saucer"?

Doctor Strange from Marvel Comics.

28) Which Ballet Company Did Pink Floyd Play Live For?

Ballet du Marseiles / Roland Petit / Rudolaf Nurejev

/ Roman Polanskie.

29) Which Was DSoM Originally Called, When Performed Live?


30) What Was The Previous Studio Album Called?


31) What Did The Engineer Of DSoM Go On To Write And Produce?

The Alan Parsons Project.

32) Who Appeared At The Recording Of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"?

Syd Barrett.

33) What Escaped From Battersea Power Station?

A piggie.

34) Who Else Was On The Bill When Pink Floyd First Played The Winterland Ballroom In 1967?

Richie Havens.

35) What's Behind The Red Veil?

A nude women.

36) Where Was "Animals" Recorded?

Brittian Row Studio.

37) Who Was The Orchestral Arranger On "The Wall" And What Is His Conection With Sherwood Forest?

Michael Kamen he co-wrote Everything i do

for/ with Brian Adams

38) Who Was In Which Studio Recording What Album During The Making of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn?

The Beatles / Abbey Road / Sgt.Pepper.

39) Which Artist Animated "The Wall"? Who Is He Married To and Who Was Her Previous Boyfriend? Who is Her Brother, And What Was His Partner Called?

Gerald Scarfe/ Jane Asher / Paul McCartney /

Peter Asher / Gordon Waller.

40) What Is The The Longest Song Title In The Floyd Repertoire And What Is The Shortest?

Several Spieces of small furry animals gathered

together in a cave and grooving with a pict

/ If.

41) What Is The Meaning Of The Division Bell?

It's the bell that hung in the Houses of Parlement to call the members to vote.

42) What Is The Building Behind The Statues On The Cover Of The Floyd's Latest Album(The Division Bell)?

Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire.

43) Where Were The "Games For May" Held In Which Year?

Royal Festival Hall '67.

44) Which Of The Floyd's Secretaries Later Married A Pop Star?

June Child later married to Marc Bolan of T-Rex.

45) What Was Hipgnosis And What Names Were Associated With It?

A design company Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell.

46) Where Is Grantchester Meadows?


47) Who Is Gerald?

A Mouse in Bike TPATGOD.

48) Who Supported Floyd On Their First Japanese Gig And Which Year Was This?

Buffie Saint Marie and the 1910 Fruit Company in '71.


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